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Free openSUSE 10.3 Boxes Shipped

November 5th, 2007 by

The openSUSE release is not only available for free download but also as separate boxed product to buy from retail shops and internet shops. The box product contains two DVDs for 32-bit x86 and 64-bit x86-64 systems which have the complete ftp tree of the openSUSE 10.3 distribution. Additionally, it comes with a printed start up manual and free installation support.

As with every openSUSE release — and also previously with SUSE Linux releases — we have sent out during the last week to upstream package maintainers, the openSUSE translation teams and to active bug reporters an openSUSE 10.3 box for free to say thank you!

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41 Responses to “Free openSUSE 10.3 Boxes Shipped”

  1. Josh

    Mine came in a few days ago, so I’m excited! It’s sitting at home but I’m here at college… So I’m looking forward to vacation so I can actually check it out. Thanks go out to you for giving everyone such a great OS to contribute to!! Thanks again, hope everyone enjoys their free boxes!

    • Paul

      SuSE fails again…….and again….. and again……

      Why with the full DVD of 10.3 and real player (2007) installed, SuSE Do NOT give codecs, for simple media (avi, mpeg) so you have to download them. The idea of getting the DVD is not to have to go throught the problems of downloading codec.

      Mandra. MEPIS to name but a few have these codecs with set-up, so why dose SuSE still NOT have them???? (after so many editions???)
      If anyone knows please let me and other people know, because i can understand this stupidity.

  2. Fred

    I’ve received mine a week ago allready. Thank for that. It’s a great gesture!

  3. CzP

    UPS arrived at my home just while I was reading this announcement :-)

  4. Rudi Pittman

    Hmm, how many bug reports do you have to submit to be considered an “active bug reporter?” I submitted two. :P

  5. I got my free box the other day! Thank you openSUSE :)

  6. ra100

    I got mail two weeks ago from Rasmus Plewe and i’m looking forward to new box.
    It is a nice surprise.:-)
    Thank you very much.

  7. Christian Jäger

    I received mine a week ago, too! Thanks, Novell!

    It’s really a very nice package and it feels good to own it, kind of a recognition. :)

    Looking forward to see our community expanding…

  8. jmp

    Got mine few weeks ago, thank you. :D


  9. My box arrived last week, and I’ll install it as clean update when time permits (RC2 isn’t that bad, so I’m not in a hurry ;-)


    @AJ: Please warn Jana that I’m collecting paperclips again (hint: #65000#c3 or http://blog.cboltz.de/archives/13-404-mal-anders.html)

    @Rudi: 90 bugreports seem to be enough ;-)

  10. I received mine on third, thank you for this great gesture.

  11. I’m not such lucky like you guys :-D, I’m not one of the upstream package maintainers, the openSUSE translation teams or an active bug reporters. I just an ordinary OpenSUSE fans.

    But I hope also get this nice distro even if I already downloaded and used it in daily basis. Hope someone in Novell reading this and sent the package, :-).

    Sorry, just kidding ;-). Congratulation to all of you, Novell has nice feedback to OpenSUSE fans. Nice distro for great community.

  12. kaleida

    In this moment I use opensuse 10.0 on IBM G40 Thinkpad, I’ve 512 Mb of Ram and a P4 2.8Ghz cpu, when I try opensuse 10.2 I discover that 512 megabytes are so low to run this distro. First I will buy opensuse 10.3 boxed, I ask if my notebook is ok to run it or too small
    thanks in advance.

    • Chris

      I think it will be alright, it will load, you just have to wait sometimes a bit but thats normal.
      10.3 is much faster than 10.2 through!

    • Carlos FL

      The key to enjoy Suse with old hardware is not to use all the bells-and-whistles that the KDE and Gnome window managers offer, because they require a good processor. Try a lighter window manager, such as Xfce, and you will enjoy all the same great applications with a much faster environment.

  13. Thiago

    I had to decline the box because they charged me R$ 89,00 for the import tax. It’s cheaper if i buy it here.. and it was supposed to be free :)

    Note when sending it to Brazil: Do not send it with a declared value.

    Thanks anyway..

  14. ra100

    The box has just arrived!!! :D

  15. Heksys

    I just got mine, uuooowwwwwww yes baby! Thanks guys.

