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openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 5: The Community Strikes Back

April 14th, 2010 by

Milestone 5 (of 7), a snapshot of the Factory “work in progress” build, leading up to openSUSE 11.3 release in July, is now available for download.

M5 was marked by significant contributions from both the openSUSE Community, and the larger Linux community.  We’ve added some interesting new packages, made some updates to core processes, and participated in a coordinated multi-distribution upgrade of a major multimedia component.  Over 50 bugs were fixed and 8 new features were implemented.

Warning: The media cannot be installed on 64-bit x86-64 systems due to  Bug #595545.  Also if you update with zypper dup to current factory, wait until the next rebuild is finished, for details see Bug #595545.

Release News:

System Administrators:


Multimedia Authors:

GUI Users:

Mobile Users:


Testing! Testing! Testing!

As this is a milestone release, 11.3 M5 does contain bugs that we know about, but should not stand between courageous contributors and release testing. Some of the most critical bugs are listed on the wiki.

Get Milestone 5 Today!

Get openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 5 now!

What are you waiting for? Grab the milestone release from software.opensuse.org/developer today!

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54 Responses to “openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 5: The Community Strikes Back”

  1. Eliasse Diaite

    Hi Guys,

    There is a problem with 64 Bit installation DVD. The process stop with an error message about memory access. Could you please suggest a solution to that issue?

    Thanks a lot for the job being done.

  2. Total

    1. KDE 4.4.1 or 4.4.2?
    2. sax2 still not working like in openSuse M4?

  3. misGnomer

    FYI openSUSE-GNOME-LiveCD-Build0556-x86_64.iso.torrent gives me “Not available – unregistered torrent”


  4. LXX


  5. LXX

    I also have a problem with the 64 bit DVD. I get “ERROR” after the hardware check. Any ideas?

  6. eet

    Until now, I haven’t been able to boot up any single one of the Milestone releases; on 3 machines (Core2Duo, Athlon64 + Via Nano C5) and not either on a VirtualBox-VM.

    I fear for this release.

    • Eliasse Diaite

      That is funny. You seem to be the single user having that problem. Even with the broken 64 Bit DVD the boot process was flawless on my Core2Duo machine.You can anyway update the system using the factory-snapshot repository.

      Have a lot of fun….

      • Anonymous

        That isn´t funny. He isn´t only one person which have this issue. Many users has/had similar experiences, especially in virtual machines.

      • AlbertoP

        Indeed it’s not funny. Same problem on similar machine here with m4 and previous…

    • Andreas Jaeger

      eet, booting works for many. could you file a bugreport, please? My GNOME i586 LiveCD install inside KVM worked.

  7. Andrew

    How about working on KDE 4.5 Beta’s and RC for 11.3, this will make the upgrade to KDE 4.5 easier a month after th release. KDE 4.4.x might be more stable but this way no remastered ISO will need to be created in the future and 11.3 will have the latest and greatest of everything :)

    • Eliasse Diaite

      That is not a good idea, gentleman. Users always expect a final release of a distribution with mature software basis. When KDE 5 is release it will still eventually buggy. As you know it is possible to grad it from OBS repositories.

      • Andrew

        openSUSE 11.3 GM July 8th & public release July 15th…. KDE 4.5 not KDE 5 RC1 release June 23rd & RC2 July 7th & public release August 4th. I know when KDE 4.5 is released that I’ll be upgrading, and after my experiences with openSUSE 11.2 upgrading from KDE 4.3.1 to 4.4.x i would be happier with a non final release of KDE with this release because i know the final release is only 1 month away and the feature set would be greater. This is only my option thats all :)

  8. PhillipS

    Thanks for Netbeans 6.8 – working 100%
    Running 100% inside VirtualBox 3.1.6 (quad-core)
    Guest add-ons not 100% as MousePointer do not move outside borders (have to right-control)
    Can browse the Windows Workgroup Network – 100%
    Cannot install MySQL 5.5.4 m4

  9. PhillipS

    Running 11.3 milestone 5
    Cannot get the latest glibc-2.8.90 installed as per “software search”
    Keeps on reverting back to 2.11
    Requiry getting better version as MySQL 5.1.45GA and 5.5.4 requires glibc 2.3
    Any advice – thank you in advance

    • Andreas Jaeger

      glibc 2.11 is newer than 2.8.90, and many packages need the new version. glibc 2.3 is a minimal requirement and fullfilled with glibc 2.11.

      • PhillipS

        My apology, not sure where my mind was – 2.08 is before 2.11
        I am back to MySQL not installing using YAST.
        Will post under new heading…

  10. obiwan

    Great to see that you guys have included nouveau into openSUSE, and that KMS integration
    for Intel and Nvidia graphics is coming. Thanks!

