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KDE 4.2 in openSUSE [Updated]

January 29th, 2009 by

The KDE Project released KDE 4.2 on Tuesday, and of course openSUSE packages were available in time for the release. If you missed the pointer from the KDE announcement info page, you can get your KDE 4.2 fix in a number of ways.

Want to install KDE 4.2 on an existing system? Grab the packages via one-click install for openSUSE 11.1, openSUSE 11.0, or openSUSE 10.3.

You can also run the 4.2 packages in a Live CD, or install a fresh openSUSE 11.1-based system with KDE 4.2 packages from the Live CD found under http://home.kde.org/~binner/kde-four-live/. You’ll find x86 and x86_64 ISOs there.

Thanks much to our KDE gurus for having this ready! If you want to run 4.2, no need to wait another minute — grab the packages and have a lot of fun!

Update: Please note that these packages are not supported. The KDE team has packaged these for openSUSE users who want to get their hands on KDE 4.2 quickly, but the packages are not supported. The features, facts and figures of our product for order-essay-online.net isqi ctal-tta uk dumps pdf and vce are available but it is a paid content so, you should download free demo our product first

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60 Responses to “KDE 4.2 in openSUSE [Updated]”

  1. oshunter

    Awesome work guys :)
    I have few questions about the KDE Four Live CD, should I keep the KDE4-Factory-Desktop and KDE4-Factory-Extra-Apps repositories?
    Also, should I keep the source and debug repositories as enabled?

  2. @oshunter,

    KDE4-Factory-Desktop and KDE4-Factory-Extra-Apps for now refer to KDE 4.2 stable (see http://en.opensuse.org/KDE4) while the stable refer to KDE 4.1.3 and the unstable refer to KDE 4.3 development.

    source and debug repositories could be removed. AFAIK, the debug and source repos disabled by default, isn’t it ?

    • enthalpie

      on site stable is always 4.1.3 and 4.2 is factory but not stable ?
      update problem of the site ?

  3. cb400f

    I think it’s a bit risky pushing these KDE 4.2 packages on regular users without the proper warnings is not something that should be taken lightly – there are a few things users should know before installing these:

    * These packages – as indicated by the word “Factory” in the URL – are development packages for openSUSE 11.2 – they’re unsupported, not thoroughly tested, and they’re under active development. There can be breakage at any moment.
    * The user will have to manually sort out a few package conflicts to perform the upgrade – mostly removing powerdevil, kio_sysinfo and maybe a few other packages depending on what’s installed on the particular system.
    * Depending on the roadmap for openSUSE 11.2, the “Factory” KDE4 repository might switch to KDE 4.3 beta in 2-3 months – this can cause major problems for the unattentive user. If you decide to use these unsupported buildservice repositories and packages, make sure you follow planetsuse.org or the opensuse-kde mailinglist to get notice about important repository changes.

    • anon

      I think you need to go learn what you are talking about, especially why they are in factory, and no 4.3 will not switch to factory in a few months, it is in unstable

      stop trying to hype up problems that you know nothing about.

      • cb400f

        The openSUSE 11.2 roadmap is not yet published, but everybody expects 11.2 to be released in late summer of 2009 with KDE 4.3. Therefore the KDE team will be moving KDE 4.3 to Factory as early as possible – meaning around KDE 4.3beta1.

        At that point 4.2.x will be moved somewhere else – probably either to STABLE or to a newly created project for the specific purpose. It’s not entirely impossible that 11.2 will ship 4.2, and that 4.2 will therefore remain in factory until 11.2 release, but it is highly unlikely.

        You need to get a clue, and maybe join an anger management class.

  4. René

    Using the above repository KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.1 there is some inconvenience which you should be aware of:
    The package version of the ‘kde4-kio_sysinfo’ and ‘kde4-kio_sysinfo-branding-openSUSE’ conflict with the default OSS repository if you wish to install KDE 4.2.
    For instance, the current packages
    – kde4-kio_sysinfo-11.1-2.9 (KDE 4.2)
    – kde4-kio_sysinfo-branding-openSUSE-11.1-2.7 (KDE 4.2)
    are recognized as OLDER than
    – kde4-kio_sysinfo-11.1-66.4 (KDE 4.1)
    – kde4-kio_sysinfo-branding-openSUSE-11.1-66.4 (KDE 4.1)
    from the distribution/11.1/repo/oss repository by YaST.
    This is a clear version naming clash, not more, but you should search and check these two packages separately, whether the newer version from the KDE4 Factory is selected for update.

