Winner of openSUSE 2010 survey got his Chumby!

30. Dec 2010 | Jos Poortvliet | No License

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In February 2010 openSUSE held the openSUSE survey 2010 to find out more about the community. Who are the openSUSE users? What do they want? Who are our contributors? What motivates them? How can openSUSE improve? These questions and more have, to some extend, been answered by the over 27.000 participants in the three months the survey was live. Just before the end of the year we finally managed to get the winner of the Chumby his prize. Konrad Schlichtherle from Dortmund, Germany, is the lucky winner. Read on for more!


The winners of the prizes we gave away were, in no particular order:

  • Yosef Peretz from Jerusalem Israel

  • Carlos Gárzon from Colombia

  • Mityunin Alexander Vladimirovich from Russia

  • Dong Xiaoyan from China

  • Mar’yan Rachynskyy from Ukraine

  • Roland Ortmann from Germany

  • Sergey Goncharuk from Russia

  • Wolodja Pskowskaja from Russia

And the main prize, the Chumby, went to Konrad Schlichtherle from Germany.

We managed to catch Konrad on IRC - he is currently not involved with Free Software but looking to change that so tips for him are welcome!

News.o.o: So, Konrad, you got the Chumby? ** Konrad: **yes, i got it on the 27th. Many thanks for it. Its a nice gadget! **News.o.o: **So it’s working for you? **Konrad: **Yes, what else can I say about the Chumby? He stands beside me and plays music. I have to say, I use Linux since one year and have a lot to learn. I hope to use the Chumby with some other useful things so I can learn more about Linux.

Survey results

The survey results are available as pdf file and on the openSUSE Survey 2010 wiki page an extensive analysis has been made. The results have helped make project decisions, be it technical, marketing or otherwise - and we call upon all openSUSE community members to keep using these numbers to back up their choices! We want to be close to ourselves and the opinions of 27,000 users and contributors is nothing to be sneezed at.

We’d like to thank everyone who answered the questionnaire again for their time and efforts and wish the winners a lot of fun with their prizes and their future endeavors in the world of Free Software! And as usual, if you’re looking into getting involved, you can simply contact anyone on IRC or mail - that includes me, your humble writer. Find me on IRC ( in the openSUSE channels like #opensuse-project) under the nick jospoortvliet!

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