openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 5: The Community Strikes Back

14. Apr 2010 | News Team | No License

Milestone 5 (of 7), a snapshot of the Factory “work in progress” build, leading up to openSUSE 11.3 release in July, is now available for download.

M5 was marked by significant contributions from both the openSUSE Community, and the larger Linux community.  We’ve added some interesting new packages, made some updates to core processes, and participated in a coordinated multi-distribution upgrade of a major multimedia component.  Over 50 bugs were fixed and 8 new features were implemented.

Warning: The media cannot be installed on 64-bit x86-64 systems due to  Bug #595545.  Also if you update with zypper dup to current factory, wait until the next rebuild is finished, for details see Bug #595545.

Release News:

System Administrators:


Multimedia Authors:

GUI Users:

Mobile Users:


Testing! Testing! Testing!

As this is a milestone release, 11.3 M5 does contain bugs that we know about, but should not stand between courageous contributors and release testing. Some of the most critical bugs are listed on the wiki.

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