  5. leo

    i was unable to upgrade KDE, due to some dependencies not resolved (using openSUSE 11.1 64bits)

    • Netscapist

      It was strange enough, but I was able to upgrade KDE yesterday. You are right, YaST told me that there were some problems, but YaST proposed to solve them:
      i. deinstall old packages and replace them with new ones,
      ii. ignore some dependencies,
      iii. downgrade some packages.
      I followed YaST: something was deleted, something was upgraded, and now I have fully functioning KDE 4.2. Maybe I simply made a right choice. :-)

      By the way, now my Samba recognizes non-latin symbols, and my home Linux/Windows network works for me perfectly—thanks to KDE Team!

  6. Виталий

    Отлично, сетка теперь понимает русские имена!

    • W.

      Good news and thanks for sharing it.

      • Netscapist

        This guy said that his network can work with Russian filenames. Really good news for Russian users.

    • Netscapist

      Да, порадовало, а то приходилось прописывать smb://путь/SharedDocs в Firefox’e, чтобы хоть какой-то доступ к сети получить (правда, русские буквы были представлены вопросительными знаками). Konqueror и Dolphin сообщали о неожиданной гибели процесса и не отображали вообще ничего.

  7. petru4o

    I don’t upgraded KDE, because I don’t know, how to use it. As for me, KDE 3.5.9 is easy to use then 4 or higher

    • beavis

      yup, and 4.x is not stable, it is very bloated with no returns for the loss of memory and cycles.

      I can’t believe anyone is jumping on the KDE 4 trainwreck.

  8. miki100

    It sucks because on nvidia cards is slow and it doesn’t have the functionality of kde 3.5.10. That’s bad.:(

  9. Hein69

    I upgraded to KDE4.2. No problems at all. Just had to de-install the old news ticker. In return I’ve now got the fabulous RSSNOW instead.
    KDE 4.2 is installed on an Nvidia card, with Nvidia drivers. Sorry, but I don’t have any problems with performance: even with all the 3D eyecandy switched on. It’s not slow.

    KDE4.2 really rocks! It’s a big step forward. There is now also a vast number of widgets available. Also some apps like Kmail got some nice upgrading! Many, many thanks to the developers and keep up the good work! Functionality is more than usable and I am glad I could get rid of 4.1.

    My advice: give it a try!

    • Jez

      I liked the old news ticker, the update removed it and the RSSNOW does not seem to do a single line at the top of the screen, just above my browser :-(

      • spurwonofjp

        Hi, Jez. You can uncheck the “show animations” in the RSSNOW settings to get inline with applet-screen box. Yeah, now still happy with KDE 4.2 for nice Kopete, Kmail, new powerdevil, and bunch of widgets, even rather tough it out coz wasnt used to clean up the applet in every new arrangement of panels or widgets ;-) But Amarok2 has broken playback and many bugs related with deprecated kdebase and runtime. Hey, KDE 4.2 lost my TVout Fn-key too!
        Anyway, kudos to KDE team. Thanks!

  10. dave

    Still testing the apps and checking on previous bugs, but I will have to agree with one of the above posters, KDE 4.2 is a big step forward. The speed is so much improved over the 4.1 series it is now useable, even with 3D effects turned on. I have an NVidia card as well, looks like the problems there have been fixed.


    Still no inline images in KMail. This program has been the single biggest disappointment of KDE and has been for years. And it still will not handle external editors properly. One cannot have decent desktop integration without a competent email client.

    • Hein69

      True, KMail look nice at first glance, but lacks proper integration with external editors. I also don’t understand why it takes so damn long to have a proper mail app for KDE. Perhaps an idea to post some ideas into the new Openfate site for making KMail better?!

      It’s now my second day I’m running KDE 4.2 and I’m still happy with it. There are still some small things that I don’t like or that are not yet completely ready. But like I said before: it’s ready now for daily use. KDE 4.0 and 4.1 were definitely not. Too many bugs, too much (basic) functionality still missing.

  11. Upgraded notebooks and desktop PCs to 4.2, and it rocks!!!
    There is not much missing anymore from 3.5.x
    No speed issues anymore after installing the NVIDIA 180.x driver from the Nvidia site :D (the OpenSUSE one did not work).
    In case of upgrade from 4.1.x I recommend to de-install all Plasmoids before, or, alternatively delete the plasma-rc file(s) in the kde4 config directory, and explicitly select a Desktop-Theme, such as the default Oxygen or Aya.
    Thanks to all devs and everyone who made KDE 4.2 possible!

  12. rushman

    This is a No No apart from the conflicts above ,it removed all my desktop icons, Kdenlive and Kino no longer work.
    A typical suse update. it was not thought through or tested correctly.They were probably trying to rush it out before anyone else.

