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8. Aug 2009 | Sascha Manns | No License

Hello Readers. The Weekly News editorial Team is pleased to announce, that we have made some changes.

  • We publish the Weekly News each Saturday after proofreading.
  • News.o.o: We want the news out in as many languages as possible, but do not want to delay the news in any language waiting for all to be ready. Therefore, as soon as the English language news is ready it will be published. And, we will provide a link to the translated news which will follow when completed.
  • No Deadlines: the translation teams have no deadline, and will therefore publish the translated news “if its ready”.
  • Content: The English language newsletter includes news topics from many Sources. Lifting their deadlines allows the translation teams to localize their newsletter.

For all readers it means that we publish the Weekly News if its ready. And we plan to make it more colorful, so if you have proposals, ideas or interesting blogs, feel free to post to us. Our email adresses are and

We hope our readers enjoy the improved Weekly News. Special thanks goes to Satoru Matsamoto, Sebastian Schöbinger and  Carl Fletcher who helps us with the English language Newsletter.

Thanks your Editorial Team.

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