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People of openSUSE

February 3rd, 2009 by

Who is this guy named notlocalhorst, FunkyPenguin or cb400f? Well, without people of openSUSE it’s quite hard to tell if you didn’t met them in person. So it’s a great overview to see what the people are doing, how the look and how the tick. Of course this will not replace the joy of meeting some of them in person, like on FOSDEM :-)

Anyway, Carlos the previous maintainer of the series can’t do it anymore because of time reasons. It would be a shame if we let it die … If someone from the community is willing to do that job? It could be even a small team, there is no strict schedule when to release an interview, and everybody will love you :-)

If you want to do it, just head over to the openSUSE-marketing list, there will be a tread called “people of opensuse soon” …

Carlos: thank you for doing it for quite a long time! In fact, several manga-inspired collect them all type games have been hugely successful in the united states consider phone tracker the likes of pokemon, digimon and the tamagatchi

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4 Responses to “People of openSUSE”

  1. Praveen Kunjapur

    Thank You Carlos :) Good Luck for your future endeavours :D

  2. I’m waiting the opening of the thread on the opensuse-marketing mailinglist from Martin regarding this subject to “teach” people how did I manage the ‘People of openSUSE’ interviews with tips & tricks to easily and quickly get the job done, though if anyone wants to contact me even before that thread feel free to contact me. Also if the marketing team allow me I will be keeping an eye on the PooS helping whenever I can.

    Sorry for have stopped those interview series – I had no spare time anymore to continue them but I can still watch them closely enough to help out. I hope you have all enjoyed, and am sure you will continue to enjoy after a new ‘People of openSUSE’ team get ready.

  3. http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-marketing/2009-02/msg00024.html

  4. Nolan

    Thank you, I love reading People of Opensuse, it has always been interesting and amusing.