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Contributor Gifts

January 7th, 2009 by

Today we had two posts that contributors received the Box and a very special gift. Again Salid was one of the first who got it. If you are not from Germany, you have to wait a little bit longer, but the packages should arrive soon.

Thanks again to all contributors!

btw: we made the T-Shirt exclusively for contributors. It is not available somewhere else! buy online british essay

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37 Responses to “Contributor Gifts”

  1. Buschmann

    Yes, I have got my today, too. Destination was Westphalia, Germany. The T-Shirt is really nice and it is cool that it is exclusive. ;-) The flashlight burned my eyes away, so sorry for my english….. :D
    Thank you for this late christmas present. :)

  2. BenderBendingRodriguez

    Can’t wait for it ahhh
    I’ll be wearing that t-shirt every time i’ll be outside (not in winter though hehe)

  3. Hehe, I knew I would be the first one ;-)

    Thanks again for the free box and the shirt!

  4. Carsten Niehaus


    Got mine today as well. I love the flashlight and am installing the final version of OpenSUSE 11.1 right now on my notebook :)

    Thanks for the box and the cool shirt!

  5. adan

    congratulations, you make suse possible!!

  6. Ricardo Varas Santana

    I live in Chile, Southamerica so I guess I need to wait longer, but no problem as long as I get the box ;) I’m dying to see what the t-shirt’s desing is, and how cool that flashlight is. 11.1 is installed on my machine already, rocks!


    • Andreas Jaeger

      Ricardo, sorry to disappoint you a bit: The flashlight will not be transported with planes since it includes batteries. So, I think only Europeans will get it – the rest has air transport.

      • Ulrich Windl

        Once they find out that you can break a CD apart with your hands and possibly hurst someone with the parts, they’ll forbid transportation of CDs as well, I’m afraid. Ridiculous as the “fluid regulations”. Once someone manages to build an exploding hamburger, you won’t be allowed to take any food with you…

  7. BenderBendingRodriguez

    Hope the box won’t attract sticky hands of our post workers, unfortunatelly it’s quite common in poland…

    • The box is shipped via UPS, so if it won’t arrive maybe someone at Novell will hand you the tracking code…

  8. Tim Fechtner

    Thanks for the free box. T-Shirt and LED light are great!!!

  9. Axeia

    My dvd case was cracked :(
    Replaced it with the one containing my ‘home-made’ openSUSE 11.1 though.

    Many thanks, I’ll make sure to wear the shirt when the weather allows it! Too cold at the moment.

  10. DocB

    Hm….looks like the ‘contributor-definition’ got changed…no nothing this time

  11. I got mine (San Antonio, TX, USA) today. DHL courier came just as I was leaving the house, so I was late for work. Still, very impressed :D

    Thanks :D

    • Awwww my flashlight is broken. The spring on the LED end is loose (i.e. not soldered on) so it’s basically useless. I’m not sure how to get the lamp portion apart without breaking it so I probably just won’t. Did anyone else have any problems with the build quality of the flashlights?

  12. Hi,

    Got mine too! Belfast UK



  13. Thank you very much from POLAND

  14. Glenn

    Thanks, very nice – from Australia

  15. Praveen Kunjapur

    Thank You Novell

  16. Minton

    So, USA, Australia and Western Europe have already got their boxes. I live in Russia, Saint-Petersburg – and it is really closer to Europe than Australia, for instance :) Still no call from DHL, but I hope to get mine somewhere around my birthday (January 21st), cause it would be very nice ))))

    • Minton

      There was no call from DHL – the courier arrived half an hour ago, so now I have my wonderful T-shirt, the Box and the flashlight! Yes, flashlights can come to Russia ))) Hooray! And warm wishes to all of the openSUSE project – you guys ROCK!!!

    • Ulrich Windl

      Maybe customs (or Mr. Putin) wanted to have a look inside the box first? ;-)

  17. RGB

    I got it! It arrived Thursday. The T-shirt is great and the LED light are wonderful!
    Many, many thanks again!!!!

  18. kevin

    I got my gifts on Thursday. Thanks! I couldn’t get the flashlight to work. Does it take 3 AAA batteries?

  19. i got it on Friday last week. Thank you Novell from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

  20. M. Gy.

    Thanks a lot for the presents, even my wife loves them (especially the t-shirt, of course)!

  21. I got mine today in Finland. What an cool package! Thank you very much!

  22. xavier

    I got mine last Saturday.

    Thanks!!!! thank you very much, super cool package, got the T-Shirt and the lighter too! :D

    I will keep trying to contribute!

    Rgds. from El Salvador.


  23. My gifts came in today… Two days AFTER I went back to school. Oh well. I’ll get to check them out soon enough. Thank you! I will definitely get back to contributing to wiki and bugs and hopefully some programs/plasmoids after school slows down.

  24. Nigga

    Thanks, guys, I’ve received it in Hungary. My boys love the flashlight, and it seems for me to be nearly water-resistant. What do you think, may I try it under water? Has anyone experiences with it ;)?

  25. Thank you openSUSE,

    I got my package yesterday here in Brazil and for my surprise I got the flashlight too!!! I enjoyed it a lot. I’m wearing the t-shirt right now at my job.

    Thank you again and let’s keep doing this distro the best one for everyone.

  26. dsent

    I’ve got my box yesterday here in Kazan, Russia.
    Thank you very much, it’s cool!

  27. scott

    Now I am upset – I have had a free gift for the past two releases, but this time I was not asked my address info etc and I did not get one this time – I will need to contribute more testing in 11.1 – Not to worry I will pay the AUD80.00 to buy the boxed set of 11.1 this time!
    I need to help more with more testing and bug reports ;-)

  28. Thanks for the Christmas present. I received the box on Friday Jan 9, 2009. Totally unexpected in the first place but am very, very pleased to be considered part of the team. Hopefully I can be helpful on the next one.