    • vikesh pyati

      hi i have checked both open suse 10.1 and 10.2 and now i want to try 10.3 how is it possible for me to get free open suse 10.3 boxed please reply

      • Andreas Jaeger

        The boxes were shipped to those that helped to make openSUSE 10.3 a great release with their contributions prior to the goldmaster. Please download yourself an ISO now.

  16. DarkMac

    I`ve done a lot of bug reports…but I never expected to receive something back…. and now i`m thinking …why not ????? so…why i`m not on the list? the answer is too simple for me to understand…. it would be to nice to be “paid” for opensource ideas, opensource mind, just because…it`s what is supposed to be….OPENSOURCE. So … after about maybe 200 hundred bug reports (from suse 7.3 to 10.3) i think it`s time for me to end the complains and write another bug report right here:

    After a 7 hour download of openSuSE 10.3, and after a 1 hour installation i was to excited to start configuring everything to works perfectly.Offcourse i expected a lot of bugs so i took a blank paper and a pen to start note those expected bugs. First i`ve read about 1 click installation on the net…after another hour every program that i needed was installed without a hitch. Even compiz-fusion, icons, googleearth, skype, multimedia…etc….everything. It tooked me ONLY 9 hours and i am talking with a 7 hours of download….Then i realized … I could not believe my eyes….. the bug report list paper was EMPTY.

  17. Venus Jivani

    hi this is venus… m working as a linux admin in Juriscape Legal Reserch Pvt Ltd.
    this Free box will really useful to me .. kindly send it to me ASAP
    send it on given below add
    “Venus Jivani”
    Juriscape Legal Reserch Pvt. Ltd,
    1001 GNFC Info Tower,
    Ahmedabad 380054

  18. Julian Medina

    I have not recieved mine yet. How long is it supposed to take?

  19. Not a request area...

    Venus, This IS NOT a place to request a FREE copy, it is only information to those that have contributed to the OpenSUSE project. NOW, SINCE YOU ARE FROM INDIA, GET BACK ON THE PHONE, PEOPLE IN AMERICA NEED HELP WITH THEIR COMPUTERS!!!

  20. OMG THANKS!!!!!

    god this looks so sweet!

  21. Serenitude


    I have the specs you provided – a P4 with 512MB Ram, and I have an old MX4000 PCI GPU, and 10.3 KDE is blazing fast, even with Compiz enabled, on my PC. I think you’ll run it just fine.

    For my part, I submitted 3 bug reports, one with a fix. I got my box some time ago, and I must say it was definately a nice, if unexpected, “thank you” from the SuSE team ;-)

  22. Great!
    Linked: http://pettinix.blogspot.com/2007/11/ditrorel-12-11-2007.html

  23. Julian Medina

    I still haven’t received it. I hope I get it and it wasn’t lost.

    • Andreas Jaeger

      You should have it – I found your name on the list. Please ask Rasmus whether he can check it.

  24. Brad McNeely

    I’ve usually bought the boxed set when I’ve done my upgrades. Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between the boxed set and what is available for download? Do yo get extra software in the purchased box?

  25. Thiago, I’m not a law student, but after Luiz Fernando (elchevive86) warned me about this tax thing, I went to RF’s website…

    Softwares pagam 60% (sessenta por cento) sobre o meio físico, somente se o valor do meio físico vier discriminado separadamente na Nota Fiscal


    Caso o valor do meio físico não seja discriminado na Nota Fiscal o pagamento do imposto recairá sobre o valor total da remessa.


    1. Remessas no valor total de até US$ 50.00 (cinqüenta dólares americanos) estão isentas dos impostos , desde que sejam transportadas pelo serviço postal, e que o remetente e o destinatário sejam pessoas físicas;

    Basically, we pay for it anyway… 60% or 100%… And Novell is an enterprise… So,by the first item on “Isenções” section, even if the box costs less than US$ 50,00 we must pay for it. The way I understood,only if Karl or any other employee at Novell sent us the boxes using his name but on behalf of Novell we wouldn’t have to pay. Aren’t CPMF and IR enough for these guys?? Sh*t…

  26. Julian Medina

    Has everybody received their free box set yet?

  27. isis

    Not me. I warned Karl about this tax thing,already.

  28. Julian Medina

    Finally, It is coming tomorrow!

  29. Julian Medina

    I got it! Thanks SUSE! Now every time when a development version comes out, I’m going to beta test it!

  30. Ryu

    Why is it that customers from Malaysia can’t buy the DVD?