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openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 2 Released

May 28th, 2009 by

The openSUSE Project is happy to announce the second milestone release for openSUSE 11.2 is ready for download. This release includes Firefox 3.5 beta 4, KDE 4.3 beta 1, GNOME 2.26, and hundreds of other updates from Milestone 1.

This is a Milestone Release, which means that it may not be suitable for production systems. This is one in a series of releases leading to the official openSUSE 11.2 release, scheduled for November 2009.

Screenshots of the 11.2 Milestone 2 release are available on the wiki.

Changes Since openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 1

A lot has changed since the 11.1 M1 release, with many packages being updated for 11.2. Some of the major changes in this release include:

  • The distribution is built with GCC 4.4
  • M2 uses the 2.6.30rc6 kernel
  • Live CDs include The GIMP
  • Default filesystem is Ext4
  • Firefox 3.5 beta 4
  • GNOME 2.26 packages and some preview packages from GNOME 2.27.1
  • KDE 4.3 beta 1
  • OpenOffice.org 3.1
  • VirtualBox 2.2.2

See the openSUSE Wiki for additional changes in 11.2 Milestone 2. You can see the latest packages in Factory on DistroWatch, which tracks 203 major packages.

Getting Milestone 2

The latest development versions are available from http://software.opensuse.org/developer/. Choose from x86 or x86-64 install DVDs or the KDE and GNOME Live CDs.


Help us make openSUSE 11.2 the best release yet! Please run the release through your usual routine, and let us know about any bugs or other issues that you find. Remember that this is a milestone release, and is not suitable for use on production systems.

Though many openSUSE users can and do use the Factory distribution and/or testing releases for day-to-day work we want to stress that it’s entirely possible that you will encounter serious bugs. See openSUSE.org/Testing for more information on Testing. To follow the testing and development process, we suggest that you subscribe to the openSUSE-Factory mailing list, and join the #openSUSE-Factory channel on Freenode to discuss openSUSE development.

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63 Responses to “openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 2 Released”

  1. Xil

    Cool, just wondering if http://lizards.opensuse.org/2009/05/04/factory-usb-images/ (USB image so much easier then dvd/cd) is not also Milestone 2 ?

    • ElCheVive


      You can extract the LiveCD iso to your FAT formated USB stick, copy the /boot/i386/loader/ contents to USB root and use it! (your USB stick should be bootable – use syslinux for this)


  2. jurgis

    is the systray fucked up on purpose??

  3. nebcanuck

    Wondering if the Intel problems experienced by Ubuntu and Mandriva are an issue here, too, because I can’t boot into the live CD. I get to the stage where Gnome should load, and then the cursor appears on a black screen, and it continues to “load” while flickering around. The screen seems to shut off and then come back on during the attempt to load.

    Experienced the same thing with Milestone 1. Was hoping it was just a minor issue solved in Milestone 2 but I’m wondering if it’s related to my Intel graphics chip?

    • Hi, I had the same problem with the Gnome Live CD. I think the problem is related to Desktop Effects. I downloaded the DVD, which has no Live CD option, but installing Gnome without the Desktop Effects packages did solve the problem of the busy cursor on a black screen. Hopw this helps you.


  4. Tahvok

    Now I see why i had 1337 packages to update ;)
    Thank you!

  5. wouterk

    The torrent:


    Is not working for me. I will try again later. I need a CD, because I can not burn DBD’s here. I also like the shorter download time. ;-)

    regards, wouter…

    • wouterk

      The torrent is working now for the KDE Live CD. Download is in the works. I’m not shure wether this is part of the Milestone evaluation process but this one is fixed.

  6. scott

    The easiest way to ensure quality is for all suse.de staff to actually use the interface that is opensuse GUI and almost remove the command prompt.
    Perhaps the GUI interface that we are developing should be the same as the GUI Interface developers/programers use themselves.
    However the use of the command prompt will need to be last not first resort.
    If we make this simple change, by the time we got to Beta1 we would probably cut down 50% of all production
    BUGS and save a huge amount in the cost of man-hours by the general community sending out a thousand bug reports.
    The notion that a software release happens on a time initiated basis, rather than further stability and more functional releases
    is a very strange way of managing software development.
    I have been working with software development projects all over the world since 1986 – 2005.
    I have never once seen software development run on a time initiated basis nor any future release performed by the same measure.

