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openSUSE 10.3 Live Version Available

November 2nd, 2007 by

The live version of openSUSE 10.3 is now available as a GNOME or KDE CD. Both contain the same software as the 1 CD installation versions would provide you with, but as a live version.

The live system can be used as a productive system or rescue system. You can also use it to just check out how openSUSE 10.3 runs on your computer without touching your hard drive. The Live CDs are available as 32bit versions in US English only and also contain, for the first time, an install option on the desktop. You can see a screenshot of the KDE Live CD below:

openSUSE 10.3 Live KDE CD

If you click on the Install icon you will be guided through the installation of openSUSE 10.3 onto your hard drive.

For now the images are available at:

The Live CDs version will be incorporated into software.openSUSE.org over the next few days.

Have a lot of fun!
The openSUSE team

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86 Responses to “openSUSE 10.3 Live Version Available”

  1. omg

    yeaah! but why not dvd?
    still… i’m happy )

    • heksys

      Because you can install the rest of the system or programs during the installation process or in YaST from within your desktop.

  2. Robin

    Works well, great :)

    Screen flashes during installation (auto detection)
    Community Repositories doesn’t work (“Unable to download list of repositories or no repositories defined.”)
    But I haven’t time to analyze this further :-/

  3. dan

    Terrific! Any plans to release 64-bit version?


  4. Robert Dean

    MD5SUMS are missing.

  5. cript

    this release is great

    i like the install option. Like Ubuntu but better.
    easy to use easy to deploy, easy to install.

    disk partitioning needs some work however..

    see mandriva to see what i mean

    • Richard

      I tend to find openSUSE far easier to install and use. Not only that, but you know you have a real system that will work, instead of a system that will just work. Personally from my view the partition is great, you have a number of options available for novice and experts.

      • Werni

        in your spare time just see mandriva’s partition manager – you won’t regret it
        I’ve seen many partition managers in many distros so far and IMO the one from mandriva is really worth seeing
        SUSE of course can make a better one but it’s still to be done

    • umesh

      Ya.. i isntalled it on my R61i, the partitioning was a bit confusing, but nonetheless fine. Could have been better. Otherwise the Gnome is working fine.. Most function keys are working. Have to check wireless lan, modem etc.. display adapters are fine.. Fingerprint option is seen, but not tested… wil update in a few days..

      –Lenovo Thinkpad/R61i/T5250

  6. Rich

    Are proprietary Wifi drivers or ndiswrapper/madwifi available for Internet on this disk? Will it allow wifi connectivity? If not I doubt I’d be using this ‘Live’CD, especially if it doesn’t allow connectivity or recognize wifi.


    • wildpossum

      I doubt it, if it’s the same as the installation CD. However there is already an extra CD with non-OSS software that you can add as a repo at installation time.

    • toni

      I agree with you: Any live or installed linux cd without wifi autodetection is not useful, nowdays.

  7. A complete set of my favorite distro :-).I wait for this release because this is the best option to promote OpenSUSE. I have several question about OpenSUSE from user who interested with it, but they’re worried if new installation get their existing system broken.

    The liveCD reduce this question. Tried it without touching your existing installation…

    • Richard

      Agree, I’m getting more people to use openSUSE, the problem is they are windows users who are worried about not liking linux, so this live cd is perfect for them to try and get the hang of and see what a real operating system works like, instead of a virus, trojan infected windows machine, lol.

      Thanks for the live cd release, and thanks to all those who made it possible, now the next thing I am looking forward to, KDE4, and then openSUSE 11, hehehehe.

  8. Alex

    Can I install live-CD into USBFlash drive?

  9. eet

    Great work! Thanks!

    As a side-note: I was especially astounded that downloading and installing the Flash-plugin worked from within Firefox!


    – I agree the ‘flashes’ during installation (temporary X.org-errors?) would make Windows-users think something is broken
    – When I skip network-detection, registration & online-update I can install onto a VM in half an hour. I think these three are unnecessary during install. Auto-register the online-update source in the background AFTER install. Ubuntu does that better.
    – Unify installer welcome-screen with end-user-license agreement.
    – Let user determin root- and user-password at the start of the installation
    That way no user-interaction after the first two screens would be necessary.

