Upcomming power outage Saturday, 2011-04-30

29. Apr 2011 | Lars Vogdt | No License

We will have a service outage this Saturday (30 April) due to work on power supply in one of our server rooms. As result, the infrastructure in front of the following services will not be reachable on that day:

  • build.opensuse.org

  • api.opensuse.org

  • software.opensuse.org

  • stage.opensuse.org

  • features.opensuse.org

  • connect.opensuse.org

  • hermes.opensuse.org

  • users.opensuse.org

  • board.opensuse.org

  • conference.opensuse.org

The content on download.opensuse.org will come from a fall back system and will not get updated during Saturday evening.

Categories: Infrastructure


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