    Anyone else’s experience please???????????

  7. I had trouble with 11.1, because you had put “APCI” ON by default in 11.1.
    I have now tested the 11.2 live cd with KDE.
    It worked well, but I had to put off the APCI cause I Sterten demo. On a demo is this good. But in 11.1 so I did the same before I started the installation of 11.1, but when it was out of the black screen to configure the hardware, so it appeared as if APCI was switched on again! for the stop where the “kernel panic” I hope therefore that you put off APCI as standard, so you did with 11.0.
    I use this 11.0 today and had no problem with getting it installed, or to use it. It is my very happy with. But I hope that I can install 11.2 when it is finished! PS: APCI set off by default in 11.2

  8. David Gurvich

    Thinkpad X30 with the i830 intel graphics chip only works with ‘NoAccel’ option. Cannot resume from suspend. Result is either a hard lock if done from KDE or a working system with black screen when done with drm module unloaded.

    For the short amount of time that I can see KDE4.3 it looks good. Networkmanager is awful. Kinternet works well. No other issues that I’ve noticed unrelated to intel graphics.

  9. Kyle

    I would love to run suse as an amazon ec2 image. 11.1 is not compatible with it. Is 11.2 compatible? I’d love to see someone upload a 64 bit ec2 image to amazon for public use.


    • Chris

      Wont happen until Amazon get their asses up and update their xen environment so it gets compatible with newer kernels.

  10. DAn

    Just cant wait to load it up. 11.2 bring it on.

  11. Mario

    I would like if the gnome developers take a look at the mintMenu as an option or replacement to the default menu,http://www.linuxmint.com/rel_gloria_whatsnew.php. I always found that the suse gnome menu option of showing applications takes too much screen space. By looking at the samples they provide on that link, it looks like they got the application list integrated inside the menu, instead of popping as an external window. Their behavior will use less screen state, and will be more consistent even with Kicker for those that use (and switch) desktops frequently.

  12. slk021

    Just like wouterk said, I have some peers but cant download either GNOME or KDE4 Live CD

    Other torrents work fine


  13. Deanjo

    Seriously, you want some good feedback on the development builds, then AT LEAST get packman to build the restricted format 1 click packages.

  14. SLK021

    Just like wouterk said, torrents for Live CD (GOME and KDE) dont work. I got some peers but no u/d.
    Other work on my setup.


  15. Docent

    Is it plans to include Xen 3.4?

  16. s.illes79

    Is the Sony Vaio FW brigthness problem fixed?

  17. Anonymous

    uf, that Sonar theme is terrible, especially dark menus.

  18. Bender

    As i’ve been downloading 11.1 M2 in the morning i’ve discovered that the torrents are unregistered. I used webseed and aria2c to actually download the images (don’t know why but aria2c didn’t download completely M2 image), also i think that the delta iso for the 64 bit iso is broken. I confirmed the images of the delta and the 066 Build with md5 and sha1 sums but the resulting image always differed from the original. So don’t download the delta iso for 64 bit 11.2 M2.

