SUSE in LPAR on as400 Featuring openSIS

12. Mar 2009 | News Team | No License

openSIS is proud to announce that we are beginning construction of a Linux server on an IBM iSeries computer using a SUSE LPAR.  This is a joint venture proof of concept with one of IBM’s premier hardware resellers,  Mainline Information Systems. The goal of this effort is to demonstrate that openSIS and many of the other packages offered  in the openSUSE-Education project will be viable solutions that run natively on the IBM iSeries.

The proof of concept is designed to demonstrate the viability of openSIS and openSUSE on the iSeries platform, which runs an older green screen SIS (TERMs) for approximately half of Florida’s school districts.  If the proof of concept is successful, OS4Ed and Mainline will be positioned to offer Florida districts an alternative SIS that is free and modern and will run natively on the same hardware they use today.  This will allow these school districts to migrate to a modern web-based SIS with no licensing costs, no proprietary software licensing costs and no hardware costs.  Best of all, school IT personnel will not have to be retrained to support the hardware platform as it will remain the same.  This is very important during a time where Pearson School Systems is ending SasiXP support in 2010 and state budget cuts in the billions are being made.

Please stay tuned as we will post follow announcements and updates as we move forward with this exciting proof of concept.

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