Update on openSUSE Board Election

3. Dec 2009 | Andreas Jaeger | No License

For the current 2009 election of the openSUSE board, we have three seats for election and three candidates running unopposed. As our existing election rules did not anticipate this scenario, the Election Committee has made the following decision:

The seats up for election include one Novell-employed position and two non-Novell-employed positions. Pavol Rusnak is running for the Novell-employed seat and Rupert Horstkötter and Bryen M Yunashko are running for the non-Novell seats.

The election committee will declare the candidates as elected by end of Monday, 7th of December, if nobody else steps up in the respective group to run for the election. Otherwise we will have an election in that group.

This means that if further candidates for the non-Novell seats declare candidacy, we will do an election for these two seats - and if further candidates for the Novell seat step up, we run an election for that one seat - and if candidates for both step up, we elect all seats.

So, here’s the final call: If you’re happy with the three candidates, thank them - and if not, step up and declare your candidacy by announcing it on opensuse-project@opensuse.org and election-officials@opensuse.org. You can find more information on candidacy and the election in general here.

The Election committee is also open for comments on the election before the December 7th deadline when the Election Committee will declare and certify the winners.

We’d like to thank Bryen, Rupert and Pavol for stepping up and volunteering to serve on the openSUSE board. For next election the election committee will adapt the rules to cover cases like this one.

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