Next Steps for Google Summer of Code

7. Apr 2009 | News Team | No License

The Google Summer of Code application period ended last Friday, April 3rd. We’re now in the interim period until April 15th. The full timeline is available on Google’s site.

During this time, mentors will be reviewing student applications and ranking them. There’s still time for mentors to sign up, but mentors must be signed up by April 15th. Mentors should attend the openSUSE Project meeting this week if possible.

We should have all applications ranked and paired with a mentor (if applicable) by April 15th. If you’re interested in being a mentor, please be sure that you’re signed up to ( to discuss students and applications.

We’re also meeting in the #opensuse-soc channel on Freenode to discuss Google Summer of Code topics. If you have general GSoC questions, head over to #gsoc on Freenode. There’s usually a bunch of people in the room who can answer questions.

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