    • sw

      I disagree. On-line update during install is the best for the distro. These CDs will still be in use when the script kiddies have many tools available to zap the system very quick. The older the release becomes, then more patches are required, and then the system is more vulnerable during a lengthy on-line update. Don’t want to give the distro a bad name with vulnerabilities, so you need to protect your folks who neglect patching or put it off for awhile. On-line update should always be part of the install.

    • Stano

      We did not manage to put the passwords dialog into the LiveCD part of the installer (before reboot) for 10.3 :(, I agree it would be nice

  10. bora

    Is there any faster link? I’m getting the KDE version at 25kb/sec speed.

    • sw

      My download ranged between 350 – 400 KB/Sec. ISP Info: USA East Coast – 3 Mb/sec DSL. 11/03/2007 11:00 AM EST

  11. Klaatu


    USB flashdrive carried in my pocket would be useful to spread the word.

  12. myself

    Hi, in the live-cd (gnome or kde) when i try to change something in the system (color depth from 16 to 24 bit) i must restart X, then i must enter a Username and Password, but … i don’t know them !!!
    Someone can help me?

    there is a boot option to start live-cd with resolution 1440×900 at 24 bit ?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Beineri

      The user is called ‘linux’ and has as root no password.

      • somebodyelse

        This didn’t work for me…

        User: linux

        User: root

        Can someone please explain how to log in to the live CD (or rescue system)? Thanks!

  13. kevin

    thank you…for SUSE a live CD with installation possibility is very good but like always you have many errors…
    and wireless management is too bad to say anything about….

  14. John

    Does the gnome live installer cd still require to install qt3 for anything or it is a pure gtk2/gnome environment?

  15. Jeff

    As expected: None of the two 3945 wlan drivers worked (Mandriva and Ubuntu can do it – why not Opensuse?). Of course suspend does not work either. The rest looks quite ok but the usual showstoppers have convinced me of the following: LoL (Linux on Laptops) is a waste of time as long as it’s not 100 percent confirmed that a certain distro works on a certain model.

    • Anonymous

      3945 has worked well for me since 10.1 at least… maybe your experiencing somewhat of a corner case.

      You might be able to help the devs squash a nasty bug. You should look into it deeper.

  16. Carl

    What kernal version is being used in this distro?

  17. Andrew

    A 10.3 live DVD (with more software) would be great, as well as a small KDE usb release.
    Also it should be easier to get the non-oss extra CD (more links, etc).

    Still a great release overall. Can´t wait for OpenSuse 11 and KDE 4 RC1



  18. KOOL!

  19. Igor

    Thank you for openSUSE-10.3-GM-GNOME-Live-i386.iso. md5sums is OK.
    I have got first KDE, and then GNOME live.

    But, compared with kde, gnome version don’t have drivers for c-media CMI9761A.
    There isn’t support for ntfs partitions (Storage media).
    This is strange for me. Am I right?
    What is the problem? or is this normal for gnome cd?

  20. anker


    it doesn’t work on my ATI XPress 200 :(

    all steps till ‘Configuring X’ pass fine and then it runs into black screen…..

    has someone managed to run it under this video card ?

    but.. I’m not 100% sure that the video card is the cause


    • Ota

      I had the same problem, too. Its a pity, because openSUSE 10.2 was my first distro I started to use after several other distros I just tried before.
      My HW is Asus barebone Vintage AH1 with ATI Xpress 200.
      But I have tried Mandriva One KDE for the first time and I liked it very much, Compiz Fuzion worked well even from live CD.

  21. Franky


    doens´t work on my DELL OptiPlex GX620 (just like the full install version 10.3).
    Problem is my ATI card, an X600. I´m very disappointed :-( All I gets is a blank screen !
    Running Ubuntu at this moment (which is not 100% perfect on my system, it freezes my PC randomly (seems to be a bug).
    Still an OpenSUSE lover.

    OpenSUSE – userID 783

    • Robert


      Hi Franky,
      If you (or anyone else) are SERIOUS about SUPPORT, I would recommend that you visit the link above and choose a preferred method – Forums, Usenet, IRC – of communication to get it.IMHO,this place is NOT the place to seek support, though feedback is probably OK.