    As with the box verstion it was realeased with great number of packages that were not complete. And k3b would not work correctly.

    Is it to much to ask that things are checked , if they to not work correctly do not add them to the package manager or updates.

    Suse will never become THE desktop system, If new comers have to hunt deps or try to get printers to work,

    And no I am not a windows user, I have used Suse since 9.3 . While no linux is close to being perfect i find that Mint is close for the programs I use.


    • Chris

      I kinda doubt that offering OFFICIALLY UNSUPPORTED KDE 4.2 packages for the convenience of the people who still want to install them to try a newer KDE version qualifies as “A typical suse update” …

      If you want to stay on supported grounds simply use only the OSS, Non-OSS & Update repositories.

      Therefore you are pretty wrong and wouldn’t be harmed by getting a bit more clue ;P

      PS: If it works just fine for a newly created user the problem is probably within your ~/.config or ~/.kde4 but I don’t know the exact file.

  13. rushman

    Thank for your comment, How ever if you look at the the introduction
    at the top of this page it does not say unsuported,

    Suse and Kde are one . Suse should make sure that the update works
    without dep problems. At what point would you say a newbie should
    install Suse 11.1?

    The box set had many problems.K3b did not see the dvd drive this was repaired with the hal update. kino, openmovieeditor still does not work with segmentation errors. In the Dvd section most of the packages I use
    had dep errors.

    The name on the boxed set is Suse not KDE every pprogram in the package manager should install without problems
    or not be included, Instead of every six months extend the time and get it right.


    • Gorbehnare

      mmm… I don’t have any issues with it. I have been using SUSE at home exclusively. Even my mom is using it on her laptop as the only OS installed. I think you should go back using Windows for a while and take a “break” to actually appreciate well functioning OS and apps.

      Good Luck.

  14. Micheál

    Very impressed with this release. No problems to report. The one-click install didn’t work for me (11.1) but using YaST’s online update did. Feels very polished, on top of the stability from previous releases. Well done all!

  15. mateit

    Great livecd (I tried the 64bit version). I just have one (big) problem: I can’t seem to find the knetworkconf (or similar) to configure the network. Is it there and it’s just me that I can’t see it? Anyway congrats and thanks for all the svn versions of Digikam and K3b – they are just great!

  16. Hein69

    Mmmm. @Rushman: I’m sorry to say that I came back to Suse after being disappointed by (k)Ubuntu. You criticize Novell and the openSuse community of releasing things way too fast and without proper testing? I suggest you try the latest K(ubuntu): because that’s (unfortunately) real rubbish. Moreover: you do not need to get KDE4.2 right now. You can wait until it is released as a regular update. Dependency problems? Yes sure, they sometimes come by. But they can be solved.

    In my opinion Novell and the Opensuse community are doing a fine job to get Linux the place it deserves on the desktop, Their implementation of KDE4.1 was lots better than that of Ubuntu. Also have a look at how much work is contributed to KDE from Novell and the Opensuse community in comparison to others.

    If you’re looking for an all stable system, buy SLED or get one of Ubuntu’s LTS releases or standard Debian.

    PS: I went from Suse to Ubuntu, because I got annoyed that most packages on the internet where available for Ubuntu, but nor for Suse. Now it seems to have improved a lot and I also like the many one click installs. Not that I’m not able to build from source, but it’s so nice and easy if you just need to click.

  17. rushman

    Hi hein69,
    good point,I would not consider kbuntu, to me Ubuntu is and will always be Gnome.

    Suse will always be KDE.newbies to Suse will consider it a nightmare haveing to
    Hunt for deps, My point is that if a program is listed in the package manager,
    it should work out of the box.suse and the community do a wonderful job, For the most part
    Suse users take it for granted that they will have to hunt the dependencies, it is almost a game.

    If Suse is to gain a larger share of desktop users software must work.Not every body has Adsl,or able to get it,

    it took me 12 hours to down load the live Cd.


  18. Ulrich

    I just installed KDE4.2 without any serious problems. Just deinstall conflicting packages.

    It looks like it was worth the try!

  19. JDR

    Well, I installed the KDE 4.2 update on four systems, two old 32-bit systems and two newer, though hardly state-of-the-art, 64-bit systems. The 32-bit installs went well throwing away only the news ticker as noted by a prior commenter. The 64-bit installs were another story. The installer wanted to throw away what seemed like half of KDE4.1 (fifteen packages?), so I aborted the first install attempt. For a second attempt, I decided: “What the hell, lets just ignore all the library version issues.” That turned out not to be a good idea as the installed KDE4.2 wouldn’t start. But I like to install more than on desktop on a system, so I switched to good-old Gnome which started up OK (Gnome has its own weird issues with SUSE 11.1, like PulseAudio configuration). Using Gnome, I repeated the KDE 4.2 installation on each 64-bit system, and this time the installer only complained about the news ticker. I said to delete it, the installation completed successfully on both systems, and KDE 4.2 ran. Strange indeed, but I’m happy! Now if they could only fix PulseAudio…

  20. ltime

    it is okay, no nvidia problems, kde4-amarok does not install though

  21. Netscapist

    There are damaged icons still in the system tray.