    But could you show the poor ATI users also some love and provide KMS also for them?
    (running on a x86-64 system here, so I cannot check whether anything changed since milestone 4)

    • Bobby

      I don’t know if nouveau is a blessing or curse because I am still living in graphic driver hell :(

      • obiwan

        I hope that this is going to be sorted out soon.

        Nouveau is still in staging, but it already works pretty well in Fedora 13, so
        we may expect it to ultimately work also in openSUSE.

        Sticking to the old nv driver wouldn’t have made sense for 11.3 imo. The
        development of nv has been officially discontinued by Nvidia.

      • Graham

        I found that I had to change the graphic resolution to 1024 x 748 at installation time in the options line at the bottom of the screen. If I left the graphics resolution at 1600 x whocares, then I had no graphics screen, just snow and scrambled rubbish.

  11. Sauntor

    I wonder if the problem that eclipse IDE didn’t work well had been solved?

  12. Bobby

    I did an upgrade from 11.3 M4 to M5 but the desktop didn’t start up. I reinstalled the nvidia driver which showed up in xorg.conf but KDE still doesn’t start up, Only in safe mode.
    Any ideas?

  13. Mir_ppc

    oh de joy. just when i was praising 11.3 last night on the chat with albertop and some other people jestesl had to mention that its prebeta and make break. well they did it with this milestone. its more unstable than a 100ft deck of cards in a wind tunnel. works fine until you try and use it.

    • Bobby

      That#s why I always emphasize that it’s a BETA software and not suitable for everyday use – only for testing! M4 was really stable and nice but beta is beta.

      • Mir_ppc

        Its not a beta, its not even an Alpha. so i am using it expecting some major kinks and bugs.

        The thing i am annoyed at the most is the fact that when i open the Konsole (11.3 Milestoe 5 KDE liveCD x32)it closes immediatly. if i could make a bug report on it i would but i see no quick “report bugs” link on this page so i wont take the effort to try and hunt it down. i have more importiant things to do.

        • A N O'Ther

          If you have more important things to do, why are you even trying to use a milestone build? You don’t have time to file bug reports but apparently plenty of time to complain here.

  14. LXX

    I’m not a hacker and if I can’t install it, I can’t test it. 11.3 has not yet given me a clean install and M5 is the worst. Even SuseLinux 9 and 10 weren’t this bad. Come on guys I know you work hard at it but please get it together. My impression is that you are pushing it too hard and too fast.

  15. I found 11.3 Milestone5 tricky to install on my sandbox PC (an old athlon-1100 w/1GB RAM and nVidia FX5200), but eventually succeeded. I documented my fun here: http://forums.opensuse.org/2153270-post34.html … Hence M5 has some installation rough edges that I’m looking forwarded to seeing smoothed in the next couple of milestone releases.

    I also booted the liveCD to a Dell Studio 1537 lapatop w/Radeon HD3450 graphics. xorg automatically selected/used open source radeon graphic driver, which in 11.3 M5 gave 3D/special desktop effects for the 1st time (that did not work for me in 11.2 with open source driver). A patch to the 2.6.34 kernel in 11.3 M5 also meant the Intel Pro Wireless 5300AGN in 11.3 M5 works better than in any previous openSUSE release. Its nice to see wireless improvements

    Well done in moving forward. Lets just smooth the rough edges in installation.

  16. AA

    I have no idea WHY anyone needs to be asked or to defend their own comments both Negative and Positive.
    Every Negative comment that is posted gets a deluge of criticisms.because its Negative.
    Is not Every Bug Report we create in essence a Negative Issue, but no one criticises its value.
    Sugar coated Software Development usually ends up bankrupting themselves, because they did not listen to Negative comments in order to improve.
    Positive comments need no emotional thought and Negative comments delivers a better Suse Linux.
    If you can’t remove emotively charged negative comments about negative comments – your not on the right medication

  17. Franz Bernasek


    all other milstones from 1 to 4 can i install on my x86_64 64 Bit Hardware, ASUS M4N82 Deluxe with 8 GByte Memory
    GeForce GTS250 2x 3 x 1 TB Harddisks and so far, all milestones works fine.
    So i have download the Milestone 5 , result nothing the Installprocedure crashed every time, i have intall
    maybe 6 or 7 times with different hardware setups summary the same .
    Its really stupid.

    • Eliasse Diaite


      It is written above that 64 Bit installation DVD is broken. You are not the single one who is disappointed but we all know that this can happen during the development phase. Do not forget that you downloaded just a milestone.

