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2. Sep 2011 | Jos Poortvliet | No License

Among other things, the openSUSE project is about “having a lot of fun”. In that spirit we would like to add a bit of diversion and an extra incentive for everyone to register and attend the openSUSE conference.

Parrot ARDrone_09

Join the Drone On! contest and have a lot of fun.

We’ve purchased an AR Drone, small flying aircraft which can be controlled by a computer or mobile phone over wifi, to be given away at the openSUSE Conference. There is an open sourced SDK for Linux. The SDK site provides the software and shows how to guide the drone from a Linux workstation; with a console to show the drone operating parameters. Let’s get it up and running on openSUSE for the fun of it!

Becoming Drone Master

You will be able to win a Drone in two ways. First of all, we’ll give one Drone to a randomly selected attendee of the openSUSE Conference, provided he/she has registered on or before the 5th of September. Second, we will draft an additional winner from the participants in the ‘get the drone up and running’ team. The more you contribute there, the bigger your chance of winning!

Droning on about the rules

The intent of this contest is to encourage openSUSE community members to attend the openSUSE Conference, to build a usable control image for openSUSE and to invite openSUSE members to some fun. To best achieve this in the proper spirit of the community we’ve developed a few contest rules.

The rules for winning the attendance Drone are as follows:

  1. You have to have registered on September 7th
  2. You have to be at the conference at least 2 days
  3. The winner has to be willing to talk about the Drone and what he/she does with it in the future! UFO Sighting

The rules for winning the contribution Drone are as follows:

    • Working collaboratively. This means for example contributions to a shared OBS repository are better than having stuff in a private one

    • Using the Open Build Service. This means, building and publishing packages on build.opensuse.org

    • Using SUSE Studio & SUSE Gallery. Having a Drone Appliance is way cool, after all!

    • doing coding. Any coding, either to fix bugs, get the package compiling or anything done to get some graphical or command line UI written for the drone will earn points

    • Writing documentation and work done on the wiki earns points as well
  1. Same rules as for the attendees apply, and:
  2. You participate in the drawing of the Attendee Drone too, but you can’t win both
  3. Participants get points awarded for what and how they contribute. Each point gives you an additional chance of winning! You can get points for:

  4. We stop counting contributions from the day the conference starts (Sept 11) so we can all focus on the conference! We fully realize that not everyone can package, work on the wiki or write code. So we suggest you to work with others with different skill sets so that it becomes more collaborative and fun. We judge contributions based on efforts as well as skills!


Starting to Drone around

We’ll basically start right away. All information can be found on this wiki page and you can start building the code, fixing the issues, assembling a Studio image, write blogs and improve the wiki page. There are a few interesting challenges in there and a few people are on it already!

When to grab a Drone?

We will announce the winners during the Closing session on Wednesday Sept 14 and those winners who are there get their drone right away. If you couldn’t stay until the closing session we’ll send you the Drone but notice that you can’t win if you don’t attend the conference at all.

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