Moblin v2.0 Beta on openSUSE

19. May 2009 | News Team | No License

Today Intel and the Linux Foundation released a technology preview of the Moblin v2 beta, including the Moblin User Interface (UI) that is optimized for netbooks. To give a sneak preview of the future of Linux on mobile devices, the openSUSE Project is providing a preview release of the Moblin UI on top of openSUSE.

To get a feel for the Moblin UI, we’re providing installable ISO and USB images, as well as screenshots of the Moblin interface. As you can see from the screenshots, the new UI makes the most of the netbook form factor while providing a rich user interface that’s easy to use.

Installing openSUSE with the Moblin UI

This is not a final release, and should be considered a technology preview only. You should install this release only on a testing machine. At this time, the installer does not provide partitioning options. This will delete all data on the target machine’s hard drive. Repeat: THIS WILL DELETE ALL INFORMATION ON YOUR HARD DRIVE.

In addition to the installable images, we’ve also provided RPMs and Source RPMs (SRPMs), which are available on Novell Forge.

The current release is targeted at Intel Atom-based Netbooks and may or may not load properly on other hardware. However, for those users who do have compatible hardware, we wanted to provide this tech preview to give a chance to get hands-on access to Moblin v2 as it’s being developed.

For a look at the UI, hit the Flickr set or slideshow below:

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