  22. Gerry


    I had that problem, but I fixed it by uninstalling it and then installing the one that Yast picked for me

    Can’t play with KOffice 2.0 at the moment though :(

    Generally: KDE 4.2, very nice

    I did have to take the plunge and “go with” the install – but it’s not as if anyone were forcing me…

  23. Pete

    I agree about Kubuntu 8.04 + KDE4. It was a mess. I now have openSuse 11.1 plus kde 4.2 and it looks good. The upgrade to 4.2 went well except for the yast difficulty mentioned above – soon solved. There was no shutdown icon at first, but that appeared after rebooting and so far all is well.

  24. Jan

    I installed SUSE 11.0 yesterday after using Fedora with Gnome for 6 years. I was finally convinced by a colleague that it is time. On first attempt I picked KDE 4.0, which I soon regretted, and then went back to Fedora… but this morning gave SUSE another try using KDE 3.5 and it is all I need (being used to old Linux versions) and everything seems to work just fine.

    So from all the comments above, it sounds like there are two groups of KDE users:
    1) Those like me who still uses KDE 3.5 and probably tried 4.0 or 4.1 and decided that KDE is going nowhere, so are somewhat stuck with 3.5
    2) Those who upgraded to KDE 4.0 or 4.1 some time ago and stuck through even though they were not really happy with it – experiencing slow reaction and missing features etc – but then recently upgrade to 4.2 and are now happy (when it finally worked).

    So, I am happy to hear that 4.2 solves many problems… it gives me hope that I made a good choice switching from Gnome to KDE, and given another month or three, I will upgrade to KDE 4.2.

    Thanks to all of you who sort it out in the meantime.

    • Gorbehnare

      Try the latest OpenSUSE 11.1 with KDE4 and you will have a totally different experience from 11.0+KDE4.0. Quite frankly I started using KDE4 from 11.1 release since OpenSUSE 11.0+KDE4 had too many issues.

    • R J

      i’ve been using kde 4 since the beta’s, never had any reason to complain it has worked perfectly for me since the early days, now on 4.3 early days it is still working perfectly. some people complain just to be negative at the change

      • headache

        I do not agree about “just to be negative”. I am using 3.5 and it is stable and I am quite happy with it. I installed yesterday on a 11.1 machine a one click install of KDE4.2. I have to say that this version is way better than 4.1 but still far away from being an every day desktop. Too many things are still missing. I am perplex, yes it looks good but I do not have an impression of being much more usable or intuitive than 3.5. Just more (potential) eye-candy. I would rather advice people coming from Gnome to switch to 3.5 if they need a stable working environment. If and when 4.3 will be feature complete (inclusive of a capacity to import the personalized desktop settings of your old KDE3.5 install, which will be essential to have users switch fast) I will have again a look on usability KDE v.s. Gnome (that I did not like at all up to now) and stay -or not- with KDE. But this is not “just to be negative at the change”. It is just to be honest and “hype-free”.

      • gorbehnare

        Actually I should clarify that now I’m really happy with SUSE11.1 and KDE4, and except for a few minour things I have no issues with KDE 4.2. It’s working great and is stable on my 64bit system. Has been running 24/7 ever since the installation on Jan 30.

  25. Scott

    I will be happy to see openSUSE 11.1 KDE4.1 work satisfactorily without the mas of bugs now reported before I start playing with KDE4.2 ontop of openSuse 11.n and KDE4.n.
    I wonder if you update openSuse 11.0 KDE3.5 Installation to KDE4.2 – What happens – I dont think I’ll try as I am tired of trashing another test install.

  26. Woodstock69

    Is it just me having the problem or has anyone noticed that you cannot convert an Audio CD to OGG or MP3 just by dragging the relevant directory anymore?

    I used to put a CD in the drive and its contents were presented as several directories (MP3, OGG, FLAC, FULL, CDA, etc). I then simply copy the directory of choice to my HD and the conversion was done automatically. If I do that now, I get a cdparanoia error.

