Third openSUSE Board Election 2010

1. Dec 2010 | Sascha Manns | No License

We are pleased to announce the openSUSE Board Election 2010! The Election Committee this year is staffed by:

geeko wants you Stathis Iosifidis , Sascha Manns, Satoru Matsumoto, Thomas Schmidt

The Committee has prepared the timeline for this year’s election. As last year the election process consists of 3 phases:


**Dezember 1st, 2010 (Phase 0) **

  • Announcement of the openSUSE Board election 2010.

  • Start of 5 week period to apply for an openSUSE membership (in order to vote).

  • Start of 5 week phase to stand for a position in the openSUSE Board or nominate another opensuse member for the board.

January 4th, 2011 [1]

  • Notification of intent to run, and application for an openSUSE membership close (end of phase 0).

January 5th, 2011 (Phase 1) [2]

  • Start of 1 week campaign for the candidates before the ballots open (campaign can continue until ballots close).

January 12th, 2011 (Phase 2) [3]

  • Ballots open

** **January 26th, 2011 [4]

  • Ballots close (end of phase 2)

  • Announcement of the results

All phases start and end on the given dates at 12:00 UTC. For an overview what time this is in different timezones use the links above.

Seats to get elected

In this election we will have 2 seats to get elected, as the election period of Pascal Bleser and Henne Vogelsang ends. We will probably also get a new chairman, as Michael Löffler will leave as well.

So in this election the openSUSE community elects two new members.

With the existing company affiliations in the board (Pavol - Novell, Bryen - none, Rupert - openSLX) the restraint is that at most one of the additional elected persons can be affiliated with Novell and one with openSLX.

Call for candidates and nominations

If you intend to run for the board or have any questions, please contact the Election Committee by sending an email to Also, if you want to nominate somebody else, tell the election officials and they will contact the nominated person and ask whether s/he will run for the board.

Prospective candidates are encouraged to read this article that gives some insight on how to apply to a board position.

What is the openSUSE Board?Image from / User Dorkstar

The openSUSE board consists of 5 members elected by the community and one chair person appointed by Novell. It was setup to lead the overall project. It’s main tasks are:

  • Act as a central point of contact

  • Help resolve conflicts

  • Communicate community interests to Novell

  • Facilitate communication with all areas of the community

  • Facilitate decision making processes where needed.

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