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24. Dec 2010 | Sascha Manns | No License

Hello Mates.

Last year was a great year. We have seen a lot happen. The Relaunch of the openSUSE BuildService provides many new features for packagers. The kde-obs-generator makes life easier for those doing cross distro packaging. The openSUSE Conference was another interesting highlight, and last but not least the imminent sale of Novell.

Help out!

The openSUSE Weekly News Team searches all week long for the most important news. Now we are searching for one or two new Contributors to help us collect news with us. We give each part of the news page to one person, and that person is then responsible for his/her part of the Weekly News. For example you provide the Section “Tips and Tricks” so you can add to and remove from that Section and do what you think is best.

The Weekly News is read by thousands of people - for many, keeping up with all the openSUSE news is almost impossible and the Weekly News provides them with a good and short oversight on what has happened in and around openSUSE that week. So it is extremely important that the team gets a bit of help!

Right now the following Sections need someone taking over:

  • Tips and Tricks

  • In the Community

  • On the Web.

Skills and how to get involved

What do you need to work on the English newsletter? The ability to read and write a little bit XML and knowing how to handle the most basic svn commands is more than enough. And if you don’t know any of that but are willing to learn you’re still a perfect candidate!

If you’re interested in helping us, just send a Mail to: saigkill@opensuse.org

Last but not least the openSUSE Weekly News team including the translations teams for Hungarian, Greek and Japanese wishe merry Christmas to all people across the world!

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