      • Franky

        Thanks Robert for your advise, it wasn´t my intention to look for support here, I know the right places for that.
        The only thing I like to say is: if people with an ATI X600 should think that the driver problem would be solved with the Live CD, theyŕe wrong. That´s what I thought.
        My opinion is that a Live CD should always work, installing an ATI driver is here not an option. But that can also be discussed in another forum…

        • grayhound

          Hmm, just downloaded KDE version and tried on my ThinkPad R61… Disappointed – my standard USB optical mouse (Microsoft) is dead… I always give a try to new SUSE distro by it looks like the newer version the more problems with common things… like the mouse in this case… Nobody expected TrackPoint to be working but mouse…? Has somebody else similar experience?

  22. There are already some working (though unofficial) torrents available.

    openSUSE 10.3 GNOME Live
    openSUSE 10.3 KDE Live

  23. Einheit

    Doesn’t work on Dell 1420n (still stuck in Ubuntu hell). Fails trying to start X server and loading KDM. Used Ctrl-Alt-Backspace and got to command prompt, then ran sax2. Running startkde still didn’t work. Using Intel graphics X3100.

  24. Mark

    Downloaded the Gnome Live 10.3 CD and I must say: very impressive!! I guess everything worked right away, but I know I have linux friendly hardware. And now I also want to have a look at the KDE version as well.

  25. hello,

    cam I boot from USB the openSUSE 10.3 Live? snd how?

    I wait for your answer…( if you want)…

    thanks a lot…

    • Ryan

      Install MySlax Creator on a windows comp and download the openSUSE ISO. The MySlax program will walk you through the rest.

      • Alex

        I have no windows comp, and I interesting install to USB-Flash, boot form USB-Flash and work from it

        • USB Loads are possible with some work being done known as KIWI
          http://en.opensuse.org/KIWI this is the experimental imaging system
          being designed to aid with pre-loads and network installations. It is already very stable
          and if you can follow directions the PDF is always quite up to date.

  26. johny

    maybe a nice distro but I could not see it. my ati radeon express 1100 had an issue with the radeon driver and i just saw a blank screen. maybe with the openGL driver it can work better, but someone has to publish another kde-live.

  27. johny

    i saw it :-)
    kill the xserver, then login as root, then “init 3”, then “sax2 -r -m 0=vesa”, then “init 5” and you can see the new openSUSE 10.3 live kde. Not bad actually.

  28. Great job! Thanks.

  29. Reiner Otto

    Downloaded Live 10.3, Gnome,, and used the CD on 2 different systems, both actually running Suse 10.2
    FAILED in both cases:
    – Although monitor is capable of 1280×1024, display turns black. And stays black. Manual setting to 1024×768 during boot solves this, though. But this is not for a casual user.
    – Will not boot: Kernel exception, cannot mount root file system.

    Again, this is reproducable on 2 different PCs, both running 10.2 really stable otherwise.

    At least, the Live CD is totally unusable for me.

  30. James Kuffner

    I downloaded the Gnome live cd.
    Booted my Dell GX260.
    Eventually got to a grey screen with a mouse cursor and nothing (even after 20 minutes)
    I retired it 3 times, lowering the graphics each time.
    Finally with a setting of 800×600 and noapic option the live cd loaded successfully.
    I started with SUSE about a year ago and have tried many distros. I am really looking forward to playing with this.

    • reinerotto

      Then you have good luck. Tried to run Live 10.3 Gnome also on my third machine, quite a new DELL Inspiron 6400 notebook. Also: NOGO: Can not mount root file system.

      Will try to do a new download of the CD …

  31. Juan Perez

    All you must test PCLinuxOS and feel the diference… better than Ubuntu and much better than Suse…

  32. Humi

    Can I save the configuration on a USB Device like Knoppix?


  33. jerseydevil

    PCLOS uses Mandrake’s hard drive partitioner. I have PCLOS 2007 on a machine right next to this opensuse 10.3 box. i agree that Mandriva/PCLOS disk partitioner is good – but having experience with both – opensuse’s is far better.

    with PCLOS the partitioner does TOOO much automatically. All you do in opensuse is select custon partition, delete any sections you want deleted, and it auto configures. No reboot needed like I ALWAYS have to do with PCLOS – and that can take time on a live CD. Especially when doing this to about 10 or more machines – to be dual booted. So my point – I view opensuse’s as superior…

  34. I cant download them please check servers
    I need it the live cd of kde

    Now I forced to download Knopix live cd

    please correct it


  35. Hui

    New linux user here,

    managed to boot into the LiveCD but is unable to see my harddisk in Konqueror.

    is this normal?

    anyway to make openSUSE see my harddisk?


