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openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 114 is out!

March 13th, 2010 by

news Issue #114 of openSUSE Weekly News is now out!

  • Sascha Manns: Geeko wants you: Weekly News Team searches for new Translators
  • Cornelius Schumacher: Are you up for a new challenge in the SUSE Studio team?
  • Richard Bos: Build your own Google Earth rpm
  • TuxRadar: The newbie’s guide to hacking the Linux kernel
  • Andrew Wafaa: Community Discussion – Part1

For a list of available translations see this page:


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One Response to “openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 114 is out!”

  1. CS

    If anyone is able to set-up a SAMBA Server to work with a common workgroup NO DC,then Domain,then Domain DC.. using only the GUI tools in Yast, System Settings and Dolphin somewhere in that great. It does not work! How we end up with our own written GUI which still fails today is beyond me.

    How we end up with a Display that declares Read Only, when in fact a directory is RW, and God help anyone using Yast to create a NEW shared Directory via the GUI because if your create a new newly directory it belongs to root.Just hw you going to share that one
    The ‘defaults’ button on all displays does not function, You cannot change, edit, modify, edit the default in ANY SAMBA printer via GUI.

    If the developers will actually use the desktop they release in their day to day work environment, bugs would not even get to beta. This also means NO command prompt usage, you have all the GUI tools a user has…See if you can function, using only the desktop functions and tools we give the market as release. Its clear NO developer ever uses our product on a day to day