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7. May 2009 | News Team | No License

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The first openSUSE Community Week is just around the corner. May 11 through May 17 we’ll be hosting live sessions in IRC to help grow the openSUSE Community.

Community week is all about helping new contributors get started with openSUSE and getting existing contributors together to mentor new contributors, and working together on major projects.

We’ll be hosting a week of IRC tutorials, Q&A’s, and jam sessions on a number of topics. Learn to work with the testing/QA team, create packages, work with the openSUSE Build Service, help work on the wiki, or get involved with the GNOME and KDE teams. There’s something for everybody.

Schedule and Topics

The Community Week schedule is posted on the openSUSE Wiki. Each topic has its own schedule, and new sessions are still being added – so be sure to check the schedule throughout the week for new and exciting sessions.

If you have general project questions or aren’t sure where to go during Community Week, talk to us in #opensuse-project on Freenode. And, as always, questions about contributing to openSUSE are always welcome on the openSUSE Project mailing list.

Help with Community Week

Even if you’re not leading any sessions, you can still pitch in and help with Community Week. We need contributors to “staff” IRC channels to mentor new contributors, and to spread the word about openSUSE Community Week.

If you’d like to lead a session, there’s still time. Contact Zonker with a topic, abstract, and times you can hold sessions.

To mentor and answer questions, just show up! The more the merrier, so if you have some free time during the week, pop into IRC and lend a hand.

Spread the Word!

You can also help make Community Week a success by spreading the word. Blog about it, talk about it on Facebook, tell your friends and coworkers, get the word out however you can. You can also post a counter on your Web site or just link to the Community Week page.

If you’re on Twitter or, you can follow @opensuse and help spread the word by RT’ing our Community Week updates, and forward this announcement to anyone who might be interested in contributing. Every little bit helps!

Not feeling very creative? Just post the following on your blog:

**Join me for openSUSE Community Week** The openSUSE Project is running a Community Week from May 11 through May 17. Learn how to get involved with the openSUSE Project and become a contributor to openSUSE. You can help promote the use of Linux everywhere and help make openSUSE the best Linux distro for new and experienced Linux users. You don't have to be a developer to participate. We're looking for all kinds of contributors: writers, translators, artists, teachers, and (of course) developers to help shape the openSUSE Linux distribution. Learn more about openSUSE and Community Week at: [//](//

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