    Also i can’t test M2 since it doesn’t boot from LVM ;(

  19. scott

    Whilst I was reviewing my own open Bugs – I came across a regular user, the type of person who just wants to install OpenSuse and just use it.
    His LAN, I presume at work, does not offer ANY DHCP Services at all. Mr regular user just wanted to assign a static IP and have it work.
    After the online update phase of OpenSuse 11.1 failed – and right away we all know why, Mr user persisted with the installation.
    He then worked out it is not possible to assign a static IP via IFUP.
    He then changed this is Yast to be Network Manager.
    Yast was all greyed out as we all know in 11.1
    Mr user then installed Network Manager, except no one told him it had to be KDE3 Network Manager to work.
    The correlation between KDE4 Desktop and Network Manager (KDE4) was obvious, however KDE4 Network Manager does not work yet. We still use KDE3 Network Manager.
    After de-installing KDE4 Network Manager, KDE3 Network Manager was installed.
    Then Mr user attempted to assign a static IP, Mr user filled in all the correct addresses, but still it did not work.
    The field groups of 3 Numeric Characters do not align properly in KDE3 Network Manager.
    KDE3 Network Manager fields require a leading space character, if the field in not 3 Numeric characters.
    He then opened a Bug report and due to the lack of a very eloquent English, he described using Yast Managed by Network Manager as Read Only.
    A needinfo was placed on the bug and someone asked an absurd question that had nothing to do with Mr users problem.
    The expression of Read Only was not recognised as meaning Yast was greyed out by Network Managers selection
    Mr user user replied to the needinfo and removed the needinfo and nothing happened for weeks – no reply – no help.
    Mr user then threw OpenSuse 11.1 DVD in the trash.
    This is where I saw the still open bug report and I took over the bug and offered help to fix this problem.
    Mr user thought I was from OpenSuse and whilst his reply to me was civil, make no mistake Mr user just told me he threw the DVD in the trash and did not want anything to do with it.
    He then asked me
    How do I realistically answer his question.
    Whilst most of us reading this could easily fix this situation.

    If OpenSuse 11.2 comes out with the outrageous number of bugs in 11.0-11.1 – the only people using the software will be ourselves.
    To put the Open Source Product in perspective – That software should be freely available to anyone.

    The only problem is, we, the people reading this text, are probably the only people who can figure out ow to use the software!

    • ac

      strange…. Everytime I install Opesuse 11.1 i can assign a static IP address during the setup… I dont select automatic configuration though.

      • Nicholas Hester

        I had a horrible time with 11.0 and 11.1 as far as the network manager. Mostly failed if I tried using my wired connection or out of suspend.

        Started having issues with dhcp as the network manager for KDE3 uses a different dhcp client than KDE4. Big problem as the KDE4 was using the correct suse dhcp client but wanted the other newer client sometimes not installed to do the request.

        Other times it was horrible dns issues.

        Most often it was just the inability to connect to a fully open network that worked previously the last boot.

        I haven’t used Suse since and unless bugs and quality seen before in previous releases. I will find a new linux distro the next os load.

  20. fabdo

    Good work! I love the Milestone 2 Live-CD. KDE looks great and everything is working.

  21. dr.notoo

    All your comments are superb reading material. A compliment to `comment by Scott´. Now I know why I never managed to get 11.1 going proper. I had to back down to 10.3 again. However a Linux enthusiast never gives up. I just ordered a tuition course by CBT Nuggets. I’ll go thru it and once I’ll get smarter I’ll switch off to a Linux system that works proper. dr.notoo

  22. q

    Suse have on bug which come since 10.2 version (may be since earlier versions)… The sound recorded with intel ICH 6 Realtek AC’97 Audio hardware(via microphone) is noisy. This is very ugly bug… Please remove this bug.

  23. m

    Kernel Headers included in this milestone aren’t for this kernel! If somebody have right version, please post link here, because i need them for installing Nvidia drivers.

  24. docduke

    I have an MSI K9A2 Platinum motherboard, which contains a Promis T3 controller, which can mount independent drives or do softare RAID. SuSE versions as late as 11.0 are unable to find the drives attached to that controller. (This is also true of many other Linuces!) SuSE 11.2 Milestone 2 can now find and access that drive! Well done!

    Generally, the 11.2 M1 KDE Live CD looks nice, and seems fully functional, though I have not yet figured out what that curly thing in the top right corner is supposed to do! In keeping with its essentially alpha status, I have found some problems, and reported them as Bugs 508554 and 508559. Thanks for your hard work and excellent results!

  25. dutchkind

    I also had a problem with the live gnome cd on a system with an Intel 965 graphics card, install hung at xserver start. A text mode install was the only option, but then a restart after the finished install gave the same problem. Booted into failsave and run sax2 and disabled 3D. This solved the problem and right now type this from 11.2

  26. I brought down the latest, openSUSE-DVD-Build0116-i586.iso, BUT after installation it signs on as 11.2 milestone 1 and with kernel 2,6,29.6. Did I get the wrong file?? Or were the names not changed to protect the guilty?? I haven’t seen any other complaints about this so I am presuming that it is just me. So which is the correct file??

