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Announcing openSUSE 11.0 Alpha0

December 6th, 2007 by

We’d like to kick start the development of openSUSE 11.0 by releasing the current state of Factory as an Alpha0 release. Since the release of 10.3, we checked in 2187 packages including fundamental package updates such as:

  • gcc 4.3.0
  • kernel 2.6.24-rc4
  • X.org 7.3
  • KDE 3.5.8
  • KDE 4.0 RC1
  • CUPS 1.3.4
  • gdb 6.7.1
  • Alsa 1.0.15
  • Gimp 2.4
  • Yast2 2.16

The change between 10.3 and Alpha0 is quite big, but it still works pretty nicely. So please join the openSUSE 11.0 development in downloading, testing and using Alpha0 or daily updated Factory distribution.

The most annoying bugs are as usual listed on Bugs:Most_Annoying_Bugs_11.0_dev

So far there are some glitches in the installation process, that are mostly harmless. But the new kernel in particular can cause some regressions we would love to hear about through bugzilla, as described on bugs.openSUSE.org.

You can get it from http://en.opensuse.org/Development_Version#Downloads

Greetings, Stephan The noun form is insidiousness, and the https://writemyessay4me.org/ adverbial form is insidiously

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83 Responses to “Announcing openSUSE 11.0 Alpha0”

  1. Moss Bliss

    Will 11.0 handle my Epson CX-3810 multifunction printer yet? I have not been able to get it going… YaST won’t even complete installation of Gutenprint under 10.1… well, it says it’s installed, but then tells me that it is not configured, and for the life of me I can’t find a “configure” button or tab that works.

    Of course, I’m a relatively new user… but the biggest problem I’ve found with Linux is that NOTHING IS MADE EASY for new users. If you expect to expand your userbase, the new user market is the first place to look Lots of people are fed up with Windoze, but when you install Linux and find it can’t do (within your current skill set) half the things you like to do… well, you get the picture.

    • Anonymous

      10.1? Did you try openSUSE 10.3?

      • Federico Kereki

        I’m using openSUSE 10.3 and I am quite disappointed — the “libata” module doesn’t allow setting DMA for older drives, and everything goes slow as molasses!! Who had the great idea of including such a piece of ****?! It used to be that Linux could be used with older hardware –I’m talking a 2-year-old PC here– and here I’m stuck with either very slow access or going back to older versions??

        • Tejun Heo

          Hello, Federico. I’m the one responsible for that particular piece of ****. Setting transfer speed / mode using hdparm is planned but we’re focusing more on getting things configured properly automatically. Can you please file a bug report at bugzilla.novell.com and assign it to teheo@novell.com? Please attach kernel boot log and the result of ‘hwinfo –all’.

    • Richard

      I came from windows to 10.2, and really found opensuse to be very easy to migrate to. Before 10.3, beta’s I was trying the other main distro’s, ubuntu, fedora, mandrake, and really they were awful compared to opensuse, which was very easy to set up, including drivers, and had a very professional finish to it, unlike all the others, whose finishes appear very, well, bad.

      Since I came to linux, I’ve been moving as many newbie friends as I can away from windows to opensuse, and their experiences are that opensuse is easy, that sometimes you need to go to the user forums to get help, but that everything is easy to learn.

      Linux is a learning curve, you have to throw out the skills you thought you had with windows, but believe me, one you get the hang of it, it’s far easier than windows.

  2. Andreas Jaeger

    Note: GCC 4.3 is a pre-release version. Like openSUSE 11.0, gcc 4.3.0 is not released yet. I expect that GCC 4.3 will be released before 11.0.

  3. Josh

    Sick, I didn’t think this would be coming so soon. Not healthy for my final exams though… now I have something to procrastinate with! I’ll try to be disciplined…

  4. Richard

    sweet, is it xmas already? I’ve been waiting for details on 11.

    Is there a roadmap released yet for the releases on 11?

  5. KDE

    Nice, gonna download and test it :P

  6. loki

    why 11.0 and not 10.4? what is so BIG and NEW to make the difference?

    • Anonymous

      SUSE version numbers are pure marketing driven and don’t reflect whether there has been minor or major changes.

    • fripszilon

      Actually, if you look at previous versions, this is how they’re numbered (e.g., 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 10.0…) Now WHY they’re numbered like that is a different story, but the “jump” to v11 doesn’t necessarily signify any huge advancement in opensuse.

      • Hao Zhe XU

        If I am make software, I would version it like this, because 4 is not a good number in my language, in my language, 4 has the same pronunciation with the word “death”.

    • KDE4, probably.

  7. Julian Medina

    Yeah! I will have to give it a shot.

  8. Well, nice release for weekend :-D . Download it and give it a try…

  9. maybe openSUSE 11 is to welcome KDE 4 :P

  10. how long between alpha0 and (let’s say) RC1?
    does anyone know?

