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17. Feb 2009 | Thomas Schmidt | No License

This year Juergen and me (tom) went to FOSDEM to do the video recordings of the talks in the openSUSE developer room. Last year we had some problems with the sound quality, so this year we brought some more equipment, amongst others 2 head mics for the speakers, one mic for the audience, an 8 channel mixer and speakers for the audience.

I think the result is quite good, both the sound experience in the room and on the recordings. I am sorry for the delay of the recordings, but amongst other distractions my system harddisk decided to die during the video renderings. The recently discovered tool of choice for doing the post-processing is kdenlive which in version 0.7.2 is the best video tool I’ve used on linux.

**Talks Day 1: **

  • Welcome - openSUSE

  • Who can you trust?

  • openSUSE community

  • openSUSE Build Service overview

  • Collaboration in the openSUSE Build Service

  • Putting Cross Development Support into OBS

  • Create your own Linux Distribution

  • Creating customized openSUSE versions with SUSE Studio

  • Legal aspects of distribution development

  • Apport - Automatic Application Crash Reporting for openSUSE

**Talks Day 2: **

  • openSUSE education

  • Zypper - openSUSE’s command line software manager

  • Wine - the free Windows Emulator

  • MirrorBrain - Free CDN for Free Software Projects

  • openSUSE on Netbooks

  • YaST2 - Future Roadmap

  • openFATE - How to get your most wanted features into openSUSE

  • Architecture of Collaboration

  • Bits from your GNOME team (with build service fun inside!)

  • Putting the ‘open’ in openSUSE : Community-driven KDE development

The slides are linked from the FOSDEM09 wiki page, and the recordings are available as .ogg and flash video .

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