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Where do we need to improve?

November 23rd, 2010 by


during our bi-weekly Board Meetings on IRC we have a regular agenda topic “Where do we need to improve?”. We’re very much interested in ideas you may have to improve the inner workings of the Community/Project and we also like to provide an opportunity to step up and make us aware of complaints you may have with various aspects of the Community/Project. We’re particular interested in addressing those issues that are both fast and easy to fix while providing a significant advantage to our success and the sake of our community.

That said, we feel that stepping up during an IRC session alone 1. may require too much spontaneous engagement, 2. doesn’t provide a sufficient opportunity to brainstorm in advance and 3. doesn’t provide an opportunity to preselect feature request and/or complaints by popularity/importance. As a result, we assume that we aren’t able to use this agenda topic to its full potential as a Community yet, both from a reporting and resolving perspective.

Thus, we decided to start over and utilize openFATE as a companion to the already established agenda topic in order to address the drawbacks of the current process. We herewith like to ask you to create feature requests and/or complaints within openFATE, select the product “openSUSE.org”, discuss them in advance and we, the openSUSE Board, will have a look at those and get more input while providing more output in less time that way. Hope you like it!

Please keep in mind that we’re looking for feature requests and/or complaints which we’re able to resolve both fast and easy either during an IRC session or at least in two weeks between meetings, i.e. a request to achieve world domination doesn’t fit very well here.

your openSUSE Board

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13 Responses to “Where do we need to improve?”

  1. Knurpht

    Thanks Rupert. IMHO a nice way, using openFATE.

  2. Rudi Pittman

    Give us gscan2pdf for Opensuse 11.3…and 11.4 and 11.5……it seems to skip every other version point…is it impossible to compile for 11.3? Apparently it is…because opensuse doesn’t provide perl-forks and gscan2pdf says it requires it.

    It’s insane that my choices are to downgrade to 11.2 or run another distro if I want to be able to scan documents to digital copies using an adf feeder.

  3. What needs improvement is the support for hardware like GPS. I managed to run TomTomGO using WINE, but the PC was not able to recognise the device. This whole trouble is not the fault of inux, or SuSE in particular, but of the policy of the manufacturars. Fact is, next time I buy a GPS, they better provide Linux-support from the House…

  4. haupage 150 problems to see tv still not good instaltion

  5. Robert Smits

    Fix the GNUCASH install for openSuSe. It’s been broken since 10.2 at least. All you need to do is add libofx, to fix some banking issues, and yelp, so that we can find our documentation. Requests have been put in for every version since 10.2 and are all ignored.

  6. Robert Smits

    Please do not add the horrible KDE4.4 or later version of Kontact UNTIL they fix the problems with kaddressbook. I’d much rather stay with KDE 4.3.5 version until I get an addressbook that actually works and has a way to move over my existing contacts.

  7. Scott

    Put in place a Quality Assurance program in line with International standards Taken from ISO 9001/9002

  8. Omar

    Hi, first oh all I can’t access NTFS drives from opens use distro but I can access them from mint distro also when I try to download THE PACKAGES it doesn’t complete the download and it gives me an error I’m using opens use 11.3 I also used the 11.1 and the 11.1 when i tried to download the updates it wouldn’t access and download them. Also I think you should add the VLC media player to the opens use because it plays all or most of the media file formats.

  9. Improved driver for VIA VT1708S Audio Codec, not worket with microphpne skype, amarok crash in start, XMMS not start and etc. Grafic tool for X server, like SaX2. Must work over KDE4.

  10. Rudi Pittman

    Implement whole drive encryption including swap that can be created at install time using logical volumes(mainly for laptops).fedora has it working out of box and opensuse will USE the encrypted mounts if they are already there but doesn’t seem to do well creating them itself.

  11. arag

    graphical tools for format pendrives

  12. Jarl E. Gjessing

    Support for installing on software RAID. Until now I have been forced to install opensuse on a separate disk not on the software RAID (software raid)
    I have no problem on my hardware raid controller but it has never succeeded on software raid. Not on any of my motherboards ever!
    Strange though that there is not more people complaining about this… Could point at me :-) but since I’ve been a server admin for many years, I feel positive that its not me :-)

  13. In real estate it’s Location-Location-Location. Linux is *well* past software inconsistencies. What community needs now is Hardware—Hardware—Hardware. Hardware must be “linux ready” out of the gate. Ditto for associated drivers. Example: wifi is so prevalent today that no longer can a forum suggestion say to a newbie: “Connect with ethernet cable and download, etc., etc., whatever the proposed solution may be. Install w/wifi “in the park” or at the library should be a ‘no-brainer’ by now. If linux community brings pressure to bear on manufacturers, or in the alternative case “sponsors” hardware design & development, then wireless and graphics card problems become rare instead of par-for-the-course!! If linux can run most servers in the world, certainly it can duplicate this success on the desktop!!!
    Love Linux All! Got ‘divorced’ from Bill Gates back in 1998/1999 and haven’t looked back!
    Take Care. Have A Healthy, Prosperous Day!!