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Vote for the openSUSE DVD Cover

November 5th, 2009 by

openSUSE 11.2 is scheduled to be officially released in about a week (give or take a few hours…) and, as usual, we’re gearing up to press a bunch of media for shows and the ambassadors.

Typically Novell has created the artwork for the openSUSE DVDs, but this time around we had some really interesting and creative input from openSUSE contributors. Want to help choose the cover? Check out the entries and vote on your favorite!

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6 Responses to “Vote for the openSUSE DVD Cover”

  1. Hi

    There seems to be some problems with the Website. Are there alternative sites where we can see the other contributions?

  2. beavis

    No option for none of the above?

    They are all ugly.

  3. Kossak

    The 3rd one is the one with a professional look, IMHO.
    The others are still not bad.

  4. Eddie

    I have choosed first because of linux motto: freedom,community etc

  5. Zoli

    ..why do we have gome screenshot on the second if the defauld gui is kde? :\

  6. Cypher

    Actually… none of them. The first one is ugly, and the other two show GNOME desktop/application… The default is KDE, so KDE should be present on the covers.