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The first Marketing Collaboration days are over but more will come!

December 28th, 2010 by

On the 6th of December, the openSUSE marketing team held the first of three Collaboration Days. The goal of these days was to get on IRC together and get some tasks done. Each day was organized by a team of two volunteers who build up a list of possible task which on the day itself were to be picked up by the attendees.


Before talking about the material results, an important note: while indeed it was great to get so many things done, the most important was something else. Working together like this was fun. Really, the team spirit was great and everyone involved deserves a big kudos for simply being such a great person! During the 24 hours that the event took, some members were online for a much longer time than you could expect anyone to stay – true dedication! The meetings really showed what the spirit of Free Software and openSUSE means – making a difference together. Because we made a difference.

Among other things, the following things were accomplished:

Documentation created and updated: organizing booths and launch parties; Ambassador documentation; Talking points; example Letters of Sponsorship; and a general WIKI reorganization and cleanup.
Totally new: two short presentations, one about SUSE Studio and one on OBS; short descriptions of openSUSE to be used in marketing materials; a series of keywords associated to openSUSE for SEO usage; a photo gallery showing openSUSE related images;

We also made significant strides in the feature list for openSUSE 11.4, which we hope to turn into an informative and fun to read feature guide for the release! Based on the work on short descriptions of openSUSE and the latest state of our Strategy, two folders are now in development: one for potential openSUSE users and one for potential contributors. Anyone interested in helping out: please contact us!

Moreover two short presentations on SUSE Studio and OBS were created which can be used in presentations from the Ambassadors. Already some Greek ambassadors are using them and they promised to contribute back translated versions.

Thanks all!

We would like to thank the whole marketing team and everyone else who joined for a great job. We made a few significant steps forward and surely there will be more collaboration days in the future!

openSUSE Certificate

openSUSE Certificate

Thanks especially to the volunteers who prepared the Collaboration days:
Review of Ambassador materials: Kostas Koudaras and Carlos Ribeiro
Marketing Review: Chuck Payne and Bryen Yunashko
Social Media: Manu Gupta and Jos Poortvliet

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2 Responses to “The first Marketing Collaboration days are over but more will come!”

  1. So uhmmmm, what were the results of the marketing meeting? Two videos? Are we gonna be selling something here? I mean, that is what marketing does, right? Will I be able to buy a dress shirt with the openSUSE logo? Will there be openSUSE laptops out there that we can purchase? Come on guys, let’s sell stuff and buy back Novell. Better yet, buy openSUSE back.

    Master Rod

  2. jospoortvliet

    Hi Rod,

    The marketing team mostly tries to get the word out on openSUSE – going to conferences and organizing booths, writing for magazines & news.o.o, writing announcements etc.

    However, yes, we are working on an openSUSE shop. Currently however we can’t earn any money as there is no entity where that money could go to – we need the foundation for that. Moreover, I doubt we’ll ever make enough to cover much more than sending ambassadors to events & organizing meetings and our own openSUSE conference so buying Novell any time soon is unlikely :D