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8. Nov 2011 | Kostas Koudaras | No License

The IT world moves fast and along with it does social networking. It’s been only a few days since Google announced the limited availability of Google+ pages and already thousands of Google-plussers have created a Google+ page. Of course, we’re social too and thus the openSUSE project now has an official Google+ page! If you are created a page for an openSUSE community, like Kostas for the Greece community, then don’t forget to add your page to openSUSE Social media contacts so that openSUSE enthusiasts can easily find the official pages and add it to their circles. That page is also a reference for other social media activities that openSUSE is involved in like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Also, if you like to get involved promoting openSUSE on social media and networks, please talk with the openSUSE marketing team.

I’d like to thank Roger Luedecke for taking care of the new openSUSE Google + page and invite everybody to share contents on it, promote it and follow what we do!

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