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8. Jun 2011 | Jos Poortvliet | No License

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Like the previous years, the openSUSE conference team is looking for sponsors. The conference has grown 35% last year and we expect it to grow even more this year so financial help is needed!

openSUSE Conference

Now in its third year, the openSUSE Conference has become one of the most dynamic and collaborative events in the FOSS world, by bringing together both openSUSE contributors and other members of the open source community. Last year we welcomed participants from Fedora, Debian, the GNOME project and numerous others, creating a rich environment for innovation. Topics for the openSUSE Conference range from technical talks about packaging, Open Build Service and development tools to more community-oriented discussions about our future and direction. With over 35% more attendees than in 2009, last year’s conference was a resounding success and this year promises to be even greater with an expected number of 500 attendees.

Sponsors needed

To make this event possible, the community needs help. Sponsorship is required for travel costs for speakers and attendees as well as facilities costs. As the openSUSE community is very international, we want to support people from Brazil, India, Australia and many other countries to come to Nuremberg. By securing sponsorships, companies can demonstrate their support for the community and garner valuable brand recognition. If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please see the online sponsorship brochure or contact us for more information on the sponsor benefits and offerings. If you know someone who might be interested in sponsoring, please help us reach out to them!

Our contact person is: Izabel Valverde Sponsorship manager openSUSE Conference Organization

This year: Read, Write, Execute and SUSE LABS

In 2011, the theme of the combined openSUSE and SUSE Labs Conference is RWX, the UNIX acronym for Read-Write-Execute. To bring this theme to life, the sessions at oSC 2011 will have a strong focus on getting decisions made and work done in small, collaborative teams. Again many visitors from other projects will be invited and by co-locating with the SUSE Labs Conference, the larger number of community members at the conference will greatly increase its impact.

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The SUSE Labs Conference is a SUSE internal conference that has been organized by SUSE engineers for SUSE engineers for many years. Most SUSE technical employees travel to meet once a year and exchange ideas, share their work and learn from each other. The topics for the SUSE Labs Conference tend to be very technical, ranging from Kernel, Samba and GCC to high performance networking technology.

Place and date

The openSUSE Conference and SUSE Labs Coference 2011 takes place in Nuremberg, Germany at Zentrifuge Nurenberg, from September 11 to September 14. Zentrifuge is an independent cultural center providing room for art and music performances and exibitions. This location gives the openSUSE Conference a culturally rich, creative environment, challenging visitors to bring their best!

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