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16. Jul 2010 | Andreas Jaeger | No License

We had a successful openSUSE 11.3 launch yesterday. The announcement itself saw many friendly comments. Many people retweeted the announcement from @openSUSE.

Besides the announcement on, Novell released a press release and distributed it through the press channel. We’re collecting all press mentions of the launch in the openSUSE wiki.

A couple of launch parties were held and more parties are upcoming, reports from them will show up on Planet openSUSE soon.  So far I’ve seen a report about the launch in Bucharest and in Nürnberg.

After 24 hours, it’s time to write up a few numbers as well. A total of 49599 requests for ISOs were reached via our download redirector.

The distribution of the media is as follows:

  • NonOss Addon CD BiArch: 995

  • 32-bit x86:

    • Net 1955

    • DVD 17130

    • GNOME-LiveCD 3047

    • KDE4-LiveCD 4287

    • Addon-Lang 313

  • 64-bit x86-64

    • Net 1286

    • DVD 16944

    • GNOME-LiveCD 1302

    • KDE4-LiveCD 2185

    • Addon-Lang 155

I’d like to thank our mirrors and those that funded them. Just some examples: RWTH Aachen was distributing openSUSE 11.3 with peaks of 4 GBit/s using two mirrors and they set up a few extra machines to seed via bittorrent - their largest server was sponsored by Fujitsu and will soon be upgraded from 2 GBit/s to 10 GBit/s.

Novell’s IS&T team helped us to distribute using the Akamai  network. Download peaked around 17 GBit/s and data transferred the last 24 hrs was above 90 Terabytes.

Update: GWDG had three ftp servers, ftp5 was saturating its 2 GBit/s for the first 6 hours, and the other two gave about half of their 1 GBit/s.

Looking at the torrents, our tracker tells us that 10668 ISOs have been downloaded during the first 26 hours.

Thanks a lot to all that made the launch a real success!

Have a lot of fun with openSUSE 11.3!

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