  36. ag

    what is the best way to remaster this cd to include broadcom support.

  37. jane

    Got opensuse 10.3 DVD installed with Gnome Desktop. Still lacking compatibility with wireless cards… Nevertheless, good distro to start using linux.

  38. Andy

    10.3 GNOME Live CD doesn’t fly on my Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop. Almost gets there, then a blank screen with a big (2 cm) square mouse cursor and no further.

  39. rast

    10.3 LiVE CD can’t see my NTFS partitions or maybe I can’t find them (I’m newbie in Linux). I also think that it’s a big mistake that there’s no option to remove LIVE CD after unloading and before rebooting computer.

    • Beosound

      mkdir /media/New Folder
      Check your ntfs-drives device name (usually sda1 for c-drive):
      mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/New Folder
      If it doesn’t work try typing:
      umount -a
      If that doesn’t work try:
      mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/New Folder -o force

      BR Beosound

  40. I think that openSUSE is the best Linux Distribution avaliable. I recommend that you try.

  41. three years i was using kubuntu (ubuntu with KDE). will try now suse. i hope that it will worth sleepless night :)

  42. and i’m disapointed. sound system crashes with strange error. Imposible to launch even sound system configuration. Imposible to launch. I never had such problems with Ubuntu/Kubuntu live cd’s. Thoght its problem only with live cd, but after installation same problems. I’m using Dell D620. It seems that choise of Kubuntu was the best :)

    • also oproblems with auto updater. Unable to check whether updates are available. It says i need to Add update sources, but they alredy there. :) so guys.. a lot work to do still :) good luck. i’m heading back to my Kubuntu.

  43. a denim

    got a dark screen after loading kernal. this is my first experience with linux and i am disappointed.:(

  44. tuner

    What about using Live CDs to find out if a program is “compatible” with that version in particular? Is it possible to install packages and LInux based programs running on the Live CD to achieve this?

    Thanks everyone!

    • Beineri

      > Is it possible to install packages and LInux based programs running on the Live CD to achieve this?


      • tuner

        Thank you very much Beineri.
        One more question: how is the workflow to uninstall the LiveCD version in order to install the “real” version?
        And about installing: I don’t even understand the beginning of instructions, really:

        “Installation in Live Desktop
        Place your openSUSE disc in the drive, and reboot your computer. Upon rebooting, you should encounter the boot screen.”

        So I should reboot from the DVD, OK. Unfortunately I cannot paste the screenshot, but:

        “Choose openSUSE 11.0 and wait for the openSUSE 11.0 desktop to load.”

        but, according to the screenshot pasted inmmediatly before this sentence, options are:

        – Boot from HArd Disk
        – INstallations
        – Repair installed system
        – Rescue system
        – Firmware test
        – Memory test

        instead od openSUSE 11.0. Then it goes on:

        This is a fully-functional openSUSE desktop. Feel free to explore the desktop, and when you’re ready to install, double-click the Live Install icon. This will start YaST, the openSUSE installation and configuration program. ”

        ..and so on. This is what I found at SUSE’s site. Do you know where to find a clearer explanation?

        Thanks again!

        • Beineri

          > One more question: how is the workflow to uninstall the LiveCD version in order to install the “real” version?

          You don’t need to reinstall from DVD, you can install compared to DVD isntall ‘missing’ packages/pattern via software management.

          > but, according to the screenshot pasted inmmediatly before this sentence, options are:

          If you try to install from DVD select “Install” from the boot options. :-)

        • tuner


  45. tuner

    Did someone download openSUSE 11.0? Do you have any pdfs -grally the referene, starup, apparmor manuals- at /docu? ’cause I don’t.


  46. Wleeds

    Downloaded and burnt the KDE version of 11.3 live CD. Laptop IBM T-20.
    Pity that the KDE desktop crashed at startup. Not a good start, to say the least.