Call for Volunteers in the German Wiki

9. Feb 2010 | Sascha Manns | No License

some of you have noticed, that we’re making a Cleanupsession in the German Wiki. Old Articles are to be deleted, other just to updated. Now we have created a new QA-Set with declarations of Styles, Formatting and Templates. All of this means many things to do. So we’re making an Call for Volunteers. This Guys who would like to read the new QAs, could read the there: // Also a new thing is our new Sublist for Wiki Communication. You can subscribe this List with:

All who wants to participate our Project can post it in this List. On this place we held upcoming coordinations.

What’s the next? First we try to creating an temp. Wiki Team specially for this Project.

At last i can say: “It would be great, if many hands are helping”.

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Tags: opensuse

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