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openSUSE 11.4 RC2 Steps Out

February 26th, 2011 by

With red carpets rolling out in Hollywood, you’d expect some applause for the openSUSE 11.4 RC2 release, which has now gone live ahead of 11.4 proper. But with much of the hard work going in behind the scenes, this superb release candidate isn’t getting the fanfare it deserves. The recent Bug Squashing day saw 132 bugs updated so few serious issues remain. Improvements in the ‘backend’ work includes some tweaks to Wifi supplicant and drivers, and a host of small fixes across the distribution which enhance stability and performance. The addition of MediaCurl backend with zsync support to libzypp iut is already being noticed. openSUSE user and forum member Pier Andreit comments that “YaST install/remove software is a thunderbolt!”

The transition from OpenOffice.org to LibreOffice still has a few minor documentation blips but more importantly, users should be cautious. (Update 2011-03-01 due to bug 664816 marked as fixed:) The raft of new functionality has created a few specific issues, such as loss of data in tables under certain situations (see bug 664816 – which is fixed for RC2 but only noticed later). Though not quite ready for the production environment, user feedback is critical for smoothing performance and reliability.

KDE SC 4.6 is also running beautifully though 32 BIT nVidia users may have a bug.

If you’d like to help add the final touches of celebrity glam prior to the ‘big event’ of 11.4 release, download it here and check out the most annoying bugs.

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49 Responses to “openSUSE 11.4 RC2 Steps Out”

  1. Good news. Thank you for this information.

    Did you mean KDE 4.6 instead of 4.5 ?


  2. cb400f

    She definitely means KDE SC 4.6

  3. Helen South

    Corrected, thanks!!

  4. Anonymous

    sweet !!! i can’t Waite. when can i pre order 11.4?? open suse for life……

  5. Helen South

    You can download it free anytime you like – try the release candidate right now or wait till 11.4 goes live on the 10th.


  6. Anonymous

    thanks i like to get the paid one for 2 reasons .one i can donate by buying it and two i get support help as well.the last time i purchase it i needed help because the compiz did not work well.and i had to add another user in order to use it.(11.2). so it is good for me to have that kind of help.i have used open suse for 3.5 yrs now and still have not learned every thing.if i down load it how do i get the security updates?is it still the same way??i do use the wiki.thanks

    • Mustafaa al-Hamdaani

      You will get security updates even if you don’t buy it, all the operating system and its updates are free of charge for everybody, you can also get support in the forums for any openSUSE (downloaded or purchased on a DVD).

  7. kabel

    How to move from 11.4 RC1 to 11.4 RC2

  8. l2ulinux

    KDE SC 4.6 is also running beautifully though 32 BIT nVidia users may have a bug.openSUSE-GNOME-LiveCD-Build0012-i686.iso is also running beautifully though 32 BIT nVidia users may have a bug also has a problem not working. Downloaded both and will not work with my 6100 series nVidia graphics.

  9. Anonymous

    tried to down load via every link on the down load page!!! i lost 4cd’s and one DVD!!! this sucks….

    • Steven

      You might consider running an MD5 checksum on your downloads before burning them on CD/DVD…

  10. Mustafaa al-Hamdaani

    Thanks for all your efforts but to make use of the zsync we need a .zsync packages and I asked about them more than two months ago in
    but I got no replay, so support for zsync is useless (for now, until you build .zsync packages for the .rpm packages) because I’ve searched factory and othe repositories and there is no single .zsync packages (package management will not be faster).
    Thanks again and correct me if I am wrong.

    • Andreas Jaeger

      Please file a bug using bugzilla.novell.com.

      • Mustafaa al-Hamdaani

        Well, I did that,
        I hope they can fix this to make use of this feature.
        Anther question: Will KDE 4.6.1 (scheduled March 1st) make it to the final release??

      • Mustafaa al-Hamdaani

        Well, it turned out that I was wrong, Michael Schroeder closed my bug because it is invalid, and he enlightened me with his response:
        “No .zsync files are required, it needs metalink files with zsync information.
        These are provided by download.opensuse.org.”
        Thanks again for your hard work.

