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January 21st, 2009 by

fosdem One of our favorite shows for sure, and again we will be there with a lot of people. I’m also happy that Novell sponsors the event, because we think it’s quite important and we like the guys :-)

If you are not aware what FOSDEM is, head over to the website for more information, short: it’s an community event in Brussels, Belgium, on the weekend of 2009-02-07/08.

Thanks to the FOSDEM team, we have again a developer room and a booth. The room is this time H.2214 (iirc it’s the same room we had last year on the second day).

We will have 2 days of talks, some openSUSE related but some topics are for sure also interesting for users/developers of other distributions. Meet the openSUSE developers, community and friends.

For latest information what we will do, head over to our fosdem wiki page where you can also find our devroom schedule. If you want to come, and you really should, enter your name in the wiki and i will print you a openSUSE badge (SUSE/Novell employees will get it automatically). For everybody else: we will record all talks again.

See you at FOSDEM! You can purchase our product at discounted price from our essayclick.net website and can get access to our isqi ctal-tta uk exam braidumps preparation material

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One Response to “FOSDEM 2009”

  1. David Braddock

    Dear Sir;

    This letter is written to inform you of bothersome occurrences.
    1. I am using Firefox as a browser. This is because Comcast.net, my ISP does not support Konqueror. Konqueror simply has been blocked. I choose to use Konqueror because using kmail I avoid all the advertising flack from Comcast.
    2. Recently my wife bought a new laptop from HP. It is state of the art and includes wireless equipment that I have never heard of. It also includes Norton Utilities that is tightly interwoven with the vista operating system. The vista operating system is designed to run on a 32 bit register rather than the dual 64 bit registers. Because my wife has used my Linux machine I felt that I could download your 11.1 system and use GRUB. She could use Vista for writing documents and printing things while at the same time using Linux have internet protection. She shops for everything online. We chose not to purchase the Norton utilities for protection as it required a sizeable cost after a period of time. We did accept Mcafee which has some cost component after a year. I also backed up the original system with the McAffee package (I thought). In actual fact what I backed up was the Vista with the tightly bound Norton Utilities. I tested my download before trying to install 11.1 it tested ok. The installation froze the computer and I was forced to use a paper clip to remove the distro. My backup disks worked prefectly and we were surprised to see Norton pop up again. The backups are not clean.

    HP has done things to the operating system provided by Windows. I believe either HP or Windows has bugged The Windows Operating System to confound GRUB. HP has added Norton Utilities and made it hard to remove it on purpose. I have been told that this strange wireless connector wears out quickly after about a year. 11.1 did recognize the unit and provided me a screen to update my connection to my ISP. My ISP refused to help me connect it indicating that it was the wireless makers to do that since they do not support Linux. This is before the system froze up.

    I believe that this is a trick designed to flood the market with expensive, software and unworkable units after about a year. The only units business supply stores seem to carry are versions of HP.