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New openSUSE Packages: KDE 4.0 RC1, KOffice 2 Alpha5, Firefox 3.0 Beta

November 24th, 2007 by

The release of KDE 4.0 RC1, KOffice 2 Alpha 5, and Firefox 3.0 Beta 1 were all announced in the last week. As always, openSUSE packages are available in the openSUSE Build Service via 1-Click-Install. The openSUSE-based KDE development live CD “KDE Four Live” has also been updated.

KDE4’s First Release Candidate

The KDE project released the first release candidate of the long-awaited KDE 4.0. The release includes many fixes to Plasma, the ported and familiar Kickoff KDE menu, and an incredible amount of updates to virtually every KDE application. While openSUSE users will already have a taste of KDE 4 in openSUSE 10.3, you can now very easily get a full overview of the KDE 4 desktop as it progresses. You can try out applications such as: Dolphin, the new file manager; get a fresh view of Oxygen, the new style and icon theme; and so much more.

KDE 4.0 RC1

To get the latest KDE4 packages head over to the KDE4 wiki page; alternatively, you might want to try the openSUSE-based KDE4 Live CD. On openSUSE 10.3 you can use 1-click-install to get a typical KDE 4.0 RC1 desktop:


Adventurous users should feel encouraged to try out and help out in polishing the release. There is a selection of helpful documentation available, as well as weekly KDE 4 “Krush” days on Saturdays, where everyone can help out. Full KOffice packages are also in the KDE4 Repository.

Firefox 3.0 Beta 1

The popular web browser have just released the first beta version of their next big release. Firefox 3 Beta 1 is a developer preview release of Mozilla’s next generation Firefox browser and is being made available for testing purposes only. It includes a range of new, helpful and exciting features such as:

  • Firefox’s HTML engine, Gecko, being pushed to version 1.9, improving performance, stability, and thousands of outstanding issues.
  • One click site info: Click the site favicon in the location bar to see who owns the site. Identity verification is prominently displayed and easier to understand. In later versions, Extended Validation SSL certificate information will be displayed.”
  • Easier password management: an information bar replaces the old password dialog so you can now save passwords after a successful login.
    firefox password manager
  • Simplified add-on installation: the add-ons whitelist has been removed making it possible to install extensions from third-party sites in fewer clicks.
  • New Download Manager: the revised download manager makes it much easier to locate downloaded files.

    new firefox download manager

For openSUSE 10.3 you can use 1-Click-Install:
one-click-install firefox 3.0 beta 1 In australia, https://domyhomework.guru/ marsupials diversified and the few early eutherians became extinct

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13 Responses to “New openSUSE Packages: KDE 4.0 RC1, KOffice 2 Alpha5, Firefox 3.0 Beta”

  1. kindus

    I just downloaded KDE4 RC1 via this 1-click install, but the background wallpaper does not appear. The folks on the IRC channel say that there should be some new RPMs soon. Any word on that ?

    • edw1n

      Install kde4-wallpapers

      • AC

        Currently the problem is that package (kdebase4-wallpapers) conflicts with kdebase3 or some major package like that, so you can’t have wallpaper on kde4 without installing it manually or removing half of kde3.

  2. KDE 4 is really starting to come together. I would like to see how it comes together in final, and what SUSE does to polish it up in 11. It might be what makes me switch from GNOME to KDE…. hmmm…

  3. Richard

    Hmmmm, I wouldn’t mind trying RC1 as a sole install, not alongside 3.5, but I guess we wont be able to do an update from 3.5 to 4 until the final release?

    • Richard

      never mind, I tried it, and it’s ok, but not usable. I found it to be, on 1gb of ram, twice as slow as 3.5.

  4. i just love the “one click install”, good job guys!

  5. Tried Twice, Download Error – Would not Install

    • After 4 attempts, I managed to get everything up and running, and I’m glad I did.
      The one click install did its job well, even in my previously failed attempts by rescuing the aborted installations.
      Now I’ve got it, two things really suprise me; Firstly, how much quicker web browsing is, and secondly, I now have 3D graphics without all the fuss of repeatedly initalising it through a terminal window.
      Linux has indeed come a long way since my first encounter with SUSE 9.0, and for sheer speed, 10.3 has overtaken much of what Microsoft has to offer.
      For now, I’m hooked.
      Allan Green. (Cutting Edge Systems)

  6. EnRokuta

    I find openSUSE packages for Firefox3 to be more responsive (switching tabs and scrolling) compared with Firefox2 packages.

  7. Xavier


    I have tried KDE FOUR LIVE.

    I’m a SUSE user since 9.3, now I’m using openSUSE 10.3, one of the more important features of SUSE/openSUSE is the KDE support.

    I’m worry about the thing that I’m starting to looking some GNOME style in KDE4. I think GNOME GUI environment is so limited, when I’m in gnome I feel like I’m in a Windows environment, I can’t do almost nothing.

    KDE is powerfull and also can be beautifull, please go on with your own style.

    Nowdays there is a tendency to make the Desktops or the GUI environment as dummy as possible, of course It can’t be complex to use, but making it so limited I don’t think if this is the right way.

    In the other half, I imagine the effort that the team is doing with KDE4, I know in the future it will be amazing, thank you all for your work.

    The widgets on the Desktops are amazing, very useful and eye candy.

    KDE + openSUSE + green :) = the best integral Desktop.


  8. KDE “RC”… I don’t think so. Overzealous evangelists can complain about whiners all they want, but that doesn’t change the fact that KDE4 is still an ALPHA, NOT a beta, and certainly not a release candidate (are they going to “code freeze” the non-functional and missing components?).

    I use KDE in OpenSuSE or Kubuntu every day. I’m also required to deal with Ubuntu, Vista, and Leopard every day. KDE 4 is heading down the wrong road if the Plasma (read Aero) interface is going to become center stage over workability and functionality. Basic function calls don’t work. Basic desktop management and customization is either missing or non-functional. How can you have something in beta without the MAJORITY of the NEEDED interface components existing and functional in some semblance for TESTING.

    KDE was different because it provided ready access to control(s). Control is seriously missing from KDE 4. It is too similar in non-functionality to Vista, Leopard, and even Gnome. I have nothing against a good looking desktop, but if it can’t or won’t provide control and functionality, it is no good. Again, if this is “beta” “release candidate”, KDE is should change the name to Broken Knome.

    • Anonymous

      They kind of admitted that “RC” label was premature. This week’s Release Candidate 2 will be more close to that state.