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Are you ready for RC2?

November 3rd, 2011 by

Carlos painted openSUSE on the Beach in Brazil
Following the openSUSE 12.1 roadmap, RC2 has been released upon this innocent world. This is your final chance to test openSUSE 12.1 before we move to the final version! We need to know about all big problems NOW! Read on to find out how to help.

Freezing cold!

At this point, development is frozen to the point where only the most grave bugs will be addressed. Less serious issues will be fixed in the updates after the release. We must be careful not to introduce new problems!

Frozen life

That doesn’t mean problems should not be found: we need testing! We also need help fixing the most urgent problems (full list of known bugs in openSUSE 12.1). Help us shorten those lists by re-testing the problematic areas or by fixing the bugs; or help us find new pressing issues! You can find information on testing on the openSUSE Testing wiki page and you are most welcome to learn how to create a merge request to fix a bug!

Get openSUSE 12.1 RC2 from this page.

What’s new

The next release of openSUSE is expected to bring a large number of improvements and changes. Many of these are the ‘usual’ updates any Linux distribution offers. These include the latest Firefox, GNOME 3.2 and KDE’s Plasma Workspace 4.7. Under the hood, we have Linux kernel 3.1 and we expect to be the first to ship Google’s new programming language Go. We also overhauled our boot procedure introducing systemd and Grub2 (testing!) and of course we’ll ship the latest developer tools and libraries as well as all the sysadmin goodies openSUSE is known for!

But we also have some really unique treats. The coolest among those is Snapper, a btrfs-based tool which allows you to view the differences between current and previous versions of files on your system and lets you roll back the changes, bringing back lost files or undoing damaging overwrites.


Second Life release parties

Click for Second Life release parties!

The changes in underlying boot technology, the new tools like Snapper as well as the rest of the operating system need a good workout for the release! So now we need YOUR help! Go to the download page and grab your copy of openSUSE 12.1 RC2 and test it on your desktop, in a VM or on a laptop!

More information and other helping-out

We can use your help not only with testing but also with fixing problems! Thanks to the Open Build Service, this is easy as pie… Yes, openSUSE 12.1 is frozen, no new packages or major updates, but you can still BURP away!

If you don’t package or code, can help promote this release and organize a launch party to give this release some attention! Twitter and facebook fans: show your support for openSUSE!

Moreover, there are screenshots to be taken, release notes to be written and Documentation to be composed. We also welcome help with translation!

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46 Responses to “Are you ready for RC2?”

  1. 67GTA

    Grub2 is not default :-(


    You know what, you should really stop promoting Second Life parties…

    Allegedly you can have cyber sex and stuff on any bed and there’s full frontal nudity involved… you can do all sorts of hideous acts and it gives us a bad name.

    I don’t even care for it being proprietary (something on which I take a very lenient stance on and am fine with), I just think it should be censored from the website due to its perversion of human communication and to stand up for the correct type of moral outlook most people would accept.

    • Joseph

      “OH DOG”, Linux is about freedom and people being able to be in control of their hardware and software as they see fit. You’re allowed to consider the viewing of cartoon images of nudity on a computer monitor as “perversion of human communication”, but it’s against the idea of Linux to dictate to others how they should behave (so long as they’re not hurting others).

      The existence of Second Life is not viewed by the public at large as something evil or something one should be ashamed to associate with, so there’s no risk that OpenSUSE participating in the use of Second Life will affect it (as it hasn’t affected much more visible companies like IBM).

      Second Life, like the printing press, is just a tool. If you don’t want to engage in the activities you described, then don’t. But Second Life, like the printing press, is not responsible for what’s done with it… that’s the responsibility of those who use it.

    • damn


  3. Bob

    Nope – same as RC1
    Hope for 12.1 is dwindling …

  4. Pretty nice!

    Congratulations for everyone involved.

    PS: A tradução deste artigo já está disponível em meu blog para quem possa interessar

    Best geeko regards and luck

  5. Apparently not. I tried to install it, it asked for login info of username and password, I don’t know what those defaults are, so I went no further.
    Please advise defaults.

    • coolo

      Where did it ask? and what did you download?

      • Anonymous

        I’d downloaded the file openSUSE-GNOME-LiveCD-Build0025-i686.iso via distrowatch.com .
        Burned to DVD and booted. Got the welcome screen, then the fancy green suse screen with menu. Selected INSTALLATION and got some DVD-drive activity and the fancy green suse screen. Then got the suse icon in the upper-left corner of the screen along with the text “Welcome to openSUSE 12.1 “Asparagus” — Kernel 3.1.8-1.1 – default (tty1).” and just below it was text “linux login:” .
        I tried blanks for login and password — no joy. Tried admin and admin, admin and blank, and I can’t recall what else, and always got a login failure message.

        • Anonymous

          admin? The master account is called root, the user name is linux – both have no password

          • jerrybee

            Thanks. That got me logged in, and then I was presented with a command line. I tried entering startx, but that bombed, eventually bringing me back to the command line. I had assumed (dangerous stuff, that) that the installation process would be a GUI, so I have no clue what to do at that command line to get the installation process going. Assistance would be appreciated.

  6. sreeji

    i tried to install the rc1 (i know it’s too late) on my sony vaio vpceb26fg (1 GB ATI radeon HD 5XXX). didn’t reach till X. that said, this issue was flagged by someone else for rc1. hope it’s really fixed in the final release (don’t have the connectivity to try rc2).

    • sreeji

      when I say install, i meant, boot up. it didn’t boot up to x.. but there may have been some cd writing issues, since there were some i/o errors in the log as it booted up. but gnome3 and fglrx don’t traditionally play nice, hope someone can test properly.