    • Beineri

      openSUSE 11.0 will be released between May and July, with an RC1 likely two weeks before release.

  11. Anonymous

    I really liked that it was close to a year between 10.3 and 10.2. I hope the same for the next release. Sometimes all it takes is time for a really good release – and it definitely shows with 10.3. :)

  12. Swaroop Shankar

    What all major changes can we expect in opensuse 11. If it was 10.3 to 10.4 I might have not asked this question but since it is a major version change I expect a lot of changes in opensuse 11. Where can I get the details regarding planned features for opensuse 11? I really enjoyed using 10.3 and expect more from 11.

    • Beineri

      There is no decided feature plan yet, but read openSUSE Weekly News for some projects that are already running.

    • bigplrbear

      Well, for starters it uses KDE 4. That in itself is a pretty big leap from KDE 3.5.x.
      Secondly, it uses a newer kernel.

  13. Slavi

    I had some problems with my HP Pavilion dv9000z laptop. It seemed that the OpenSuse 10.3 couldn’t recognise some part of my hardware.Neither the Broadcom wireless worked, nor the ability to adjust the screen’s brightness, witch is very important especially when running on battery power. I was interested if the newer version will have better laptop support and especially better HP suppor :)

    • @Slavi:
      I had also problems with my Pavilion dv9043ea. But under 10.2, a self-compiled kernel and an alpha of xorg (new at that time) 7.2, I could adjust brightness. Today I have 10.3, and all newest versions of all packages: brightness adjustment doesn’t work anymore :(

      I’m waiting for xorg 7.3 with 32bit rpms for the 64bit platform. I need those for compiling latest virtualbox svn snapshots. And perhaps, 7.3 will be able to adjust brightness again ;)

  14. FanBoy

    Hi OPENsuse community!

    First of all I love OPENsuse! I joined the community with 9.3 after several tries with others.
    At the moment I still use 10.2 (wether I tried to switch to 10.3)

    Installation of 10.3 and everything isnt a problem, I know that, u know that…

    just one thing,
    I would like to ask you to include the -madwifi- rpms into 11.0 (DVD or CD version)

    Because since I have Netgear Wireless (Atheros) Card and Router I have included my Pc into the desk more or less permanently.

    I had problems to get my netgear equipment running with 10.3, even downloading madwifi-src.rpm and compiling did not bring success.

    I have read somewhere that using cable and Lan (adding the madwifi repo) should fix that. But LAN and cable is not really an option for me.
    so i hope u can include the madwifi stuff on the DVD with 11.0

    thank you guys

    • Kon

      I second that, I also have problems with my netgear pcmcia device and 10.3. It never really worked correctly so I had to reinstall with another OS :(. Thanks everyone!

  15. alvise

    I am probably blind but…
    Cannot find any link for the bootable CD : I wanted to test the internet installation.

    Can anybody provide the link ?

    Thx, A.

  16. wrc1944

    I basically run Gentoo ~x86 “testing” systems, but recently installed openSuse-10.3 on a spare partition, mainly to get a look at kde4. I’ve been keeping up with the updates on that- very nice and shows great promise!

    My question is, if we install this 11.0 alpha0 release on a partition, will we be able to keep on updating it like a normal openSuse install, but using Factory repository? Or, will we be essentially locked into the alpha0 version’s packages, and this is only for looking at and testing this one version? If we can keep updating it with newer kde4 versions as they are available, I’d be willing to put it on a spare partition and see what happens.

  17. Eliasse Diaite

    Towards the openSUSE kernel maintainer:what is wrong with the kernel-source.rpm package layout? A manual installation of the Nvidia graphic driver always ends with an error message. The file version.h or other header files cannot be found during compilation. This failure appeared with the switch to the release candidates of the current kernel development tree.

    Would you please try to fix this problem? Thanks for any suggestion to walk around it.

    Best regards

    • I always have the latest “-rc” kernel and have the same problem. This can be fixed by using the latest beta driver from nvidia’s website: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/betadrivers.aspx
      I think the current one is 169.04

      • Eliasse Diaite

        Hi Ivan,

        Would you please tell me how you proceed for the installation. I am using the beta driver you mentioned above either directly in the nvidia installer mode or after extraction. In either case the installation fails.

        Thanks in advance.

        • I don’t do anything special, I just install the driver by running the nvidia script. But you can check out what goes wrong by looking inside

          By the way: The 169.xx drivers are now released, not beta anymore, perhaps they work better.

  18. Chris

    Great, I’m looking forward to it – but 2 questions:

    1. Will openSUSE 11 use PulseAudio (please ;))?

    2. Will it finally be possible to install a fully encrypted system (obviously except /boot) during installation? The current way with shoving partitions / directory trees around is arkward and a real pita on small hard disks like the ones in laptops. This would be invaluable for laptop users and inhabitants of non democratic countries.

