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Evergreen needs you!

April 17th, 2011 by



Evergreen needs you! To make a version for 11.2 also released and to guarantee the quality of evergreen, we´re searching developers, packagers and also marketing people who are interested in creating a LTS-version of your favourite Linux-distro, openSUSE.

See what Wolfgang Rosenauer, lead developer of Evergreen is saying about this:


 Am 14.04.2011 14:08, schrieb Kim Leyendecker:

 > >  I?m on a train to create a news article for getting more
 > >  evergreen-developers/packagers. Now I want to ask you, how many do you
 > >  need, if you need help and how do you think we can help you.
 > From the past months I would say that the minimum of
 packagers/developers per distribution is 2.
 At the moment I'm basically alone and can hardly make it.

 Some people have interest in Evergreen for 11.2 as well. I would still
 say that a minimum of two people make sense per distribution. We have
 one volunteer for 11.2 already. In practice I hope we can share manpower
 over distribution versions and share the work per package which wouldn't
 increase the work per distribution non-linear.

 So to sum up if we are going to launch Evergreen for 11.2 we are in need
 of two more people. (The more the better ;-))

 For testing purposes we have no fixed set of contributors which is a bit
 risky as it never is clear when a package has been tested good enough
 before publishing it. So if there are people out there who would like to
 help doing that, it would help a lot as well.

 The other area where we could use help is a bit of marketing. I'm
 wondering if we need to do update announcements somewhere (mailinglist,
 twitter whatever). I usually only announce when a new package is ready
 for testing in a non-formal way on our mailinglist.

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4 Responses to “Evergreen needs you!”

  1. Xil

    I am a 11.2 user and tbh by the looks of it will remain so for quiet some time, have no knowledge of packaging though (how can one learn ?) but am more then willing to test stuff, so where do I sign up ? (as the article does not really say)

  2. Well, the best way is to mail Wolfgang or ask on the mailinglist

    evergreen@lists.rosenauer.org afaik

    or ask on opensuse-project@opensuse.org


  3. None=none i will test the new progs,
    Just send a mail whit the link and i say if its good are bad ok.
    Never abuse my mail please,just protect it.
    My brother is doing it in a clinic and use’s Ubuntu tls 9.04+Microsoft embedded.
    And no’ones need me!!!

  4. jik

    I am a 11.4 user – I want to use 11.4 for some servers – and I am very interesting for Evergreen. But at the first I do not see at least approximately extend of support. I think, that it is very important to determine it. I’d like to know, whether support will be for all version (for me especially 11.4) and for how long.
    And the other side: How can I help? Old version I do not operace. Some donation – exists any account?