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15. Oct 2010 | Jos Poortvliet | No License

We’re almost there, ladies and gents.![Future Lizard!](//

Again there was quite some feedback on the strategy doc. We have worked to shorten the document - a difficult thing with something which is the result of many thoughts and ideas. We tried to bring the piece on our target users back to it’s essentials and now have a short and a long version - input on what to do with either of those is very much welcome. In the other area’s, shortening was even harder - we appreciate input there as well.  The plan is to do this one last round of feedback before we will try and finish it all off at the openSUSE conference next week.

So if you’ve held back, have not had a look at this yet - now or never! Provide your input on the draft on co-ment and help shape our description of what being a Geeko means to us all. Yes, this will hopefully describe ourselves - where we stand, but also add a bit of pepper and salt and show our ambitions. Our strategy document has to be inclusive - but not too long. It has to show some ambition - but must also be realistic.

Please note that the stuff under ‘background’ is - well, background. The first 3 parts (target users; what openSUSE offers; and what do we not focus on) are our future self-description! Those are the arguments you have when talking to others about openSUSE - make sure they are convincing and true.

So, again, go to co-ment and help shape our future!

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