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Planet SUSE DNS Troubles

March 20th, 2009 by

Stephan Binner reported on -announce that there’s a problem with the DNS for Planet SUSE at the moment. If you’re trying to reach Planet SUSE, you can still reach it at planet.opensu.se.

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6 Responses to “Planet SUSE DNS Troubles”

  1. This is sad. With the layoffs and stuff at Novell and now this?

    • Beineri

      Dunno why you mention Novell, the server and DNS entries are provided by the openSUSE community.

  2. @msian

    Planet SUSE is in no way owned nor managed by Novell. Credit goes to James Ogley for supporting and managing Planet SUSE in his own time while juggling his other personal commitments. Hopefully, this problem will resolve itself in short order.

    Finding ways to link everything that happens in this world to Novell’s recent internal decisions doesn’t help and ignores the fact that a community does, in fact, exist. It’s time we all started realizing that openSUSE is a community and Novell is indeed a major sponsor, but that does not in any way diminish the existence of the community.

  3. Not sure what one has do do with the other. Planet SUSE is maintained by the community – I just wanted to post that as a public service.

    • Chrysantine

      It’s posted on a Novell site so automatically all the trolls jump on it – you should just learn to ignore them.

  4. Beineri

    http://planetsuse.org has been renewed and works again. :-)