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openSUSE Ambassadors are rocking all over the world

May 6th, 2011 by

A big kudos to all our ambassadors who are working very hard to let the world know about openSUSE! They have been organizing events, speaking to people and writing about the awesomeness of openSUSE Project. Below are a few events that were openSUSE boosted in the last few days by our ambassadors. We probably still missed some as it can be hard to track everything that’s going on!


Fernando Mejia gave lots of workshops over there.There was a small workshop of a guided openSUSE 11.4 installation in one of the labs of the event. The team also gave a brief lecture about how the openSUSE project works using the kitty presentation by Jos. Fernando has put it online.

Fernando Mejia:

“For this year actually openSUSE was one of the most popular distributions, this was very refreshing and new for us, we hope to keep up that way.”

openFEST 2011
Our party loving Greek Geekos had a bang at openFEST. An openSUSE booth with 13 energetic geekos combined with the awesomeness of 4 totally rocking presentations made the perfect recipe for a fun event. Over 300 Dvds of 11.4 and 200 DVDs of 11.3 were distributed along with cheat sheets and other reference materials for visitors.

“We kicked ass!”

GNOME Asia 2011

A big thanks goes to Bharath Acharya, Akhil Ladha, Sankar P, Vibha, Punit, Akash and loads of other people who just made GNOME Asia a perfect place for openSUSE. People came ask all sorts of questions about openSUSE and over  800 DVDs vanished before the Summit was even over. Everyone enjoyed playing with SUSE Studio. The talks about openSUSE by our Vincent Untz were very well received by the audience.

“Vincent became quite the celebrity over here with girls taking photos with him ;)

Launch Party at Toulouse

This one was held by JDD as we commonly know him :-). JDD has been a long time supporter of openSUSE and he held a launch party at a movie theater.  He had four demo presentations about openSUSE which were focused on beginners,  install from a standard dvd, What is YaST, Install from the demo dvd and openSUSE: this is choice! He distributed over 50 DVDs and several live cds.


Yes, we’re rocking all around the world. As you notice, our presence is increasing, openSUSE is making a better impression every day. The awesome stuff openSUSE does deserves to be known and the ambassador team together with the international marketing team work as hard as they can to make it happen!

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  1. After using Linux for 14+ years including Redhat, Mandrake and then Mandriva, I’ve been using Ubuntu for the last 4 years. I found myself disappointed with Ubuntu Unity and rather than “upgrade” decided to look at other distros. At first I settled with Zorin OS, then with Fedora, then with Linux Mint 11, then with Debian-xFreeBSD and now with OpenSUSE. I chose OpenSUSE over Debian-xFreeBSD because the Debian implementation of FreeBSD isn’t ready for the end users at this point and the OpenSUSE was more “ready out of the box” even than Linux Mint in terms of picking up my digital camera USB and camcorder Firewire. Looks like I’ll be settling in for a few years to come. Glad you are promoting your exceptional product.