    • Got more info but still haven’t figured out how to edit a comment that I left. So a reply to myself:
      OS Information
      OS: Linux 2.6.29-6-pae i686
      Current user: ctaylor@dhcppc2
      System: openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 1 (i586)
      KDE: 4.2.2 (KDE 4.2.2) “release 2″
      The above is from clicking on Computer and then copying the info. As you can see, it is not the latest, latest.
      I am an old man that has become a little kid again. I signed on to here, left the previous comment, decided I needed more info, ReStarted machine, booted into 11.2, got the extra info above, ReStarted again, booted back into 11.1 and then back to here. I was still logged on!! We old folks get excited about little things. :-)
      One other item. The display. Have a Sony SDM-HS95P 19” LCD. For some reason, in the previous versions of SuSE, the X screen was offset to the right by about two or three characters width. Had to use the monitor physical controls to move it over. This made the initial text boot screens off to the left by the same amount. Now with the latest SuSE and the Plasma screens it is offset the other way. So, it appears that the latest system will let me set my screen up “Normally”.

  27. nima

    Hi does any one know it’s Atheros (mad wifi) fix problem or any one installed this version on fujitsu-siemens v5545 Laptop ?

  28. scott

    I read with interest about V 11.2 and its new localisation tools and translations from English and I see all localisation translation teams hard at work translating ‘Traditional English’

    Without stating the obvious, what is the OpenSuse definition of ‘Traditional English’
    I hope we will be able to set a localisation for the many forms of traditional English in this project.

    As far as a definition for ‘Traditional English’ goes I can only assume this refers to ‘The Oxford English Dictionary’

    If we have the ability to have multiple English Translation PO Files we can them include American English and OZ English and other derivations.

    If we can only have 1 ‘Traditional English’ Translation File – I can only begin to image which ‘English’ and more importantly how we spell ‘English’ words, we will finally end up having – and this single argument of having to choose which single ‘Traditional English’ we use, and more importantly, how we spell the ‘Traditional English’ could go on for years.

    If my worst fears are realised, and we can only have 1 single ‘Traditional English Source’ let the debate begin as we all may be in agreement by 2038

  29. Naudotojas

    I would like to see OpenSUSE faster, especially wile booting. The Ubuntu community has worked well in it with 32 bit version ;) (but x86_64 bit Ubuntu 9.04 version is slower then 32 bit version, especially in booting :/ )

  30. Naudotojas

    And booting time from OpenSUSE 11.2M2 Gnome Live CD is too long…

  31. Wilbert van Bakel

    Last night I installed M2 and it looks promising.
    But I haven’t been able to install the nVidia video driver, I’m missing *-obj headers.
    Would you provide with information of how to install nVidia drivers, please?

    • m

      You must install “kernel-syms” (with dependences).

      • Wilbert van Bakel

        Thank you very much, I did find the *-syms package last night, but I still can’t compile the nVidia kernel module, yet.

        • m

          Do you have kernel-headers and kernel-source installed? Which version of Nvidia drivers are you trying to install? (maybe that version can’t be installed with 2.6.30 kernel)

        • Wilbert van Bakel

          I got it sorted out, earlier I noticed that m2 started updating an amazing amount of software.
          That was unexpected and after this update I couldn’t install nVidia. I still have that partition available
          Today I did a fresh installation on another partition from the live CD (Gnome) and no update occured. Now the nVidia installation finished with success after I installed the *-syms and gcc packages.

  32. Fritz

    I downloaded 11.2 (build 0116-i686) on a LiveCD for my Dell Dimension 2400, because I wanted to check if it would work on it. I couldn’t install 11.1 on it (11.0 works fine, however). Thus far, I’ve tried installing it twice. I’ve had to install in ‘failsafe’ mode, because it hangs on the original settings. Once past that, it continues OK for awhile. Documentation needs to be fixed — the first screen isn’t what the doc says it is (shows a block with 3 lines openSUSE Project, Community Support, and Build Service, with a ‘close x’ at the bottom right). If the screens aren’t supposed to match the doc, then they should say so.

