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openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 1

November 28th, 2007 by

We are very glad to be able to announce the first ever issue of the openSUSE Weekly News newsletter. The aim of the newsletter is to summarise all the finer details occurring in and around the openSUSE Community. This issue covers:

  • YaST documentation now in public SVN
  • Joint GNOME/KDE public packaging day coming up
  • PulseAudio in the works for openSUSE
  • KWIN Composite updates
  • Distribution, Build Service and Communication Status Updates
  • In Tips and Tricks: How to install openSUSE on a Mac Mini, and how to get Screenlets on openSUSE.

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11 Responses to “openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 1”

  1. Spyhawk

    Yehaa !

    One of the last missing piece in openSUSE community is here now. The openSUSE communication is more and more increasing, and “simple” user know now a little more where he can be involved in the developpment of his favourite distribution.

  2. i like it very much.good job!

  3. Richard

    interesting, thanks.

    Now if we could just get a community forum on opensuse.org. Yeah I know there are other forums, but it’s not the same as having one here, and people being able to come together as a community.

  4. Anonymous

    the best think is to merge those forums.
    it would be great.

  5. Anonymous

    sorry, the best thing(no think) :D

  6. KDE

    wow, more progress in opensuse, exactly what i want :D

  7. dBarton

    Thank you! More of this and our community will flourish!

  8. good work!
    I have translated in italian language and linked this announcement:
    OpenSUSE Weekly News: nuova newsletter dalla Comunità OpenSUSE.

  9. berkah

    Great idea!
    However, is there a way to subscribe thenewsletter, so that I might get it by email!

    • Beineri

      There is no separate list for it but it gets posted to opensuse-announce which is rather low-traffice.

  10. anonymous