  11. Franz Bernasek

    Thanks, RC2 the next step to a good Linux, i like it it works on my ASUS Sabertooth X58
    with Intel i7-950 really good

  12. Joseph

    I remember suggesting here when the milestones first started coming out that LibreOffice was going to be too new and unproven to consider using instead of OpenOffice. Now you’re saying spreadsheet information can disappear? Eek! Does an upgrade from 11.3 to 11.4 remove OpenOffice, and if so, can it be prevented from doing it?

  13. I have setup an openSUSE server in our school lab which services about 75 student computers. Can I just update from 11.3 to 11.4 or do I have to do a new install. Presently, they are dual boot HPs with Windows XP and openSUSE 11.3 as the default OS.

    • Andreas Jaeger

      You can just update, start the installation and then it offers you “New installation” and “Update” – use “Update”.

  14. mkudro

    Amazing work openSUSE team. Even after all that turmoil of Novel sales etc you still deliver next version of solid OS. I don’t know if you are paid professionals or just a volunteers, but thank you for your work.

  15. Andreas Jaeger

    openSUSE is a community project – so you find both volunteers and paid professionals – and also paid professionals doing this in their non-working time.

  16. bert07

    I downloaded de RC2 Gnome live for X64 yesterday.

    I could not boot into the live openSUSE because my screen became all purple and grey-striped upon boot (AFTER I choose to run the live Gnome).

    The same happened when I tried to install from the boot CD. After I choose install, the screen turned purple and grey-striped again.


  17. kabel

    Nice work people, nice work! Everything looks awesome! I hope you will have time to smash the Intel HDA bug before the release.

  18. Bryce

    Long time Ubuntu/Gnome user/advocate here … as of this past weekend, you have a new convert. Awesome job, all of you.

    Congratulations, and thanks!

  19. bert07

    @Stefan: [b]PC[/b]: Dell Inspiron 531 – [b]Motherboard[/b]: NVIDIA MCP61 chipset – [b]Sound[/b]: Realtec High Definition Audio ALC888 – [b]Display Adapter[/b]: ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro – [b]Wired[/b]: NVIDIA nForce networking controller – [b]Wireless[/b]: Broadcom AirForce One 54g (ASUS WL-138g-V2)

    Also tried the 32-bit a moment ago. The very same problem.

    Also!! Afterwards I can not boot into my Ubuntu anymore unless I pass the “recovery mode” (recovering journals) and than I can boot in my system again.

    • Casual J. Programmer

      Hi bert07,

      wouldn’t it be helpful to file a bug at bugzilla.novell.com in addition to your reporting a malfunction here ?

  20. bert07

    Sorry for the “[b][/b]” that do not seem to work here.

  21. bert07

    @Stefan: I do use a Belkin Flip as well, but that did (till now perhaps) yet give no problems.

  22. bert07

    @Casual J.: Probably it does. But I am so busy with some other computers that it’ll have to wait till tomorrow.

    I did also pass it on to a friend of mine using openSuse 11.4 RC2 KDE, who was very much surprised to here about my problems, because you didn’t gave any.

    I did manage to load the live one on an other computer though.
    But the background screen was shuttered from boot till having loaded the live system and on.

    Something is not right.

  23. bert07

    btw: where do I post bug reports for openSUSE?

  24. Josh

    It’s always been a love hate relationship between me and suse/ubuntu. I love suse for many reasons, and I love ubuntu for many reasons. But ubuntu has gone to crap in my opinion. My laptop is installing 11.4 as we speak, and my desktop will be installing it when I get home from work.

    Hopefully the software repos have greatly improved since my last suse venture. That’s the one thing that has held me back in the past. I used suse exclusively a long time ago, and have hopped distros since.

    Here’s hoping suse 11.4 is finally the distro I want it to be!

    • Josh

      Well after a grueling few hours of painfully trying to get samba to work, and two installs i finally find out there is a nasty bug with apparmor that keeps killing the samba daemon. After finding that out i disabled apparmor and samba is up and running…

      Very impressed so far, doubt i will be making the switch back to ubuntu any time soon.

