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22. Feb 2010 | News Team | No License


we previously put a lot of efforts into encouraging the community to contribute to our Wiki Usability Concept for both the English and the German Wiki, i.e. to participate in the Reviewing Process of currently existing pages in order to provide the best openSUSE documentation resources possible. That said, a lot has been done since we started this initiative and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone already involved for their hard work. It’s awesome to see the engagement of both wiki- and forum members coming together in working for a better openSUSE wiki .. great community spirit!

But still, there’s a lot to do and we urgently need even more engaged community members to participate in our efforts in order to complete the Reviewing Process in a reasonable timeframe. Contributing into support- and documentation resources of openSUSE actually is just as important as contributing in a developing capacity actually is. That said, we’d like to honor your work with the Reviewing (past, present and future) and I therefore announce that every community volunteer contributing to our Reviewing efforts for both the English and the German Wiki will receive ..

  • openSUSE Cap for 10
  • openSUSE Shirt for 20
  • openSUSE 11.2 Box Product for 30 reviewed pages
  • Chumby for MVP (see below)

After completing the whole Reviewing for both the English and the German wiki, the MVP, i.e. that particular community member with the very most reviewed pages will receive a special prize to honor his/her engagement, a Chumby. Certainly, if the MVP isn’t easily identified, we’ll find a work-around for that situation too. While I hope that this goes without saying, please do your reviewing with care (our goal is to come up with something awesome) .. “free-riding” certainly won’t be honored, our efforts are very important to the success of the openSUSE Project.

OK, in order to get started, please have a look at the Transition Guidelines[1a/b] and the Transition Tables[2a/b] for the English and the German Wiki respectively:

[1a] [//en.opensuse.org/Transition_Guidelines#Step_1:_Articles_review](//en.opensuse.org/Transition_Guidelines#Step_1:_Articles_review) [1b] //en.opensuse.org/Transition_list_table [2a] [//de.opensuse.org/Transition_Guidelines#Schritt_1:_Artikel_sichten](//de.opensuse.org/Transition_Guidelines#Schritt_1:_Artikel_sichten) [2b] //de.opensuse.org/Übertragungsliste

Feel free to participate either in the English or the German Reviewing or both, that’s up to you. Subscribing to the opensuse-wiki and/or opensuse-wiki-de mailing lists is recommended here in order to sync/keep in touch with the existing Wiki teams. Also joining the IRC channels #opensuse-wiki and/or #opensuse-wiki-de on irc.freenode.net would be appreciated for the very same purpose.

Please send an email to Rupert Horstkötter once you think you qualified for one of the prizes listed above (that certainly applies to all efforts since we started the whole Reviewing initiative .. past, present and future contributions). Special thanks goes to both open-slx and Novell for supporting this.

Thanks a lot in advance, R

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