    ThereÅ› no problem with cdparanoia as the solution it offers to check if cdparanoia is working, works. I didnt have this problem in 10.3 – ItÅ› only happened in 11.1…

    • Marcoslai

      Well Asunder seems better than any sound converter I ever tired. Just try it friend.

      • Woodstock69

        Thanks for the prompt reply Marcoslai.

        Asunder is indeed a very good little app that I hadn’t yet got around to using. However my comment still highlights a problem that others must find frustrating, and that is that when you get used to doing something one way and you upgrade the OS you don’t expect your favourite method to be broken. I´d still like to know why it´s broken in 11.1. Doesn´t seem to be a permissions issue…. BTW, Iḿ using both 3.5.10 and 4.1.3.

        Anyway, KDE 4.2 is coming along brilliantly. Iĺl ditch 3.5.10 when 4.3 comes out, but until then, my hat´s off to the developers and community. Good choice to include folder view on the desktop in KDE 4 like in KDE 3. I still don´t get the plasmoid widget method of putting icons on the desktop….

  27. Just did the Update to 4.2 and on my desktop all I get is the two terminals that I have loaded from my .xinitrc file. All of the icons, except the Trash Can, are nothing more than a page symbol with the bottom curled and containing 1’s and 0’s. No description of what they do. I don’t use 4.x much, but due to the placement of these Strange Icons, I believe that they are ones that I placed there … with proper symbols … in version 4.1. Prior to this I had installed the latest or almost latest 4.2 development version. It was, or seemed to be OK. I will accept any and all suggestions on getting my Desktop back in kde4 4.2 latest release.
    Thanks in advance,

    • In response to my own question, in case anyone else had this problem, it was round-aboutly answered below by systo. However, inside ~/.kde4/share/config/ I had to remove both plasma-appletsrc and plasmarc. There was a mention of a brute force method of deleting the whole ~/.kde4 dir but that did not work. Everything came back as before. In addition I had to remove all those bogus icons. The only valid icon placed on the Desktop by the install was the trashcan. Everything else on my Desktop had to be added by me via the menus.

  28. kenny S

    Just installed KDE 4.2, better than 4.1, installation went smoothly, but still a lot of things seems to be incomplete. For example, I cannot change the icon of the application files, it used to be very easy in KDE 3.5. Also, the little button on the lower left corner of the terminal windows to create new tabs doesn’t work any more. Overall, it’s better than 4.1, in which i cannot even drag and drop files between file managers. However, I think I am going to keep using 3.5 until I see any substantial improvement to switch over to KDE4.x.

  29. kenny S

    By the way, I am really hoping that they can fix the bluetooth problem in 11.1 as soon as possible. It’s a pain when I cannot exchange files with my phone and I have to use a USB cable each time. Also, Firefox runs really really slow in 11.1, so I have to use Konquerer to surf the web, but Konquerer just have so many problems with various webpages.

  30. Shrisha

    I hav installed KDE 4.2 on OpenSuse 11.1 using 1-click installer.

    I am unable to restore previous sessions.

    Also, the changes made to the desktop panel are lost after relogin.

    Plz help me.

    Thanks in advance.

  31. Kenny S


    Seems that you can right click over the desktop, go to configure desktop and choose appearance to solve this problem. I had the same problem when I first installed it, everything is disappeared, I chose traditional look and they come back.

  32. systo

    Delete file ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc, if you removing plasmoids, before an logout. It will be auto recreated at next logon.

  33. kaddy

    Yeah! I had that same problem… it happens every now and then… I don’t know how…
    But deleting your .kde4 folder fixes the problem after a logout and login… but then you gotta
    re do any kde settings you had previously.


  34. Shrisha

    @systo and kaddy

    Thanks a lot.

    Deleting the file ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc has solved my problem.

    But, i did not face this problem when i was using opensuse 11.1 with kde 4.1.3.

    Neways, thanks once again.

  35. Mario Vazquez

    While there are new things in KDE 4.2, the need to upgrade to it is not as important like in other distributions since SUSE backported some of the features like Desktop Folder View to 4.1.x.

    And for the person that mention KDE 4 is bloated. Have you really take the time to use KDE 4.1 or greater. Menus and screen options are simpler than KDE 3.x counterparts. And for those that dont want to use extra plasmoids for CPU/memory concerns, then don’t use them.

  36. gekko75

    I really do not know why you all put your warnings upon installing these 4.2 packages on i.e. suse 11.1. For me they work far better then those packaged in the distribution (the original 4.1 ones). I really recommend everyone that uses 4.1 to upgrade as soon as possible. And that there is no support is not striking because you can upgrade manually. Fewer bugs in 4.2 upgrade!

  37. Netscapist

    After all Suspend to RAM does not work.