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Participate in openSUSE Contributor Survey!

October 26th, 2007 by

UiO logoA masters student from the University of Oslo (yours truly) is currently doing a research project on firm-sponsored open-source communities. openSUSE is the main case of study, and the research will provide some knowledge about how the community is working and its collaboration and affiliation with Novell.

As part of this study, a contributor survey has been launched. If you are an active contributor to the openSUSE project (involved in packaging, support, discussions, documentation, translation etc), please take 2 minutes to fill out this survey by clicking the link.

The results from the survey will be published on opensuse.org within a month, and the full thesis will be ready by June 2008. Within these concentrations, https://college-homework-help.org there are numerous roles that you may fill

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One Response to “Participate in openSUSE Contributor Survey!”

  1. thierry

    Sorry, I speak French !

    Je ne suis pas un contributeur actif d’OpenSuse mais j’utilise cet OS depuis plusieurs années et j’en suis pleinement satisfait. Si ma petite intervention peut vous être d’une quelconque utilité, j’en suis vraiement ravi.
    Et que votre projet soit des plus utile pour la communauté OpenSuse et le libre dans son ensemble.

    Thierry AMPE

    Mes meilleurs sentiments, Thierry