    Then at the top of the screen, it showed 3 icons, one of which was Live Installer. I clicked on it, and selected ‘Open.’ It asked for a password. I used my YAST root password, but it wouldn’t take it. Finally a blank password worked — should be documented.

    It partitioned my drive, and started installation. I found that if I didn’t move the mouse about every minute, the mouse lost focus. It was if all the mouse communication was backing up in a buffer somewhere. When I didn’t move the mouse for about two minutes, my system froze — completely hosed. The CAPS LOCK and SCROLL LOCK keys were blinking at about a one Hertz rate.

    I rebooted and restarted reinstallation. This time I kept moving the mouse about every minute and we got past “Copying Live Image to Hard Disk.” I got as far as probing the hardware. I got a message that my screen might flicker for awhile. It did, but the installation never came back. Again my system froze. I’d like to report a successful install, but that’s as far as I’ve been able to go. I’ll give it another try in a couple of days.

  33. Fritz

    I just entered a comment about installing openSUSE 11.2 and when I hit the Spam protection panel, it said, what I’ve quoted below:

    Spam protection: Sum of o-ne + s-ix ?

    I entered “7” (without the quotes), and received the error message: Error: You have entered the wrong sum in the spam protection field. Press the back button and try again.

    Then I entered “seven” (without the quotes), and received the same: Error: You have entered the wrong sum in the spam protection field. Press the back button and try again.

    Next, I entered “1+6” without the quotes, and still received: Error: You have entered the wrong sum in the spam protection field. Press the back button and try again.

    Then I started entering, “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, without the quotes. It let me send my comment at “5”.

    I really don’t like playing games. I’m trying to send comments that will help get openSUSE 11.2 into the field with as few problems as possible. I’d like to see your Spam protection system work a little better. This time the Spam protection says: Spam protection: Sum of f-ive + n-ine ? Let me see what works.

    • scott

      Fritz – you did nothing wrong – The SPAM protection appears to cycle the same questions, however the cycle is large. When ever the SPAM protection presents the o-ne + s-ix question not matter what answer you give it – It will not permit any posting. In this case, copy and save your comment some where else and leave it for a few hours. You will probably get a different SPAM protection number. Provided it is not the ‘of o-ne + s-ix’ question it will work – Its just a bug – Its not you my friend :-)

    • Actually … what happened was a time out. I have had the same thing happen … many times. Start a comment or reply and get interrupted or side tracked and it gets delayed. Come back to finish it and the “Sum” is no longer valid. You must copy your response, do a refresh of the screen, put in the “New Sum” that will be requested, and everything is hoky doky. No need for any frustrations. We are all just having fun and this is one of the little items that keeps us all safe and honest. :-)
      Have a Good Day,

  34. jonas

    tried to install milestone 2 on an acer laptop extensa 5220 (cel 1.7ghz x3100) and it won’t even boot up after install. kernel panic….

  35. Senthil Nachimuthu

    Looks neat. Congratulations!

    Does this bug have a chance of getting fixed before the final release? https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=400710

    This has been broken since OpenSuse 11.0, and it’s been preventing many people including me from connecting to work via VPN. If this one isn’t fixed in 11.2, I might have to throw in the towel and go back to OS X or Windows.

    Thanks in advance!

  36. Great work! I hope you can improve the lizard button in the taskbar, I used to love the old one when OpenSUSE had KDE 3.

  37. Nikola

    It won’t even boot here. It just shows a black screen after it has been loading, and yes, i am using a CD.

  38. I replied to my own comment above to give some clarification and maybe I gave the impression that it was fixed or corrected. It isn’t, so I’ll ask again in case one of the developers reads these comments and might have an answer.

    I downloaded the latest build, openSUSE-DVD-Build0116-i586.iso. As far as I can see it is NOT really Milestone 2 NOR does it have the new kernel. This was supposed to be released 28 May 09 and I brought it down on 29 May 09. Did I get a not finished copy OR was it accidentally the wrong file or what?? (See the comment above for the messages that I got. Thanks.)
    Have fun,

  39. Octavio R

    There is a problem when you try to install with a usb keyboard and usb mouse.
    The problem is on the first screen with a usb keyboard you cannot choose any option. The keyboard not respond to let you choose anything.
    Because the first option is “Boot from hard disk” you can’t install and finish running your old OS. This is a very bad problem when you try to install and use a new hard disk with nothing on it.

