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ATI RadeonHD Driver: First Release!

November 30th, 2007 by

The X Window System developer team at SUSE has released version 1.0.0 of the ATI Radeon R5xx and R6xx chipset driver it has been developing over the past few months for Novell’s technology partner AMD.

The source code was initially released to the public on September 18th. Since then numerous features have been added to the driver and numerous issues have been fixed in cooperation with the free software community.

Packages can be found in the openSUSE Build Service, and more information is available on our X.org wiki page.

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4 Responses to “ATI RadeonHD Driver: First Release!”

  1. Tazzy

    Wohooo 100000 Thanx to all that have made this possible ….
    My Thinkpad z61p now got correct screen resolution at 1920×1280 with my ati v5200 and i dont need to sell it ;)

    Now i cant wait 4 the 3d stuff to work ;)


  2. cool!! i hope it’ll be integrated to compiz smoothly

  3. Translated in Italan language and linked:
    Primo rilascio per i driver ATI RadeonHD

  4. Thiago

    Very nice. It worked for me (Radeon HD2600 PRO). Too bad it hasn’t 3d and 2d/video acceleration.
    I like to watch videos on my 42″ plasma screen.. too bad i can’t do it on linux yet because fglrx sux so much that videos are all screwed up and the radeon hd driver doesn’t have video support yet.
    Would be nice for it to have some configuration tool, like the ATI Catalyst Control Center. It’s a very nice tool to configure my TV to watch videos.