    • AA

      Your Video card is too New – Its that simple – Replace it will an older card and you’ll probably be o.k. I have the same MB and 8GIG
      If that does not work then the X_64 Install and Library’s are completely broken – Again!

  18. manchette

    Hi guys ;)

    This is great you added metalink, thanks for that :)

    One question please : is is possible to include the name of the version and Milestone in the name of the file ?

    I believe that opensuse_dvd_buildxxx_i586.iso is a beginning but why not mention the version of the distribution and the milestone number ? Would it be too long ?

    (for example : openSUSE-11.3-M5-DVD-Build0556-i586 instead of openSUSE-DVD-Build0556-i586 )

  19. manchette

    Hi guys ;)

    I have one question please : is it possible to have a file with a more easy/remember to understand name ? (it’s actually lacking the version of the distribution and the milestone number)
    example : openSUSE11.3-M5-DVD-Build0556-i586.iso instead of openSUSE-DVD-Build0556-i586.iso

    Would it be too long ?

  20. PhillipS

    MySQL 5.1.45 = 100% (got from http://software.opensuse.org/search/11.2, the factory is still on 5.1.42)
    phpMyAdmin 3.22 (released 14/04/2010) also working 100%
    Thanks a lot…

  21. manchette

    Under virtualbox, x86 Dvd iso : i have this error : unable to add repositories, end of installation.

  22. AA

    – I understand the data was not collected in 11.2 but could POSSINLY do so in 11.3 COULD YOU PLEASE FIX up the privacy policy of SMOLT

    Smolt will only send hardware and basic operating system information to the Fedora smolt server (smoon). The only tie from the database to a submitters machine is the UUID. As long as the submitter does not give out this UUID the submission is anonymous. If at any point in time a user wants to delete his/her profile from the database they need only run


    The information sent to the smolt database server should be considered public in that anyone can view the statistics, data and share machine profiles. In many ways smolt is designed to get hardware vendors and other 3rd parties’ attention. As such, not only will this information be shared with 3rd parties, we will be using smolt as leverage to gain better support for open source drivers and better support in general.

    IP Logging: In Fedora’s smolt install all web traffic goes through a proxy server first. This is the only place IP addresses are being logged and they are kept on that server for a period of 4 weeks at which time log rotation removes these logs. The Fedora Project does not aggregate IP addresses in the smolt database. These logs are private and will not be available to the general public.

    Users unhappy with this policy should simply not use smolt. Users with questions about this policy should contact the Fedora Infrastructure Team at admin@fedoraproject.org. Also remember that users can delete their profiles at any time using


    Thanks for participating and for your interest in our privacy policy.


  23. AA

    My Appologies for hittimg the ‘add comment’ before I corrected my own spelling errors.
    On another matter is anyone else recieving corrupted PGP Key file from source and community repositories
    in 11.2 X_64. My update source PGP Key is corrupted on import s well as many other comminuty repositories????????

  24. With respect to the GM Release of 11.3 can we expect all 32 and 64 and PCC and Solid-State Plug-in Devices – will run and complete
    the GUI Installation Program!

    With the small 3 items listed below, can we have an Installation Program that copes with a less than Vanilla Environment

    1.NO DHCP SERVICES are available on the LAN!-
    2.An NFS Installation will not revert to a text based Installation.
    3.GUI Installation does not activate CPU or RAM critical temp thermal shutdowns. I hope that the ‘Installation Program’ Can Independantly
    throttle the CPU and/OR GPU with BIOS Performance based ACPI calls == Disabled
    You have the ability to throttle any Multi Core 32 CPU and more Notably a Multi Core X_64 CPU where BIOS Disabled ACPI Performance has been disabled

    Unless you can solve ALL 3 above – pleased don’t waste money on mastering, distracting , Promo and Retail Media Boxes etc – Its a total waste of everying as it will be essentially of no value

    These are known issue (3+ years now)

  25. manchette

    Hi guys,

    i know the team might be busy working on their own projects, or maybe on this project, but after comments it’d be nice to receive answers to the questions asked.

    This meaning it’s still on purpose to comment or ask questions here.

    If a better place to do so, please mention it ;)

    thanks ;)

    • CA

      Forgive my cinercisim, but the official reply will probably be to ‘create a bug or find one in existence and vote for it’.
      Last time I looked 11.2 had 1775 open bugs.
      Of that number, and following the release of 11.3 many will be able to be solved in 11.3.
      The practice of closing say, an 11.2 bug with the resolution of it being closed as fixed in 11.3 is common, however in my long years working in commercial development; this closure and resolution of fixed in 11.3 – is outrageous.
      I suppose the universal problem is money. The current climate is not conducive to throwing a lot of money at a software development! Its difficult for all!
      The only real impetus for change will come from the commercial reaction to Suse’s Enterprise products; as so many community folk are very disillusioned.
      Now after ‘solving the problems of the world’ we can all sleep better; if for only just one night :-)

  26. CA

    If we have any money to spend money,I personally would like to see the Quality Managers Job Paid in respect of a Professional commercially Proven Track Record placed at Suse.

