Where do we need to improve?

23. Nov 2010 | News Team | No License


during our bi-weekly Board Meetings on IRC we have a regular agenda topic “Where do we need to improve?”. We’re very much interested in ideas you may have to improve the inner workings of the Community/Project and we also like to provide an opportunity to step up and make us aware of complaints you may have with various aspects of the Community/Project. We’re particular interested in addressing those issues that are both fast and easy to fix while providing a significant advantage to our success and the sake of our community.

That said, we feel that stepping up during an IRC session alone 1. may require too much spontaneous engagement, 2. doesn’t provide a sufficient opportunity to brainstorm in advance and 3. doesn’t provide an opportunity to preselect feature request and/or complaints by popularity/importance. As a result, we assume that we aren’t able to use this agenda topic to its full potential as a Community yet, both from a reporting and resolving perspective.

Thus, we decided to start over and utilize openFATE as a companion to the already established agenda topic in order to address the drawbacks of the current process. We herewith like to ask you to create feature requests and/or complaints within openFATE, select the product “openSUSE.org”, discuss them in advance and we, the openSUSE Board, will have a look at those and get more input while providing more output in less time that way. Hope you like it!

Please keep in mind that we’re looking for feature requests and/or complaints which we’re able to resolve both fast and easy either during an IRC session or at least in two weeks between meetings, i.e. a request to achieve world domination doesn’t fit very well here.

Best, your openSUSE Board

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