  7. It would be nice : give login password. please

  8. viperdvman

    Just ran the KDE version on a LiveUSB. It looks nice, I can say that. However, my mouse failed to work with it, and it’s a standard USB wheel mouse. Hopefully the release version has this fixed.

  9. damn


  10. Marco

    Sorry, it’s possible to implement the Novell Client into this distribution, for connect to nss volumes?
    Thank you

  11. Jim

    I tried to start the Gnome LiveCD on an HP Pavillion dv9715nr notebook with AMD Turion and nvidia GeForce Go 7150M graphics and it won’t boot up unless I type “nomodeset” on the options line. Even then X won’t start at all. I can log in and run “startx” and Gnome gives an error message and then drops to some low res mode. I’ve tried to download the InstallDVD, to see if it works, but the download keeps stopping no matter what mirror I use.

  12. damn

    you can delete my posts…but it wont help on this crap suse…

  13. damn

    try to make normal, usable distro..or give up, damn it.. the whole linux scene is just getting nowhere…

    • chika

      Would you like to expand upon that? The one thing that stands out about your monosyllabic posts thus far is that you don’t appear to like openSUSE 12.1 which, considering that it has yet to reach beyond the release candidates, would suggest that you have either something specific that you dislike (in which case tell us, please do!) or you are just, as one of your posts dictates, a troll.

      Personally, I’ve got to the stage where I wait for a couple of weeks before taking the plunge, and I generally try the new software on an unimportant machine first. I really like 11.4, possibly more than I liked 11.1, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with this new version and whether (tremble) KDE have finally come up with a version of KDE 4 that I can live with (yes, I still use KDE 3.5.10). If it runs well, doesn’t chew up too much in resources and doesn’t annoy me too much (the version that shipped with 11.4 came close) then I may consider dropping it, but then I’ve said the same thing for all versions since KDE 3 was summarily dropped on the distro.

    • sense

      What’s the polite way to suggest that your problems go deeper than linux?

    • damn

      I`m using linux from 1998 …and I`m just getting frustrated, when I see these new distros. I dont hate opensuse, I`m getting to hate Linux, it is going totally in a wrong way.

      • JBScout

        then it’s up to YOU to change that ! or just don’t use any complete distro and make your own.


  14. Maico

    I just installed openSUSE 12.1 RC2 x86_64 and I installed VLC, I removed Banshee, Totem and all the games. So I did a “zypper dup” and now something is wrong with my gnome-shell. Screenshot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/33454277/Schermate/Captura%20de%20tela%20em%202011-11-06%2003%3A51%3A01.png

    I cannont see Gnome Shell’s right corner. It’s just a report to improve openSUSE

    • Maico

      I just installed gnome-shell-search-provider-openSUSE-packages and now everything works properly on Gnome-Shell. I think it was a bug just about Gnome-Shell. Not an openSUSE’s problem.

  15. regus

    Just installed RC2, it is OK. But no JRE and the Gnome shell is much less intuitive. I will have to work with it a while, but it seems tha right now there are some good thing and some not.

  16. Maico

    There is a bug with Gnome-shell when I open some app using GNOMESU.

    Look this video from my desktop:


  17. Maico

    /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gdm.css should be changed to openSUSE green. I did it

    It’s on line 113:

    .login-dialog-prompt-entry {
    padding: 4px;
    border-radius: 4px;
    border: 2px solid #73ba25;
    color: black;
    background-color: white;
    caret-color: black;
    caret-size: 1px;
    width: 15em;

  18. * OpenSUSE RC1: openSUSE-DVD-Build0379-x86_64.iso (4,35 GB)
    * OpenSUSE RC2: openSUSE-DVD-Build0025-x86_64.iso (3,73 GB)

    The file “Build0025” is it the right file?

  19. avasili

    Hi, I just burned the iso on usb with imagewriter. Everything went well.
    However, after hitting the “opensuse live gnome” on the welcome screen, the system do not boot, just blank screen. I have a lenovo x120e with amd zacate processor e-350.
    Any idea what the problem might be?

    • did you check the download? It is possible that something went wrong… It is a good idea to check the md5sum (see the download site, ‘verify your download’).

      It could be that your system is too new to be supported by the Linux kernel.

  20. Matteo

    Hello. Just tried RC2-LiveKDE on USB stick (made with dd_rescue). System boots up to the Desktop, then it totally freezes. Can’t move mouse (from both USB or touchpad) or use Keyboard (as well, integrated or USB).

    I have an Acer Extensa 5630, so it’s not a very recent system

  21. Peter

    Hello all,

    I am using Suse since version 8.1 :-))) and i am still loving it.

    Many thanks to the OpenSuse-Team for your wonderful work


    Found following problems:

    – Networkmanager-Problems still not fixed at RC2: When i using Broadband or UMTS, then i have to re-connect the Wireless- or Broadband-connection

    Following problems were fixed since RC2:

    – Kontact: Now there it is possible to import vcards and create groups to organise the mail-contacts much better than before !!!

    – Virtualbox is now running at 12.1

  22. Is there a way to download the 12.1 Xfce spin prior to release?

  23. What ‘Novell Client’ are you referring to and what is nss? ;-)

    But maybe this answers it:
    – if the ‘Novell Client’ is not open source it is not and never will be included. If it can be distributed freely, however, it could make it into the non-oss repository which makes getting it very easy as that one is enabled by default.
    – In any case I would suggest to search on software.opensuse.org and see if it’s there :D