  19. Ruben

    well..please..suport HCF CONEXANT/RIPTIDE MODEM! i try install the driver but dont work..yast dont detec..sorry for my inglish i dominican

  20. Cyrano

    i am still using 10.2 cause 10.3 doesn’t work on my computer. Why ? I have no idea :)))
    I think , that newer version is better … but I’m wrong . So I’m not so excited about openSuse 11.
    I don’t want any problems , and I don’t like 2 repeat installation cause something is wrong .
    Better make it right ! I don’t know why newer version 10.3 gets more problems than 10.2 … or maybe … it’s a kind of “new wave” to make not “better” , but “worst” ( we all know new product of MS :))) )

    • Opensource software is kept alive by people, who contribute to the opensource community.
      Instead of saying: “Software doesn’t work, so I throw it away”, one shold report the problems (for example: by filing a bugreport) ;)
      This way, the problem can be fixed in future versions of that software.

  21. julian

    I just installed 10.3 and WOW!!! Great Job. I cam from 10.0 and the difference is amazing. I have tried a lot of the other distros and they don’t compare. I had a few gliches but unlike that other OS, help was available and the fixing was half the fun. Keep up the good job.

  22. Paulpc

    I can’t wait to use it. There is one problem – an acute need for seeders for the torrent. No user out there seems to have more than 43.63% of the source + DVD iso’s

    • darix


      you got all files you need. we had a bug in the torrent creation and linked the SOURCE DVD into the DVD torrent. this has been fixed and the new torrents are on the servers. you should have the binary DVD complete already and can directly jump to the installation.

  23. I think the good idea is a collection of one-click installlers. Just small windows with nvidia and ati drivers,codecs and other stuff. Nowadays I must go to opensuse.org and search everything on wiki.

  24. karlo

    in opensuse version 10.3 i have problem with alsa drivers on ICH7. it’s not work, and i am use open sound system (oss) drivers. maybe in version 11 this problem has fixed…

  25. Now i have Lonovo Y410 with suse 10.3…the big problem is no sound and the wireless is useless ? i’m still find how to re-active two device in my notebook. anybody know how to active wireless in lenovo Y410 (because there are no conflict driver) but souncard is still un detect with suse 10.3

    In the suse 11.0 can solve my problem ?

  26. PDU

    I haven’t downloaded this yet but will soon to have a play under a VM, but if the improvements between 10.3 and 11 are half as good as the improvements between 10.2 and 10.3 then I’m going be seriously impressed. It is a shame i’ve heard such conflicting reports over 10.3, but from my experience I can definately say the boot time has been reduced hugely (32 seconds under a VIRTUAL MACHINE!!!!!!) and when using apps it seems to be faster too. When I get time to update my server from 10.2 to 10.3 i’m going to be excited at how good is running natively straight on the hardware. Come on people, the more of us that find just a spare hour to test the next release, the more bugs we will get fixed :)

  27. Suse user since 9.2., Now using SuseLinux Enterprise Server 10 on my servers, SuseLinux Enterprise Desktop on my corporate owned laptop and OpenSuse10.2 on my Tablet. I’ve been looking at 10.3, and there have been some speed improvements, and I love Oneclick install, and the Xgl/compiz desktop was a snap to install and get going, but not enough changes to make me want to upgrade from 10.2 yet 8) If installing from scratch, yes I’d use it.

  28. Jaider

    In this version.
    Do this version have pre-installed tools for ASP develop? as Mono and GrassHopper(MainSoft).
    the true that it installations is very complex (Web-Server and other external & complementals tools)!!!!!!!!! but Novell is the same sponsor.

    note: I hope that you do Development-CD…


  29. SuSEgang[*]

    I am sure there is a lot of $$$ spent on market response, testing, and naming research that goes into the version naming of the free, gpl licensed OS. Yeah, I am also mad about this free product also not supporting my 128MB tape drive, and my 5-1/4″ floppy. I am also having problems with my almost new, hardly used Mach 32 video card, set up in a dual 17″ display (with a self-spliced 25-pin serial cable, of course) running the 3D window plugin for compiz-fusion. I am not sure how you plan on making any money on this product if support for LaserDiscs, 8-tracks, and my 8MB HP-font cartridge isn’t added IMMEDIATELY!!!

  30. Pat

    I hope that a Novell Client is developed for 11.0. It is hard to get customers to use the retail version does not have a Novell Client and the have Novell file servers. It is like having to go to a GM dealer to get tires for your new BMW.

  31. valent

    I hope a better support for laptop: wireless card (Broadcom), improvement of powersave and a yast package management faster (when look for repository).
    I’d like to find ocaml package.

