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openSUSE Project Opens Feature Tracking with openFATE

January 16th, 2009 by

The openSUSE Project is pleased to announce that feature tracking and requests are now available to the larger openSUSE Community. The openSUSE feature tracking system, openFATE, is now live and accessible to anyone with an openSUSE account.

Hosted at features.opensuse.org, openFATE will help the openSUSE community monitor and participate in the development process. Features that are tracked in openFATE are any proposals that the project wants to see introduced in order to improve openSUSE. For example:

  • Changes to the openSUSE theme.
  • The default system editor.
  • A new feature to allow automatic bug reporting.

Anyone can use openFATE to view and discuss features, so long as they have an account. This will allow the openSUSE community to see how the releases evolve and participate directly in feature discussions.

If you’re an openSUSE Member, you can even add features in openFATE. While we can’t accept every new feature, this enables members to propose features directly for consideration. (If you’re an openSUSE contributor and haven’t applied for membership, please do so soon!)

Want to learn more about openFATE? Please see openFATE on the openSUSE wiki.

We’ll also need help in screening features for future openSUSE releases. We’ll be creating a volunteer team to help evaluate feature requests and help direct the future of openSUSE! If you’d like to participate, please add your name to the openSUSE Fate wiki under Screening Team.

Thanks much to the following for their work on implementing openFATE and making it accessible to the entire openSUSE community: Thomas Schmidt, Klaas Freitag, Andre Duffeck, Michael Loeffler, Christopher Hofmann, Jürgen Weigert, and the entire tools team. A lot of hard work has gone into opening this system, and it will be vital for improving openSUSE and enhancing community participation. resumecvwriter.com/

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11 Responses to “openSUSE Project Opens Feature Tracking with openFATE”

  1. Beineri

    One addition, the mailing list opensuse-features (archive) spreads all additions and changes done to open Fate features.

  2. ra100

    Hm, can anybody explain me difference between openFATE and Bugzilla´s severity Enhancement?
    What should i use, if i want to request a new feature? openFATE or Bugzilla?

    • andred

      Please file bugs in Bugzilla and feature requests in openFATE. Fate has some features which make it the better system for feature tracking, e.g. support for several products per feature, role-based priorities, threaded discussions etc.

  3. Student

    Do you really ned to login to view? Thats stupid…

    • andred

      Yes, this might be changed in the future. There are some non-technical issues that need to be solved before, though.

  4. Scott

    Whats the difference between Bugzilla and openFATE ?

    Bugzilla contains requests to fix or repair an existing function that is already in openSUSE.
    It also contains requests to further enhance an existing function.

    Bugzilla is NOT a Vehicle to convey a change in current methodology or function OR to create a new or changed direction in openSUSE.

    Buzgilla IS a process for Problem Management.

    openFATE IS a way of requesting something completely NEW or to CHANGE the direction of a function that does not have an inherent problem in the way it currently works.

    openFATE IS a way to communicate Requests For Functional Change/Comment either by a NEW function or a CHANGE in the direction of a process.

    IF it does NOT start or gets the end of the road like a clumsy elephant is goes in Bugzilla!

    IF you want a new Rolls Royce car to get there or want to change the road we have used in the past, it goes in openFATE!

    openFATE IS a process for Change Management

    I hope this translates o.k out of English ;-)

    • ra100

      I was little confused, because Bugzilla´s severity Enhancement is explain as request for new feature or enhancement.
      So i didn´t know what to use in the future.

  5. Michael_Knight

    Is it OpenSource? Can I use OpenFate for my own projects as bugzilla?

  6. >># The default system editor.
    You mean ‘vim’ and ’emacs’? Or…
    >>A new feature to allow automatic bug reporting.
    Oooo. This I like. It would be nicer to have ONE application, that you could insert your name/pass, select the suse version, select Component, select severity, explain the problem, add attachements, and SEND without opening firefox and waiting for bugzilla to load, etc.