openSUSE Build Service Integrates with to reach 150,000 contributors

17. Dec 2009 | News Team | No License

Today Frank Karlitschek, maintainer of the network, announced that the first step of integration with is complete. Effective immediately, developers can add their Build Service ID to projects on, and all packages available from the openSUSE Build Service will automatically show up on the pages.

The sites include,,,, and The network reaches more than 150,000 registered contributors, and has more than 90 million page views per month from 2 million unique visitors. This is an excellent opportunity for the openSUSE Build Service to reach a much wider audience and deliver on the goal of providing packages for all major Linux distributions.

The integration solves a problem for users in that applications on are often available only as source or binaries for a limited number of Linux distributions. We want to worktogether with and other organizations to make the openSUSE Build Service a tool to build and provide packages for all major Linux distributions.

The work between and the openSUSE Project has been in progress for several months. Plans are also in the works to allow upload directly from Qt-Create or KDevelop to the openSUSE Build Service and

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