FOSDEM12 Cross-Distribution Devroom: (Last) Call for Participation

16. Dec 2011 | Henne Vogelsang | No License

FOSDEM is the biggest event organized by and for the Free and Open Source (FOSS) community. Its goal is to provide developers a place to meet, come together and share and discuss ideas. The event happens 4-5 February 2012 in Brussels, Belgium. And there will again be a cross-distribution mini conference at FOSDEM this year. By organizing a mini conference where all distributions participate in we foster collaboration and cross pollination. You are hereby invited to hold a session.

If you’re interested let your intention be known on the mailinglist, with the following information and we will factor in your contribution.

  • Your name

  • A short bio, to be put on the website along with your name

  • optionally a picture of yourself

  • The title of your session

  • A (short) abstract describing the session in further detail.

  • The desired approximate duration for the session.

Sessions can be talks, round tables, BoFs, or any number of other things that could generally benefit from an audience of distributions developers.

The deadline for submissions is December 22nd!

Use this opportunity to bounce ideas, projects and plans off your peers in the Linux distributor community.

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