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7. Nov 2011 | Kostas Koudaras | No License

The last few days those of you linked to the planet by // are experiencing connection problems. This is not because openSUSE Planet is down but as Pascal Bleser announced a few days ago into the openSUSE Project ML because this domain name is not under the Project’s control but by and individual who left the openSUSE Project some years ago.

The only way to go to the openSUSE planet is now by typing // and the correct way to connect your RSS is by adding that .xml .

In case you are experiencing troubles with your aggregator please contact there is someone there to help you solve any problem you might have.

Thanks a lot for the information, but what is that Planet anyway?

Some of you might know what that is but there are out there people that don’t really know what the openSUSE Planet is and what is it’s use.

The openSUSE Planet is not that hidden Planet that all Geekos really live having send to Earth just their Avatars to conquer it that many of you Sci-fi people might think  ;-)

Actually Planet openSUSE is a web feed aggregator that collects blog posts from people who contribute to openSUSE. Even in English is not your preferred language you can blog too since there is the choice of writing in your native language.

How Can I join?

If you are one of those people an you want others to read you related to openSUSE blog then send an email to the administrators with the following information:

  • the URL of your blog or, even better, the URL to the RSS/Atom feed of your blog

  • in which language you blog, especially if it’s not in English

  • your full name (e.g. John Doe)

  • your IRC nickname on Freenode, if you have any (e.g. jdoe)

  • whether you are an openSUSE Member so that a “member” button can be placed besides your name on the feed-list

  • a hackergotchi – while it’s not mandatory, it is a lot nicer for the readers. If you need help with this send a picture to the openSUSE Artwork team.

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