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openSUSE 12.1 Beta taking more time to become good

September 21st, 2011 by

Last Friday Stephan Kulow, our openSUSE Release Manager, started a discussion on Factory mailing list about show-stoppers for the 12.1-Beta release scheduled for 2011-09-22.
It became clear that Factory still needs some polishing to become a useful Beta for large numbers of testers to try out..

Particularly, one of the reasons is the challenges relating to the switch to use systemd by default, which means that it is also Man in construction hat working on pipesused during install and first boot (which has the special configuration stuff).  And between the timing of last week’s openSUSE Conference and next week’s planned Hackweek, the Factory team agreed it is better to take the time to ensure a release that meets the level of quality that our openSUSE Distro is known for.

You can read more on this thread via our mailing list archive here.

This means, the Beta will be up to two weeks later than planned, and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it is ready for download.  On the bright side, this also means you have more time to prepare for the Beta Pizza Party in your home area.  And our final release date for openSUSE 12.1 is still targeted for November 11th.

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11 Responses to “openSUSE 12.1 Beta taking more time to become good”

  1. Geg


  2. November 11? omg.. am eagerly waiting for some good change in my desktop..

  3. Dave

    Don’t be too happy. Systemd is great, but some stuff won’t work with it. Linux Containers (LXC) is one example :-) Better test before you switch.

  4. rainbowsally

    Also, someone pls. launch some KDE apps from a terminal and look a the error strings before you ship.

    In suse 11.4, for example, open konsole, type in kate /etc/fstab as a normal user.


    Try it as su. Won’t work at all. Then “export $(dbus-launch)” and try it again.

    I expect 12.x to be beautiful, as is 11.x, but tighten this next one up, pls. I’d like to see another of the quality of 10.0 but the functionality of plasma, etc.

    Also, the kdevelop template for creating a konqueror plugin has the wrong directories set in it for installation. For example, it puts something in kwebkit (or kweb) that isn’t even a directory. The directory name does not have the “k” prefix. The other name is kweb.rc or something. In any case it’s an rc file, not a directory.

    But that’s minor compared to the problem of deleting objects before/after they are removed from a factory (causing leaks), permissions confusion that seems to hang the audio (or some other resource?) if you get errors as su… and these errors block forever so you can’t even log out.

    You can do it.

    And it’s worth the effort.

    This thing really has tremendous potential, so much so, that I use it despite these problems.



  5. rainbowsally

    One more thing… PackageKit is both annoying and unprofessional looking. It eats PIDs like crazy, updates too often, writes new things behind your back potentially destroying things somewhat randomly that you may be testing or have working by some hack or other.

    And mount should check for hosts (ping) before trying to mount external nfs systems, etc. When mount hangs it hangs forever. (This occurs in Yast when setting up nfs clients, and probably elsewhere, especially if you are connecting to a dual boot computer.)



    • RainboxSally,

      It sounds like you have some valid problems. However, you need to file a bug report in order to ge anything done. Here and in the Forum it is only news to the rest of us. In order to get the developers attention requires a bug number.

      Take care,

  6. Jonathan_R

    Unless packagekit can be associated with zypper I don’t see the need for it. I agree it’s a complete waste as it currently is. The concept is nice, but should be tied in with zypper.

  7. lol

    Кому нужен этот линукс? Он не стабилен и игры на нем не идут. А все эти говно команды, которые прикручивают свои свистелки-перделки и обзывают их убунтами или дебианами, вообще смешны.

  8. NachoGomez

    Is there a possibility to lighten openSUSE 12.1 a bit? When I check my system (openSUSE 11.4/KDE) just after booting it uses between 900MB to 1.3GB, and this is just passing the login screen, without running anything else.

    That’s very annoying because I do a lot of Java development and as soon as I open Netbeans (just one project), soapUI (just one project) and a browser (just one tab) it starts using swap and the system becomes very unresponsive :s. If I have to debug an app using Tomcat, it gets even worst

  9. We are a small software/consulting firm using openSUSE as a base for our customers’ servers. We have studied systemd carefully and found it unsuitable for server use.

    Will openSUSE 12.1 still have an option for sysVinit instead of systemd, or should we start checking for other distros?

    BTW, no flames, thanks. :)

    Andrea Cascio
    Nucleus srl