  25. MrK

    I love both suse and ubuntu

  26. Federico Kereki

    I think the 32 bit NVidia problem is long standing now; I’m forced to use an old version of the NVidia driver, for the latest ones cause a floating point exception that makes KDE crash…

    As it seems that this is NVidia’s fault, I dare say OpenSUSE 11.4 will fail the same way.

  27. Burpnrun

    I downloaded 11.4RC2_x86_live and it works fine. Even used it at SuseStudio as the base to create a KDE 3.5 / 13.4RC2 combo (yes, gasp) that works fine in 99% of usage (just a minor KControl problem). Installed to disk, updated, whole shebang. Also installed proprietary ATI driver. All of this works just fine. They must have updated the kernel to fix a but because in RC1 I had to use “nomodeset” in Grub or it would hang just before trying to startup the graphical desktop. No such problem in RC2.

    Now, if we can just replace the bling-ridden and useless KDE 4.x, with 3.5, as a standard in the distribution to get back to a productive and stable desktop environment ….

  28. Burpnrun: if someone wants to port KDE 3.5 to Qt 4, that would be very much appreciated … I’ve not found a version of Qt 4 that was anything like as usable as recent versions of GNOME, and I’m a Qt developer.

    Will OpenSUSE 11.4 support the accelerated ATi video drivers? The last version didn’t, and it resulted in me having to re-install the driver every time there was a kernel upgrade, because the one-click installer did not work.

  29. Ward


    Will OpenSuse 11.4 have support for a RDP server that works well?

    So I can us Microsoft Terminal Server client and connect to my OpenSUSE 11.4 Machine?



  30. karl-heinz

    I’ve been with (open)SUSE since 6.4, but with the advent of the 10 series I got so frustrated that I abandoned it with 11.3 (many things didn’t work, regressions after updates / upgrades, unusably slow graphics on old laptop with ATI graphics, network manager never worked for me, etc. etc.).

    Now, for 11.4 I’ve tried several milestones and now RC2. All I can say: I’m impressed. I’ll be back on O.S. right away. My old-ish laptop featuring Intel T7200 and Nvidia 7400 feels like a completely new machine (it feels soo fast), and I haven’t run into any major problems with everyday computing tasks.

    Installed it also on second box with Intel E6300/Nvidia9400 and an SSD – very nice so far but haven’t really gone much beyond installation on that box.

    I might run it across my (even older) laptop (Pentium M1500, ATI9200) that I had to stop using with any distribution that was launched in the last two years due to the ATI graphics issue mentioned above.

  31. Pranav

    Hi All, What is the correct image for 64-bit version? I am downloading this – openSUSE-DVD-Build0012-x86_64.iso. Is this correct?

    Also, can I upgrade from 11.3 to 11.4 or I will have to perform a clean installation once I install 11.3.


  32. Steve

    @ Pranav.
    it’s ok. there are 64 bits. x86_64 I’m running 11.4 RC2 and recommended you, would you like try it.


  33. Tom

    Been attracted to KDE and Opensuse since 11.2 but could never get past all the bugs and sluggishness of the Nvidia driver and have had to revert back to Ubuntu Gnome time and again. However I have been using Opensuse 11.4 since Milestone 6 and it has been fantastic and quite usable. No plans to go back to Ubuntu any time soon. This latest version is really buttoned up.

  34. Steve

    What about installing or running from a usb stick? This was broken in 11.3 and I want to know how this can be done simply. Ubuntu provides an easy built-in function for this. Even unetbootin doesn’t seem to work with suse. I don’t want to sound like a troll but this is a really important and basic function that needs to be fixed or suse will stay an “expert” distribution.

  35. Matt

    Can someone please explain what the 32 Bit NVIDIA bug is? I’m keen to go back to opensuse, but this might be a showstopper for me. I recall that plasma in kde4.6 would crash if you had the digital clock working and the latest NVIDIA drivers. Is that the bug, or is this a different one?

  36. Daniel

    Will this version include the latest version of apache (2.2.17) and PHP? Or not?