A Strategy for the openSUSE Project: Proposals and Discussions

17. Jun 2010 | Andreas Jaeger | No License

As announced previously, the openSUSE Board and its Strategy Team have worked on three strategic proposals to define the direction of openSUSE’s future, as a Project, Community and distribution.  Each strategy proposal includes the same community statement.  We will therefore discuss the community statement and the three strategies separately.

Focused Discussion

To have a focused discussion, we like to handle the discussion as follows on both opensuse-project mailing list and the openSUSE forums:

  1. Present today all three strategy proposals and the community statement, they are available on the wiki.

  2. We will start discussing the community statement now in its own thread. (mailing list forums)
  3. Monday, June, 21st: We start a new thread to discuss the strategy proposal “openSUSE - Home for developers”. (mailing list forums)
  4. Thursday, June, 24th: We start a new thread to discuss the strategy proposal “openSUSE - Base for derivatives”. (mailing list forums)
  5. Tuesday, June, 29th: We start a new thread to discuss the strategy proposal “openSUSE - Mobile and cloud ready distribution”. (mailing list forums)

What do we want to achieve with these discussions?

  • Refine the proposals, e.g. remove or add activities

  • Discuss what needs to be done for each strategy proposal

  • Figure out which strategy proposal is best, so pros and cons of each ones.

Note that each statement contains three lists of activities describing current activities the openSUSE Project does and possible future activities (or tasks).  The first list (“We need to be excellent in the following”) describes the items that we want to do really excellent and better than everybody else.  The second list (“We will try to do the following effectively”) are needed to do but we don’t need to strive for excellence, just for effectiveness.  The third list (“We will not focus on the following anymore”) are activities we will not do at all as part of the project but rather rely on other FOSS projects.

In the end, we’d like to have a vote by the openSUSE members on which strategy to choose.

Pavol Rusnak and Andreas Jaeger will consolidate comments and proposal changes for these in the openSUSE wiki.


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