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Build Service Down Time – Fixed

June 21st, 2011 by

We are currently facing a hardware problem with the openSUSE Build Service.

Affected services are:

We are trying to resolve this as fast as possible. Apologies for inconveniences this may cause.

Please contact admin@opensuse.org with any queries.
Your openSUSE Admins

Update 18:53 UTC: Everything is up and running again. Note the build service scheduler needs to read all files now and create some data structures. It will take a few hours until the build service is building again packages.

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One Response to “Build Service Down Time – Fixed”

  1. I cann’t load download.opensuse.org, but it responds to pings at within 45 milliseconds. Could this be related to the mentioned hardware issues?

    On the other hand I can load http://www.opensuse.org, but cannot ping this.