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openSUSE checking instrumentation — Prepare for Landing — openSUSE 11.3 RC2 now available!

July 1st, 2010 by

Following up on Michael Loeffler’s previous RC1 announcement, openSUSE is now doing a final check of instrumentation before landing.  The weather continues to be clear and all conditions continue to be smooth, and all systems are a go for final landing on July 15, 2010.  Now’s the time for us all to download the latest openSUSE RC2 release and all join in on a final check and get that 11.3 polished and in good condition.  You can download RC2 from our software portal and find detailed information on the evolving openSUSE 11.3 page.

You can find our most annoying bugs here.  And if you find anything new, please do report it on Bugzilla.  The ground crew needs your reports!

Have a lot of fun and let’s get to downloading!  They’re waiting to greet us at the terminal.

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61 Responses to “openSUSE checking instrumentation — Prepare for Landing — openSUSE 11.3 RC2 now available!”

  1. pockyboy

    I really need help.
    Config: i7 860, Nvidia G210 and OpenSuse 11.3
    It works fine with “nouveau” driver, but performance isn’t really here.
    So I have done all steps describe here, but I always freeze once X start.
    Sometimes with black screen, other time with nvidia logo and I can’t do antyhing else.
    Keyboard and mouse don’t do anything.

    (I had the same problem with OpenSuse 11.2 and nvidia-G02-drivers)


  2. Otto

    Hi Pockyboy

    I have an ASUS G210 card and it worked…see above….however I used the Default Kernel !!!!
    So..via yast install
    default kernel
    Kernel sources
    and as per description from Marius….
    This is how i did it.
    Step1: Download the nvidia driver from the nvidia website.
    Step2: Reboot the system and when the grub menu comes up, write “nomodeset 3″ without the quotes in option field.
    Step3: login and become root.
    Step4: Blacklist the nouveau module. Insert “blacklist nouveau” without the quotes at the end of “/etc/modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf”.
    Step5: Install the nvidia driver with “sh NVIDIA-Linux-…….run -q”.
    Step6: Generate a default xorg.conf with “nvidia-xconfig”.
    Step7: Open “/etc/sysconfig/kernel” end set “NO_KMS_IN_INITRD” to “yes”.
    Step8: Run “SuSEconfig”.
    Step9: Restart the system.

    that is the driver I used:

    Have fun ….should work…..cheers Otto

  3. Otto

    Re Virues in Linux

    Just to test I installed googles chromium browser…

    anyway I installed the linux virus SW
    klamav (kde gui)

    What I found that there was a Trojan in the chromium cache !!!!! watch out that thing may not be safe

    cheers Otto

  4. Pockyboy

    Hi Otto
    Thanks for your response.
    But in fact I’ve done it several times and it doesn’t work.
    How I ‘ve said, I have the same problem with Opensuse11.2 which doesn’t include “nouveau” driver.
    So I begin to think about a video card trouble.
    I will test it on Windows Seven to be sure.

    Thanks again for your spent time ;)

  5. Rainer Hurtado Navarro

    11.3 looks nice. It is a poor statement; very superficial. I know, but looking nice counts too. I’ll knew more in a few hours time, and I hope that what I came to know be great. However, I was looking around this 11.3, and this new wiki, and I landed on http://en.opensuse.org/Buy_openSUSE. I read “The openSUSE 11.3 Box is delivered with balsam extensions &c.”, and I searched for the meaning of “balsam extensions”, but the only page that talks about them is that one above. Perhaps it is all about that I am 36 hours awake and working, and I am not rendering the English… but I think that I missed something. So, I ask: What does “balsam extensions” mean, please? I thank you all.
    Have a nice 11.3 to come!

  6. Larry

    Yes, I vote too for “balsam extensions”. What are they/it?

  7. Martin

    Can someone help me. I have no command line experience. So it would be really helpfull to write the full commands to replace the Nouveau driver with the Nvidia driver. For instance:

    how do I write the config file
    how do I select the Nvidia driver that I have downloaded.

    Many thanks, Martin

  8. Markus

    Balsam: Unterstützung für gängige Multimediaformate und bekannte kommerzielle Softwaretitel

    regards, Markus

  9. Marcio

    I also want to know what “balsam extensions” are. No info anywhere.

  10. wiliamvw

    Why the dropping of “Repair Installed System” from the dvd choices? Box’s manual says it’s there but it isn’t (or did I somehow get sent an oddball dvd?); this makes some necessary file system repairs (“file system not clean”) much more difficult than they need to be.

  11. Bill Wayson

    Balsam: Unterstützung für gängige Multimediaformate und bekannte kommerzielle Softwaretitel translates to Balsam: support for popular multimedia formats, and known commercial software titles in English.