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An Update about the Strategy Proposals

June 9th, 2010 by

We wanted to give you an update regarding the status of our Strategy Team’s release of strategy proposals for public discussion.  Truth is, despite our best intentions to release on this date, we failed to realize each of our personal schedules leading up to this date.  For many of us on the team, we had a number of commitments and didn’t realize that most of us had scheduling conflicts.

We are 90% done completing the wording of our proposals.  While we could have rushed to finish everything by today, it was agreed that quality of the proposals was more important than rushing to meet a deadline.  As such, we have agreed to postpone the release for one additional week until everyone is able to return to the table and finalize our proposals.

The new release date for the openSUSE Strategy Proposals discussion will now be on June 17th.  We thank you for your patience and understanding and look forward to a lively discussion next week once the proposals are published.

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4 Responses to “An Update about the Strategy Proposals”

  1. Anonymous

    good luck :-)

  2. s14shyam

    Well, this is exactly what I expect from guys like you ! Quality is more important than anything else. So, do take your own time, and produce on super-fine proposal to us and to the world. Best wishes…

    • pistazienfresser

      Yes, take the days and take the time the issues take and fix the issues that take time and make my day!
      This jump in the kernel version (from 11.2’s Linux 2.6.31 kernel to Linux 2.6.34) may take some longer start-up!
      I think of a distribution released in the end of April which had enough problems with 2.6.32 and many graphic cards to release an “update” just after the official release.
      I wish you luck to make us happy!

  3. >>Well, this is exactly what I expect from
    >>guys like you ! Quality is more important
    >>than anything else.
    Yes! Amen to that