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17. Apr 2011 | Kim Leyendecker | No License



Evergreen needs you! To make a version for 11.2 also released and to guarantee the quality of evergreen, we´re searching developers, packagers and also marketing people who are interested in creating a LTS-version of your favourite Linux-distro, openSUSE.

See what Wolfgang Rosenauer, lead developer of Evergreen is saying about this:

> > Hi, > > Am 14.04.2011 14:08, schrieb Kim Leyendecker: > > > > I?m on a train to create a news article for getting more > > > evergreen-developers/packagers. Now I want to ask you, how many do you > > > need, if you need help and how do you think we can help you. > > From the past months I would say that the minimum of > packagers/developers per distribution is 2. > At the moment I'm basically alone and can hardly make it. > > Some people have interest in Evergreen for 11.2 as well. I would still > say that a minimum of two people make sense per distribution. We have > one volunteer for 11.2 already. In practice I hope we can share manpower > over distribution versions and share the work per package which wouldn't > increase the work per distribution non-linear. > > So to sum up if we are going to launch Evergreen for 11.2 we are in need > of two more people. (The more the better ;-)) > > For testing purposes we have no fixed set of contributors which is a bit > risky as it never is clear when a package has been tested good enough > before publishing it. So if there are people out there who would like to > help doing that, it would help a lot as well. > > The other area where we could use help is a bit of marketing. I'm > wondering if we need to do update announcements somewhere (mailinglist, > twitter whatever). I usually only announce when a new package is ready > for testing in a non-formal way on our mailinglist. > >

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