    QA Managers report to the Board so in this case it would be Novell .US.
    QA is more than adherence to applicable ISO’s. I gather we take parts of IOS 90002-9001 for a software development environment.

    When we have a QA Manager than Manages the Project – he should be the only one to allocate resources and expect them to be me!.
    The whole working Model within Suse needs to be changed to a ‘Responsibility Model’. If you are a paid employee, and assigned a Bug to be resolved nnn, and fail to do so both; there would need to be great mitigating circumstances before termination of employment, and escorts from the building happen..

    Jive as a Commercially Trained QA Manager, give him/her the support of Novell Management – change the culture to one of a Responsibility Model and lest fix more than the usual 20 bugs each week!

  27. PhillipS

    This is a Team Effort between the Developers, the Testers (me included)and Owners of the specific products.
    The competition between the different Distributions (distrowatch) are high and this all leads to market share.
    Who takes responsibility for example mysql or php that has a bug and we report this to “bugzilla.novell.com”
    Surely Oracle (new owner) is in control but we as SUSE contributers is assisting in making it better but can Novell
    put pressure on to get it fixed. I believe that version MySQL 5.1.45 is better than version 5.1.36 and expect that it
    will reach “factory” (Fedora has it). Don’t the other distributions have the same bugs?
    May be someone can explain this to newbie’s like myself that do not understand the process

  28. Rainer Hurtado Navarro

    I am downloading openSuSE 11.3 M5 KDE live x86_64 to try it. I previously downloaded x86_64 install DVD and it did not wok. But I am already aware that you know that: I read the posts. And to test the live KDE x86_64 (which hopefully will work) I have to wait. So, I can not tell how it is right now. It follows part of my wish list. That I share it before test M5 is a matter of opportunity: I can post now, but obviously to test M5 has to wait a bit longer (the download to be finished). I hope to be surprised by M5, really.
    What I am hopping to find (or my wish list) follows: I beg you that you provide in 11.3 some packages that aren’t in 11.2, such as LilyPond, perl-gimp module, pdftk, Thorndale AMT font; and to provide support for SATA HDDs attached to SouthBridge VIA VT 8251’s SATA, which are not detected, although they should (broken since 10.3 for x86_64). Also, that you care the radeonhd kernel module ([RS780M/RS780MN/HD 3200] System freeze during Xserver startup), and Okular (certain PDFs make the KDE Desktop and, even, the SO to freeze) and OOo suite (quite buggy: Cut/Copy and Paste randomly fails, Search/Replace Dialog has some issues, the Horizontal scrollbar is difficult to hold with the mouse to scroll up/down in large documents, the input line of OOo Calc has a narrow height so the lower part of the font is hidden, the lower status bar of OOo is not properly drawm, the marginal Commentaries in OOo Writer aren’t handily to manage: color, font type and font size). Most of those items are already reported (for 11.2, at least) and I am concern about them when “testing” 11.3 pre-releases (Milestones and Release Candidates).
    Meanwhile I have reviewed the openSUSE 11.3 Schedule: I see that the M6 is quite next, but I am already downloading M5 (and also M6 could be delayed as it seemed that happened to M5).
    Thank you.

  29. Joe

    If the alpha 5 is any indication as to how the final release will be, this may turn out to be one of the most stable releases in a long time.

  30. Paul M

    I upgraded from 11.2 using a combination of a loop-back mount of the iso and factory respositories, and everything has been working well for me (32 bit)

    I would thus expect this release to be excellent

  31. Rainer Hurtado Navarro

    It seems that there is no a page devoted to 11.3 M6 yet.

    Well, it seems that openSuSE 11.3 M6 is nice, but as far as I run it, sysinfo:/ protocol doesn’t work; KNetworkManager often fails and crashes, and the network connection falls, and it is a mess to link to hidden wireless networks; and does not provide support for SATA HDDs attached to SouthBridge VIA VT 8251’s SATA, which are not detected, although they should (broken since 10.3 for x86_64). And it is not an old hardware: it was bought new late 2006, due to the goal was to assemble a computer in which install the next to release 10.2 Final.

    11.3 M5…

  32. Just a few corrections about that last bit. Dungeon Crawl is not a nethack clone; better to call it a roguelike. Also, the website linked is historical and represents a version that hasn’t been in development for quite a few years. I think it might be better to link to http://crawl.develz.org/wordpress/