  40. profromdover

    Did a test install of milestone 2 went smooth but it will not connect to wireless network WPA2 (personal). Router shows connection but network manager does not complete the connection. Atheros.

  41. Hank

    installed just fine, however it wants me to set up update repositories, but errors out each time. the “configure one now” will show a repository and finish but then kde puts up a notice asking to configure one again, and the repository is blank…this one errors our on looking for either a key file or key site (key being in the name). love the new look and feel, and it seems faster on my old gateway 675 laptop than 11.1 did.

  42. Jens

    Please times a pure KDE version without gtk applications.Audio backend gestreamer please not in KDE!

  43. Fritz

    I submitted a comment on 6/03, and the configuration of my Dell 2400 is the same, so I won’t waste anymore space covering that. I tried another complete install from the LiveCD. I received a message that I have less than 1 GB RAM (I have 768 MB). A little later during the installation, a window popped up that said “Error activating KDB configuration. If you report the situation as a bug, please include — the result of xprop -root | grep XKB and — the result of gconftool -z -R /desktop/gnove/peripherals/keyboard/kbd” (However, I can’t get to these since I can’t get past installation).

    Shortly thereafter, I got a window asking to reboot. I chose to reboot and it came back in 1024 x 768 mode, showing “Preparing 1st System Configuration.” A windows showing the system would now probe graphics card. The system reverted to an 80-wide text screen and a number of messages flew by, but so fast that I wasn’t able to read, let alone copy them. Then the monitor went blank and my system hung. The hard drive LED flickered about once a second, as if a log file was being created. However, I couldn’t get the keyboard/mouse to do anything.

    I rebooted and chose failsafe mode. A window popped up saying the previous installation failed, did I want to continue? I chose “yes.” It came up in 1024 x 768 mode and showed it was working on automatic configuration. When it got to probing the graphics card, it hung my system again.

    Since the LiveCD part of the installation works at 1024 x 768 already, I’d like the developers to let me bypass the probing the graphics card until the completion of installation. Something has changed between openSUSE 11.0 and 11.1/11.2, because my Dell 2400 installed and works fine with openSUSE 11.0. Can someone check what has changed? Unless I can install 11.1/11.2 on my Dell 2400, I’m going to have to install Ubuntu or some other version of Linux that works. I’d prefer to stay with openSUSE, because I also have a Dell 8300 that runs openSUSE 11.1 flawlessly.

  44. Anonymous Coward

    M2 is very promising. The default KDE4 works great. Time to say goodbye to KDE3… Keep up the good work!

  45. Heinrich Mueller

    Congratulations! Grateful work. openSUSE 11.2 M2 is a huge step, it’s great, fast and easy to use. M2 is also a good way to use up to date applications and to close the long gaps between the 9 months release cycles.

    Since 1985 I have used every available OS as well as suse-linux since 1997. There is no need anymore to use windows for standard applications. Sooner or later special applications will be at least available for unix too.

    I’m not very pleased to see, that children have to use windows in school. In schools they don’t know any other operating system than windows as well as no other office package than msoffice. In this way schools and teachers mutate to an one of the most important dealer channel for microsoft- with long term effects.

  46. ihsan ali

    openSUSE-KDE4-LiveCD-Build0116-x86_64 network manager plasmoid dont connect wifi…
    my laptop is acer aspire 5720
    netvork cart is intel 3945abg

    networkmanager plasmoid is chops are prompted for a password…

  47. Colin meech

    Any suggestions for a firefox 3.5 install that keeps simply not running? The error message only flashes up for 0.1s, so impossible to catch. un-install / re-install has fixed it once, but now it’s gone again.

  48. Francis

    Installs on giga 78g (ati hd3200) went smothly – looks good – problems with sax2 (I think) -Xorg config is updated for radeon driver but glxinfo says mesa driver used and no dri
    I am new to suse – Is there another config file other than on /etc

  49. Dich

    Hi folks,
    did anyone realized that milestones 4 and 5 are only 3 days apart ?
    Are you going to add anything significant within these three days ?