  32. Serge Lussier

    I’ve just finished installing it ( 11.0 a0, on my Toshiba Laptop Satellite A100 0–blahblah ) the only not working parts are ALL of the installer’s choices under graphics env, click on any cutomize link ( partitioning, software selection, etc …) and the only reactions are as if I was pressing TAB key to change input focus to the next selectable GUI element funny and acceptable since the default choices are set to almost my own. Just as previous versions, iwl3945ABG wireless was loaded from init scrolling messages before going graphics env. I was expecting the same behaviour as previous version: no ipw3945 module thus no wireless…Continued final setup procedures and as soon as getting into KDE under my usual user, I was amazed to discover KNetwork Manager showing the wireless access points around me then of course mine and configured it as usual. — oops! OSS 11.0 a0 as finally out of the box IPW3945ABG working! ;-)

    Software management is working well, certainly because alpha0 is almost 10.3 updated + annouced upgrades ( Xorg 7.3… )– it is still under 10.3 repos.

    Oss 11 is promising.

    Regarding upcoming KDE 4 – it’s going to be very cool but nothing can beat the <> of E17


    • Anonymous

      > the only not working parts are ALL of the installer’s choices under graphics env, click on any cutomize link

      That’s listed under Most Annoying Bugs for this release, you can use the combo box at bottom to call the individual links.

  33. linuxoid

    Can we hope ZoneMinder (Linux video surveillance package) will be added to openSUSE 11?

  34. bob

    When is package installation gonna be rewamped in SuSE? I’ve been using SuSE since 6.3 and it has sucked since the beginning. Dependency handling is soooo crappy, you can’t believe it’s made in 2007…


  35. Frank

    Hello ALPHA Team !
    I have 11.0Alpha0 up and running on my Siemens notebook.
    So far it works like a charm.
    I set it up without inet connection so i cannot make
    updates so far.
    Even language support (german) works and i have xgl / compiz
    running fine on the onboard Intel 865 graphics card.

    I have some hardware “specialties” installed in this notebook,
    enabling RS485 networks and proprietary mmc card programmer
    plus a combined PCCard / EXpresscard Slot.

    Out-of-the-box bios defaults led to kernel panic.
    So i disabled the PCCard Slot and everything was fine.

    I will test more and report back if necessary.

    Keep up the good work, folks !

  36. Sankar

    I got problems with dual booting opensuse 10.3 and windows vista
    it is asking for permissions to shrink windows .. I allowed it for thet…
    But then I can’t C windows anymore… are U sure alpha will resolve the dual boot problems with windows vista

  37. capn crump

    Could someone please work on some tablet support/functionality?

  38. David Mays

    Will openSUSE 11.0 offer driver support for the Broadcom 4310 chip on my HP dv6445 laptop?

  39. The Q

    I have made a dual-boot with kubuntu gutsy and vista all was configured good i don’t have to configure further to get vista started if i try this with opensuse 10.3 that isn’t working ,vista isn’t seen in the bootscreen.
    I hope that this will be good in opensuse 11.0 that it works like in kubuntu and mandriva.

  40. Fisiu

    Where are md5sums for DVD Alpha0 iso?

  41. Anonymous

    I personally would like to see something similar to the Vista areo engine, although hopefully better done.

  42. Brynn

    I have a Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 motherboard with a athlon X2 64 5600 processor, and a Geforce 8800 PCI-E card.
    Two 320 GB SATA drives with RAID 0 are running, and have windows XP on the first 200 GB.

    I tried SUSE 11.0 alpha 1 because I couldn’t get any linux distros to work with it.

    Suse 11.0A1 does install, and X runs (but only as a VESA card) and many programs (like ones to change the video driver, and firefox) fail to run. Suse did install with no trouble on the RAID 0 SATA drives, which was nice.

    The menu button in the lower left corner is highly annoying, left click does nothing, and I have to do right click, then open ‘more programs’ to find anything useable. I hope that is because it is broken and not by design. I cannot bring up about half the programs in yast, they all die. and I can’t figure out how to switch to a window manager that might actually work.

    Any Ideas? I actually like UBUNTU a lot, very easy to use and set up, but this was the only thing that came close to working (but only close :( )

  43. pivello

    You have to install nvidia drivers manually in opensuse, but it is straightforward. Download the driver at nividia.com and follow the instructions.

  44. Jonathan Weinert

    But is there anyone, how can show any screenshots?

    Greatings from Potsdam, Germany
    openSUSE is everywhere!

  45. The new opensuse looks great but i will to know about the little differents from 10.3 and 11

  46. Joshua Henne

    Hello all….well this isnt about the new 11.0, but i have finally gotten wine to function a “win” version of firefox, and at last i can watch all of abc.coms episodes with no errors with the exception of window resizing? i havent worked the bugs out of the emulated browser yet so i cant enjoy full screen.Good luck all and suse 11 looks great.

  47. calin

    my wirless conection don`t work…i`m using suse 11..ca someone help me?