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5. Aug 2010 | Henne Vogelsang | No License

The openSUSE Boosters are a team of people helping developers of the openSUSE project to take off. It consists of people with skills ranging from low level C hackery over Ruby on Rails mastering to graphical design or project management. The team picks milestones and works on them in a agile fashion. They always follow their mantra: Grow community by enabling community

**The openSUSE Boosters team is looking for an experienced software engineer to join their efforts. **

As part of the Boosters you will work in our agile like process on various projects. The technical tasks include work on the distribution, packaging, testing and maintenance as well as tool development in various languages. The Boosters are working on desktop and server technologies as well as on the huge cloud based infrastructure of the openSUSE project. The most important task of the Boosters is to create an open and welcoming atmosphere that excites people for the project. Our new Booster as a result must be a very open person who loves to interact with people, who knows how free software projects work and who is always willing to help people to get around in the project.


  • Work as a Booster on different projects to make contributions easier for community members.

  • Be open to talk to people, involve them, share responsibility

  • Help to drive the openSUSE project as an open source project

  • Travel to free software events and spread the word on openSUSE

  • Work on the distribution with packaging, maintenance, testing and documentation

  • Develop tools which lower the bar for contributors and users

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Good knowledge of the free software world and how to drive a free software project

  • Long lasting and essential contribution to a large upstream project

  • Very good knowledge of the openSUSE project

  • Open minded and tolerant and friendly personality

  • Very good communication skills within the community. At home in IRC, mailinglists and wikis

  • Good development skills in web technologies such as Ruby on Rails, and in scripting languages such as Python or Perl

  • Good development skills in C or C++

  • Willing to travel and work on FOSS events

Disclaimer: This job description is for informational purposes, to describe the primary duties, skills and abilities necessary to meet the requirements of this position.  This description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all requirements or essential functions; it is subject to change at any time.  Novell is an equal opportunity employer and an advocate for workforce diversity.

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